Bamboo Sticks

The next step we will be putting on the body float on bamboo sticks, which are sold in stores long mini kebabs, or 'land' – a Japanese dish. Dress manufactured by the body on the sharp end of a bamboo, toward the top future float. The time has come to establish attachment float: Take a wire as thick as a pin for sewing works best with stainless steel or nichrome, we have sold in the market to spiral out of nichrome tena, I use it to make a ringlet: take three cm nichrome wire and exaggerates it to the middle. Then the bamboo stick primatyvaem bottom float nylon thread so that the nichrome ring forms for which will be float attached to the gear. A small digression: the best option mounting float – for the lower ring, which allows for a minimum tangling the fishing line and float at throws and overlap.

Fasten to the nichrome wire, we were almost ready to float. Next comes the stage of painting. In order to float the body was not afraid nitrokrasok, the advantage of them – fairly quick drying, we will cover the entire epoxy float. Bamboo stick will not thereafter be afraid of water and foam-nitroenamels fear. And the float will be much stronger and because of this – will increase its service life. But above all, necessary to observe safety rules when working with epoxy glue all the work done only in the open air, I'm working on the balcony. Hands should be wearing rubber gloves to prevent contact with the glue on bare skin. Epoxy resin I breed in 1:10 with hardener and in small amounts, if an error occurs and the adhesive hardens.

Check the fast you can by placing a drop of epoxy on the foil, and heating from below with a match or lighter. A drop of foam and harden on cooling. Thus the adhesive will be on the float. After curing the adhesive body float paint with black paint. do not have to paint it green, or yellow because the fish sees the colors on everything, and once the subject has always scared her. And after water resistant adhesive bonding, they are diversity, the head floats – it fits poplavochek winter, but not necessarily red, as in cloudy weather white, yellow and green buoys are visible on a fairly far distance and on the dark water they sparkle bright pearls … All … float – is ready. It remains to elaborate on mounting the float on fishing rod. The easiest way to get the rubber stopper and placed on the line first couple of top stoppers for hardness in water, then swivel to karabinchikom and the lower two stoppers (stoppers when moving apart, we can turn the float fixed to the sliding float on fishing line). The final step will be placing the mounting of the float in a ringlet karabinchik on the line. Successful catches you with their floats! Lim …


Romantic or fashion for business women, sports, or folk model, safari style and elegant things-all of which can be translated into knitted izdeliyah.Vy on this site can see how much interest expressed in fashion performed manually in the direction of products. The entire world of knitting, fresh ideas, decorative patterns, cut and trendy new shades delightful yarn overs and turned into jackets. The world of knitting is 'Bumps', spit, diamonds, squares, and the front surface of Wrong, options garter, patent hinges, delicate and fancy patterns, patterns of leaves and stars, the Irish and striped patterns, all of which are the basis for knitted goods. A fashionable colors and high quality yarn turns these things into true masterpieces of knitting skills. Before you start knitting your chosen model, be sure to contact a sample of the pattern to determine the density of the knitting. Only in this case you will be able to correctly calculate the loop, and your model might look like the picture in a magazine. Tie a piece measuring 12 x 12 cm, and count the number of rows in a square 10 x 10 cm loops in a row.

If the number of rows of loops and samples you bound less than the amount specified in the instructions, then you knit too loose and you need a tighter knit, or take on the spokes or the number polnomera less. If the number of rows of loops and samples you connected more than the number specified in the instructions, you should either bind more freely, or take the spokes thicker. If you knit vests, jackets with rounded edges of shelves vertical or horizontal bar can be linked separately. A related site: Titan Feul Tanks mentions similar findings. The vertical bar to handle the products fit the boards as well as for finishing cuts with rounded edges. Horizontal bar with no vertical seams can be done only for short articles for long as it will be several parts, and it is very important to make the seam as possible care. Looks very impressive in this case, a single-layer plate with scallops. Pre- counting the number of loops required for the length of the plate (or the number of bands bar, which is necessary to finish the product on the perimeter). We print loop PH provyazyvaem 2 rows, then execute the scallops: put forward in the TNG 1-2 needles a 9.5 needle to the ER (the number of needles in the ER depends on the value of festoons), knit 4-6 rows, return the needle to the ER, provyazyvaem 2 rows, then you can have one or more times to advance to PNP same needles and knitting again festoons, and you can immediately go to the knitting itself strips the desired width, the density of the knitting is not changed. Remove the bar on BH, carefully bend dial a number on the underside of plate (it can be used on either side) and otparivaem it. Sew the sides of Product kettelnym seam, making a small priposadku to rounding.