It has recently become very fashionable to be in the house any pet – cat, dog, hamster or other rodent. Reappeared in the flats with fish aquariums and cages with birds, and terrariums with reptiles or turtles. Interest in pets has increased worldwide. That is why the Western countries of the Organization for the Protection of Animals popularized the slogan "A dog – is not just for Christmas" in an attempt to clarify people that young animals, with all its lovely – not the living toys. A living gift will bring much joy and toddlers and adults, but can become sick and even die from improper handling. So, before you succumb to impulse of tenderness or yield persistent persuasion of a son or daughter and buy some small animals, it is necessary to understand the suitability of this animal for you or your child, as well as for content in the apartment. Cat.

The palm of popularity among pets, without a doubt should go to the cat. This remarkable animal is able to deliver to the owner a lot of unforgettable moments and lots of fun at the same time a bunch of prinepriyatneyshih problems. Both of these properties is as an animal character and disadvantages of education. Unlike dogs, which can be given to a special school dog, cat – supporters home education. And how do you raise my Murka, largely depends on your further peace, because the ill-bred cat can be a lot of trouble to you and your home. It is therefore important from the first minutes of stay in house a small creature to make him understand how to behave.