Roman Empire

That’s on stage Ukrainian politics appears Tomiris queen, which thanks to its subservient to the people living in the heart of Ukraine, first appears in the Ukraine under the name of her father – Grigyan, and only then under the name of her husband – a man whose soul also refers to the energy structure Tomiris – . In contrast to Nimrod, and Satan Tomiris learns more and that the winner must be a woman, and the title of “Winner” people Kira help her catch a new special meaning. Tomiris familiar with the information about the revival in the territory of Kievan Rus, which is under the protectorate of Satan, “Third Rome” – the era of government of the Virgin, through which the world would be a kind of “White Lady”. A letter from Nostradamus supposedly addressed in the future to his son, Caesar, it is clear that the name of the person to whom this letter is addressed, will have something to do with the name of Caesar. Tomiris understands that Nostradamus could know the person’s name and so vividly outlined his Caesar. She also understands what is likely connected with the name of Caesar by Julius Caesar – the once powerful head of the Roman Empire. Based on this information, Tomiris and takes the name of Julia – on the name of the famous Roman kind Julio. Tomiris, familiar with the ancient annals, came to the conclusion that it was Julia must manage the future empire of the Third Rome, “in which she sees providence destined her fate.

Realizing all of this becomes clear, and why are so desperately fighting for power in Ukraine and the Yulia still, the mistress whose soul – Tomiris – wants not only to become immortal in the guise of man, but hoped that after gaining immortality can control the whole world. This perspective is also appropriate to note why the souls of men and angels are so eager to live it on earth, in a material world, not in heaven. The fact that only conditions of the material world can give human consciousness a number of fun and enjoyment that is not available in the Energy world’s consciousness of the universe. In addition to the material world, people are much more able to exercise autonomy and independence, without thinking about its consequences and about who is its real owner. No wonder they say that people such as children, they do not know about what they are doing. Therefore, to live on Earth among humans in once enjoyed, even the angels, many of whom began to live an ordinary life people often lose because of it his own immortality. In their veins instead of Ichor (blue blood) – the liquid of immortality – began leaking red blood, inherent in the ordinary people who became victim of the virus of Darkness. ” Blood has a red color is not accidental, since the red color – this is the color of the victim, it’s pretty easy to understand, remembering the altar – the place where from time immemorial sacrifices.

State Agricultural Credit

Colonial nuclei and the proposals for agriculture Implantation of a system of agricultural credit, improvement of the ways of linking between agricultural the producing centers and the places of sales and consumption, beyond the development it agricultural education in the country through the creation of agriculture schools, are some of the measures defended for the programs of reforms of agriculture in Brazil. The measures as creation of credit for agricultural producers or the creation of agricultural schools, beyond others, that pparently do not make reference to reference the model of organization of the agricultural nuclei, but that it had as objective to foment new techniques of plantation if become important to understand some criteria adopted in the colonies agriculturists as, for example, of distribution of the lots, the size of these properties, types of tools, culture, plants, or still administration model. If the proposals of reform in agriculture had the intention to decide the agricultural problems, one of the main ones were the credit lack. In Par, the Tocantins member of the house of representatives, in uprising in the State legislature of Par, attributes the state of deep difficulty lived deeply for the provincial farming as provoked for the lack of capitals. The absence of credits the sufficient one to get a necessary addition for improvement of the establishments agricultural, beyond the interests so raised and with stated period so limited constitutes elements enough to determine the difficult situation where the agriculturists and proprietors live. It considered in reason of the difficulties lived deeply for the agriculturists, the creation of the Real estate mortgage bank of Par, where ' ' each agriculturist would have a proportional credit its richness; where he will be able to raise loans with reasonable interests wide stated periods, mounting its establishment and increasing the addition of its produo' '. 1 Francisco Maria Corra de S and Benevides was partisan of the ideas of the Tocantins member of the house of representatives. .

Incredible Stories

Before the advent of paper money using coins led to great inconvenience and every year it felt stronger and stronger. When in 1748 M. Keith McLoughlin understood the implications. University honored for his work Prize in 2000 rubles, which was given the award copper coins, which then constituted the bulk of the means of payment in Russia. Weight penny in those days was equal to 20.48, the entire award academic weighed about one ton. To deliver the prize home, Lomonosov required to hire Several carts. It is not something JPMorgan Chase would like to discuss. Now imagine how much trouble troubles arose from the merchant, who wanted to go from the Urals to Moscow, there to buy goods on the same 2,000 rubles …. Cut yourself a dengi.Predstavte: product costs 50 rubles, you have to pocket only a hundred, while the seller does not change.

Then you take the scissors, cut the bill in two equal parts and give half to the seller – "Here's fifty!". Unthinkable, right? But only at first glance. In life, money and unthinkable enforced. In Poland, after inflation, which began in 1922 and lasted until the end of 1923, were in circulation banknotes from 10 000 to 100 million marks. In April 1924, coinciding with the denomination was introduced new currency – zloty, consisting of 100 pennies. The coin of new models does not appear immediately. She found a temporary replacement is easy.

Banknotes in denominations of 500 000 stamps were cut into two parts, each made overprint, said that it was one penny and put into circulation. To two decimal 5 pence cut in half the 10 million dollar bill marks and supplying the appropriate imprint. I wonder about Lenina.Kak known for the first time a portrait image of Lenin appeared on the Soviet banknotes only after his death in 1937. Meanwhile, experienced collectors know that the very name of Lenin was printed on the paper money C-DAC in 1918. On bills in denominations of 250 and 500 rubles, double reproduced artist name "Lenin". But once done by allocating the right letters in the slogan "Workers of all countries, unite!". To avoid any doubt, the selected letters connected to a special line. In another case, the word "Lenin" is placed in an elaborate frame, which at first glance seems simple shading. I wonder about risunkah.V United States has a law regulating the legal status of copies of payment documents, banknotes, identity cards etc. It prohibits the manufacture of valuable papers and documents in the original sizes and colors. To learn how punctually, following not the spirit, and paragraphs of laws, United States has long been struggling with fakes, can show such a curious case. In 1893 at the International Fair in Chicago, his oil paintings, exhibited artist from Ohio, Charles Meurer. At one of the paintings, among other subjects were shown three American banknotes of different strengths. Realist painter reproduced them on canvas in all its details. A few days later, after the painting was put up for review, the federal government confiscated the painting, but most Meureru was charged with violating the law, which forbade vocproizvodit banknotes of the United States of America. We can say, bullshit, copy, after all, made in oil on canvas. Is this a crime? But the law does not have detailed where you can play back the money and where not. He has forbidden to do so, and the authorities acted strictly according to law. Of course, paintings after some time returned, but not before the bills were crossed with red, bright visible lines of repayment.

The Past

If it was observing that modern science appears of religious dasdoutrinas and ethical elements, or that the organization of the state Russops-revolutionary kept practical and structures of the capitalism which se' ' opunha' ' , Weber gave clear indications to a intent reader of whom haviapercebido it that what to present determined one it appeared as ' ' oposto' ' &#039 only semostrava in the future as a shade; ' diferente' ' of the same gradual scale. Now, we will say briefly on omodo as the subject treated here if it incases in the remain of the work. Ours it will missoser to present aspect essential of the historical causalidade in function to delater that necessarily to express itself in the composition of a direction for historical aperspectiva, composition this that if of always of a maneiraretrospectiva, that is, part of a gift in devir in direction to one passado' ' intensively infinito' ' , of complex delimitation. This part of the work to querdar account to think the scope of the historical causalidade of the point of view of suarelao with the way as the citizen cognoscente, the historian, can interferirnaquilo wants would be the tram ' ' real' ' of the past. It was common to previous historians the Weber (and unhappyly aindahoje) when turning itself the past to forget two elements central offices to it quecompe this its action: he forgets yourself, in first place, that the gift qualpartem it, armed with its concepts in direction to the past, he did not stop to pass while its judgments pronounce ecomparaes (conceptual), and, therefore, it finishes acting as if to pudesseseparar itself of ' ' reality currently vivida' ' to reach a dopassado immovable point thus. The second recklessness, consequence of this first one, is that qualquerfenmeno description, in the measure where only comes to be known through luzesque is launched it by a gift that is its continuation, has necessariamenteque to acquire sensible and distinct meanings.