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International Development

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Personally, my step by the TEC at my first opportunity allowed me to consolidate knowledge that short term results are not visible, but that long-term can crystallise in others that give way to new ones, to define a professional profile based on the confidence and safety of oneself in the exercise of the profession, thanks to the training that is us yield. The fact of being evaluated each month in each of the sasignaturas in order in the background know if the participant has been identified with his responsibility, growth is something significant, although this generates a bit of apathy by the commitment, however is important so that the teacher can determine where failures are both students, as of the same teacher in the transmission of beginners. It is important to highlight the responsibility of the TEC, the Office studies for that control then sent from the family, as in my case of a foreigner, both House of the student as to my residence and my parents. This gave parents a security for the performance of the children. Specifically my step by the Tec in my undergraduate training gave me responsibility, knowledge, motivation, safety, confidence that throughout my professional life I have served and have given way to indicate that other knowledge that with them I’ve contributed to the countries where I have had to work, especially within higher education, even in the same Monterrey where I had to develop the school of Gradudados graduate program in management Industrial Engineering in the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo, which is a reality. There is no denying that my undergraduate training allowed me to know until that point was fully identified with the race selected or not, aspect that I have come restroalimentando with constant self-knowledge of same, in order to determine what more I identified with my concerns. All of this gave went to synergistically to strengthen some knowledge that would allow to obtain a broader view of what should be my professional practice, so I chose as a second step, consolidate my training through postgraduate studies, and took it just one of llos nor old alma Mater: ITESM, other written reason. I must thank that you part of my training, I did it thanks to a scholarship that the American Royal granted AID (American International Development), as well as some of my professors, Vera, Arechiga, Junco, Gonzalez Maple. the Rector of that then Garcia Roel and Edgard Kings Salcido. Original author and source of the article.

Be Smart With Your Money

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Surely at this point in the year (with more than half a month of elapsed January), you have set goals that you think meet until end of year. If so, I congratulate you. Of the contrary, I reason that you don’t waste one minute and start plotting targets for each of the areas of your life that this, in this article I want to focus to one not minor issue, which has to do with the financial intelligence. Although the word intelligence often intimidates people, don’t need to be an ACE of the business or an avesado inverter for the NYSE to enjoy a certain degree of financial intelligence acquires is financial intelligence based on focus, effort, determination and above all, desire to Excel, and to be more specific, it requires much study and practice to enhance your financial intelligence, you need to read a lot about financial issues and at the same time, you need to listen to audiobooks, watch videos, attend seminars update, etc, etc, but above all, you need to practice the information you consume if we rely on the fabulous concept of intelligence that Robert Kiyosaki handles, we can say, that intelligence is the ability to quickly understand things, then the financial intelligence is the ability to quickly understand the numbers and financial concepts. Now, as you can get to that level quickly understand the numbers and financial concepts?.

Simply on the basis of much study and lots of practice. The more you read, study and practice, you more amplificaras your mental context, and will have one greater capacity to begin to understand the numbers and concepts, much more quickly. It is said that there are only two types of people in this 21st century,: the quick and the dead. It even speaks of the living and the dead, because you may very well be alive, but thanks to your laziness and indifference, don’t be a contribution to anyone and therefore, your life is limited to endless hours of mediocrity and frustration.

His Government

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Power, axis of human actions, can be represented in its maximum expression in our country Mexico during the Government of Jose de Cruz Porfirio Diaz Mori, best known as the Porfiriato. During his dictatorship the power that had at its disposal surpassed the mandates of the legislative and judicial branches. However it was thanks to that same arbitrariness that the President could coordinate Mexican efforts to first create a development at the national level, as well as the State became the main promoter of the social development of the country at that time. His Government was characterized by the strengthening of the national power through a transformation of this power in his person and submission by will or force, of all the elements with disagreements on this regime. The tactic that Porfirio Diaz mainly used was to manage the investment of foreign capital in the country to which answered many American and French businessmen. We still suffer the consequences of those agreements that Mexico still continues to be dependent on foreign investment.

While the Mexican economy was raised during his dictatorship, the benefits not were divided equally since there was a situation of extreme indigenous exploitation in the country. It was for this reason that in the year of 1910 the Mexican Revolution broke out, was the rebellion of the people in search of any reform of the private property since the distribution of land had the profile of despotism. It began as a popular movement that was transformed into a social movement. It was during the Government of Carranza who instituted a new Constitution which validated over the rights of indigenous minorities, which at that time were not so few, and also contained various reforms to facilitate the work of the representative power above the legislative and the judicial. Several of the reforms which included this Constitution were in relations between workers and the patterns, which were written in article 123 while educational and agrarian reforms that were published in articles 3 and 27.

Dark Energy Around

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A very exciting topic for those who are interested inquire about everything what the universe holds. Points out that dark energy is the cosmological constant of Einstein, or, in other words, that nothing weighs something, said Alexey Vikhlinin, of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Cambridge, United States.UU.), who has directed the study. Dark energy would be the vacuum energy, physicists like to visualize as a field of very light particles in an unstable state, basically a waste of the State of the universe just after the Big Bang. If they are right, when all these particles become matter, within some billions of years, the universe will finally stop accelerating. espacioprofundo.com ar reminds us, that dark energy was discovered by two teams of astronomers, working in Australia and the U.S., making searches for supernovae distant to determine distance (you can based on the observation of a supernova know the distance that is. A type of supernova (given that is the S1a which have a very precise mechanism by which explodes and makes them always to explode with the same actual brightness (absolute magnitude), it makes that they can be taken as a source of distance, and of course, if the distance is to the supernova will know the distance to the Galaxy that contains it.) The truth, that on her Wikipedia gives us, that in physical cosmology, dark energy is a hypothetical form of matter or energy that would be present throughout the space, producing a negative pressure and tends to increase the acceleration of the expansion of the universe resulting in a repulsive gravitational force. Assume the existence of dark energy is the most frequent way to explain recent observations that the universe appears to be expanding with positive acceleration. In the standard model of cosmology, dark energy currently contributes almost three-quarters of the total mass-energy of the universe. Two possible forms of dark energy are the cosmological constant, a density of scalar constant energy that fills the space in homogeneous form and fields such as quintessence: dynamic fields whose energy density can vary in time and space. In fact, contributions from the fields scalars that they are constant in space normally also included in the cosmological constant. It is thought that the cosmological constant originates in the power vacuum. Scalar fields that they change with the space are difficult to distinguish from a cosmological constant because the changes can be extremely slow. To distinguish between the two very precise measurements of the expansion of the universe, are needed to see if the expansion velocity changes with time. The expansion rate is parameterized by the equation of State. The measurement of the State equation of dark energy is one of the largest us also noted challenges of current research of physical Cosmology in 1998, observations of distant type 1a supernovae, carried out by the Supernova Cosmology Project in Lawrenc Berkeley National Laboratory and the High-z Supernova Search Team, suggested that the expansion of the universe was accelerating. Since then, this acceleration has been confirmed by several independent sources: measurements of the cosmic background microwave, Lensing, Primordial Nucleosynthesis of light elements and the structure of the universe on a large scale, as well as an improvement in measures of supernovae have been consistent with the Lambda-CDM model. We are told also, type 1a supernovae provide the main direct proof of the existence of dark energy. Due to Hubble’s law, all distant galaxies move apparently away from the milky way, showing a shift to red in the light spectrum due to the Doppler effect. The measurement of the scale factor at the time the light was emitted from an object is easily obtained by measuring the redshift to the Red of the object in recession. This displacement indicates the age of a distant object way proportional, but not absolute. The existence of dark energy, of any form, it is necessary to reconcile the measured geometry of space with the total amount of matter in the universe. Measurements of the cosmic microwave background latest, carried out by the WMAP satellite, indicate that the universe is very close to being flat. So the shape of the universe is flat, the mass/energy density of the universe must be equal to a certain critical density. Subsequent observations of the cosmic background microwave and the proportion of elements formed in the Big Bang have put a limit to the amount of baryonic and dark matter that can exist in the universe that has only 30% of the critical density. This implies the existence of a form of additional energy that has 70% of the mass remaining power. These studies indicate that 73% of the mass of the universe is composed of dark energy, 23% is dark matter (cold dark matter and hot dark matter) and 4% baryonic matter. The theory of the structure on a large scale of the universe, which determines the formation of structures in the Universe (stars, quasars, galaxies and galaxy clusters), also suggests that the density of matter in the universe is only 30% of the critical density. On the other hand, he says, which in a few million years we will not be able to see the galaxies in space that surrounds us. At least that is what emerges from new and exciting discoveries made by NASA regarding the existence of dark energy. This energy is that accelerates the expansion of the universe and makes the neighboring galaxies to flee, increasingly faster, around us. Just as the so-called dark matter was the favorite resource for scientists to explain why the universe could be closed, now speculate about the nature of a mysterious dark energy, which could explain this effect of acceleration. This theory has received a significant boost thanks to the results of some recent observations with the telescope in orbit of Chandra x-ray, she photographed some clusters of distant galaxies. Since light takes to reach us a time proportional to the distance that separates these galaxies from us, the more far away is the observed object, oldest is the image we get from him. The astronomers to observe hot gas through x-rays of recent clusters (nearby) and older, with more than 5,000 million years of existence (more distant) have seen how you have changed the number and the mass of clusters of galaxies over time.The first conclusion that can be drawn from the study is that Einstein finally was right when he claimed that general relativity works on large scales and that was necessary in their equations cosmological constant (although then throw out it). If we combine all the data, we have the proof that dark energy is the cosmological constant of Einstein, or, in other words, that nothing it weighs something, said Alexey Vikhlinin, of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Cambridge, United States.UU.), who has directed study. Dark energy would be the vacuum energy, physicists like to visualize as a field of very light particles in an unstable state, basically a waste of the State of the universe just after the Big Bang. If they are right, when all these particles become matter, within some billions of years, the universe will finally stop accelerating. Ultimately as shown in solociencia.com, astrophysicists, in recent years, have found indications of a force called dark energy, in observations from the farthest reaches of the universe, billions of years light-years away. It should not be forgotten that in 1929 the astronomer Edwin Hubble showed that galaxies moving away from each other, which supported the theory that the universe has expanded since the Big Bang. In 1999, cosmologists announced evidence that a rare force called dark energy, actually caused the accelerated expansion of the universe.However, the expansion is more slow what could be due to the force of gravity between galaxies. To develops the battle between the attraction of gravity and the repellent force of dark energy, cosmologists pondering whether expansion will continue forever or whether the universe will collapse into a Big Crunch. According to the latest measurements, there are 5-6% of baryonic matter, 30% dark matter and 65% of dark energy in the universe.