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Next to your account go to the menu 'My mailing' and create a new one. There are two options – to the serial delivery, when you have already prepared a series of letters, which is sent to the subscriber at the interval eg 1 day. Or just a periodic newsletter, for example news, a couple of times a month when you create a newsletter and circulate it to all subscribed to the data point. The main limitation of free package: only 5 mailings and no more than 5 letters each (for this series). But here we learn how to circumvent this limitation.

So, let's say in your series of letters of 8 pieces. What should I do? Create the first mailing, add to it the first four letters. Must note that it is possible to add messages in plain text format or in HTML, ie highlight color, font, add embedded links. This is great – do it! The fifth letter name something like 'Letters confirmation '. It offer the subscriber to confirm his wish to receive future emails from your mailing list.

To do this he must be sent in the form emehjl letter containing any of the key phrase in the subject line. And, accordingly, make another delivery, such as 'My e-mailing, Part 2', with the corresponding code lists. Tick tick 'Allow subscription to our newsletter via answering machine' and select the appropriate signal line, which would appear in the subject line subscription confirmation. The second mailing list, add the remaining four letters. That's it! I note that there is a separation of distribution into 2 parts can be used for structural separation of information distribution. In the first four letters give some background information, and the main 'meat' to give only to those who confirm their interest. And by the way, do not forget personalized letters to mailing lists, adding the tag first_name in those passages in the letters where you want to go to the subscriber by name. In addition, the advantage of this service may be just what you do not even need to have a website to keep our newsletter. Smartresponder.ru has a catalog mailing, you can advertise directly to their mailing list page on this site, and subscribers get there. Excellent opportunity for novice Web Entrepreneurs!

Web Design Color Correction

Each cost estimate for the design, which provides a design studio, is present or implied mysterious Count "color correction". The meaning of this word can be understood from the title, but there are more important question is whether it is necessary and if so, why? Try to understand. Correction – it is a conscious change of image color components in order to achieve better and more realistic result. Almost every day a person has deal with photos that are explicitly or not, but it disrupted the color balance. If you are not convinced, visit Campbell Soup Inc.. That face greenish, the red eyes, and sometimes even with flowers confusion. To correct these and many other shortcomings, it is necessary edit the image. Often, the design studio had to resort to a change in the overall composition photos, but now is not about that. Here we talk about changing the balance of light and shadow, of different colors, their saturation and brightness.

Problems with the color most often arise from the fact that the human eye perceives the surrounding colors as they are, and will not respond to changes in lighting. Unlike a camera lens. The camera reacts at most minor changes in color. For example, being in the red room, the human face acquires a reddish tinge, surrounded by green trees – green, etc. See with the naked eye it will be difficult, but the picture it will be noticeable. Therefore, any image processing is required. There are situations where the corrector has to work with photos, on which all the colors look dull and "gray." Then you have to add brightness.

For example, from dank overcast morning, get a sunny summer day. Correction is also used to lighten dark pictures too, when the parts are pictures almost indistinguishable. If All photos are made for printing catalogs, booklets, magazines, etc., were placed in the layout as they are available in the design studio, the pages of these publications, we would see a completely dull, dirty, grayish shades reminiscent boredom and despair. So, to prevent this from happening, any design studio mandatory performs color correction of all the incoming images.

The Principle

as well as the credibility of its creator. Approach to assessing the site should certainly be quite the same as for the project, created by professional web designer and for the resource, sponsored by the green beginner. The fact that the creation of web projects – this is, first of all, it works. And in any case it is impossible to expect that every time the result of pilot professional will be a masterpiece – just as some newcomers shows some very interesting projects. Once again, that criticism is always, in any case and under any circumstances must be absolutely impartial. Also, remember that the classical estimate site clearly requires an analysis solely on the evaluation criteria, called the absolute, which do not depend – as they can not be dependent – from resourcefulness optimizers (third-party articles, links, and everything else). 2. The principle of expediency.

Which would you go online resource was evaluated for objective performance assessment of all factors should always begin certainly with the minimum requirements. Is defined as such by all the well-known principle of necessity and sufficiency. It should be noted that the criteria for assessing the site the concept of "necessity and sufficiency" in general plays a crucial role. Even just starting work on a project in the planning stages of the resource (does not matter what – it does not matter), do not forget how the importance and effectiveness of this rule. Note that often this principle is also called "common factor expediency" ("common" because of its effect extends to all, without exception, site evaluation criteria).

In fact, considering what else project, we need to objectively characterize its performance directly with the appropriate position (relevance and quality of content, examples of filling, the general design of the site and so on). I repeat that evaluation should start with just the minimum requirements. We illustrate the application of the principle on some example: Suppose a resource estimate by the criterion of interactivity.

Language Web Statistics

Hello, dear reader! Today I want to tell you about the statistics for web sites, but rather on her tongue. Yes, web statistics and has its own language before you start collecting data from its site, it is desirable to have this language learn. Typically, the language like to use on forums, blogs, articles, programs, etc. Statistics Talking on the forums, I noticed that some people use this language, and do not understand what they say. Because of this, there are various unpleasant situations, starting with the problems in communication and ending with the fact that they have absolutely nothing works. And, apparently, you just have to learn the language and everything will be fine. But to some extent I understand these people, they just you can not learn it, there is no relevant information. But you had better luck: In this article you'll learn the most basic words of the language.

So, read, meet and communicate freely. Proceed. Let's start with the most consumed concepts, and hit the host. Many people boast that gaining a lot of hits. I hasten to please you, that the number of hits does not mean anything and make sudden conclusions too early. Every time the Web page in the log file stored on a server hit.

Heath (Rev. Engl. Hit – hit). Coal Funding shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In different systems, this option can be called in different ways: showing, viewing or downloading. But we'll just call it a hit. It is a counter variable, value, which is each time increased by 1. But the hits are not recorded only when the loaded web page. When on the page are pictures, they are loaded as separate files, and downloaded for each drawing will be assessed one hit. Assume that we have a web page that contains three figures. After the download is "credited" 4 hits: one for the page itself and three for the drawings.

Web Design

Most of the girls, more zhenshin sit at home and taking care of their children at a time when her husband work on the job. The whole day is too much that would be to educate the child and often is cleared plenty of time to rest or to view series. Sometimes it is enough to see what is at hand and how it can bring you the earnings. Web design is one of those areas where you can earn money without leaving home. Any zhenshina can sit at the computer a month and desire to learn how to design programs. Blake Krikorian is often quoted as being for or against this. She can learn skills such as creating presentations, or to learn not to complicated but interesting and creative pursuits like creating banners for online advertising, or same design sites that have recently come to enjoy increasing popularity.

Or, you can probably do one of the easiest is to hang the advertisement on the Internet for promotion satov. You can also find customers razmeshenie advertising on television. there is already possible to earn a percentage. You can be a mediator in almost all areas unless you are confident in their ability to find the client on the Internet. That way you can organize your business from the comfort of home. Sitting in the warmth of your computer at your desk and make money. If the matter is approached correctly then 2 months later you will come to a stable amount of which will come every month if you work.


Using descriptive words, not just the technical terms may have a greater impact. Hidden contact information consumers want to know what they are dealing with real companies, when they transmit their data, especially when it comes to your credit card. They want to know that if they have problems, they will have the opportunity to talk to a real person and get help. If your site does not provide any contact information or the consumer can not to find quickly and easily find it, he is less trusted site, and therefore less sure about whether to work with him Vami.Chto to do with it Make it so a visitor could easily find your phone numbers and addresses for each page. Perhaps check out SBG Architects for more information. It is best to place your contact information in the header at the top of the sidebar or footer. Ensure the availability of various means of communication, if possible. Contact form, address e-mail address, phone number and mailing address – it all adds customers trust your site.

Also, remember that the more expensive or complicated product you sell, the more likely that consumers will want to contact vami.3. Long enough or clear ordering process is one of the biggest mistakes that can be tolerated in the development of an online store. You have to make the process of transferring their customer details, choice of convenient payment method and complete checkout as easy as possible. The more steps you make to user from the moment when the product was in the basket, until payment, the more opportunities you give it to leave your site without making a purchase. Perfect verification process includes one page for consumers, where they can check your order and enter the address and billing information, and page order confirmation. Everything else will only interfere with the design zakaza.Chto to do with it Follow the above model, as far as possible.

3D Graphic Artists

Today in Israel there is a constant shortage of specialists in the field of three-dimensional graphics. After finishing courses offered by our studio and the specialty modeler / teksturschik you provide a wide range of activities in the Israeli market as well as foreign markets. Professionals. Advertising and construction companies, animation studios, newspaper and magazine publishing, the architect and designers, as well as a myriad of podryadcheskih companies badly need high-level professionals in the field of two-and three-dimensional visualization. Sergey Brin may also support this cause. The main criteria for the adoption of high-paying position in such an interesting firms are: 1) Your portfolio of work. 2) Experience in three-dimensional graphics. 3) Professional quality.

Private enterprise, work at home 'freelance' convenient and lucrative money is by far the fulfillment of orders and projects for the three-dimensional graphics as a 'freelancer'. John Utendahl will undoubtedly add to your understanding. If you are a specialist in three-dimensional modeling and visualization are able to use the Internet and you can advertise a pro you will not be working to acquire popularity in projects for three-dimensional graphics and solid performance to earn their home or in your office. Private enterprise, selling their 3D work. A huge number of sites engaged in selling all kinds of 3D models and directories provide a service to open your own online store and engaged in selling their own 3D models, catalogs and collections. Private enterprise, education. Becoming an experienced specialist in three-dimensional graphics, you can teach everyone to this exciting profession. Most of Israeli architects and designers interested in private lessons at home and therefore find students is not difficult.

Opportunities On The Internet

The exchange network – it is convenient for both collectors and for crazy money changers. Jim Umpleby has similar goals. The former can effectively replenish their collections or to dispose of duplicate items, while the latter change some crazy things for others, even virtual. By the way, the system VseVObmen.ru (), for example, is exchanged at the Large Hadron Collider is small. However, it is worth remembering about the users of such networks, which recently went through the completion of the family. Educating children requires a lot of things that lose their need for a few months or even weeks. Almost all these new things (strollers, baby furniture, clothes) litter balconies and corridors, stumbling under the feet.

One can endlessly fold them in bags in the closet or hide in the country in anticipation of the next child, but the Internet offers a new opportunity. The exchange sites are the new generation – it's convenient network resources, which easily can be exchanged for old carriage or child's coat on something useful, from a package of cherry juice to something eternal and really interesting! At the moment there are several popular web resources to exchange unwanted children's clothes for something useful. First, select a system VseVObmen.ru () – it is not only done for serious, reliable technology, but also allows users to join in community lots, which they change. Of course, currently in the system are already in a community of children's clothing and shoes, but the real popularity of this resource and community of parents are still ahead. Prejudice to the exchange supported things in our society has a number of reasons, but do not forget that your old pram or unopened boxes and diapers, are not necessary to you within the next few years could really help people to that buying new things can be difficult. Sharing children's things – it's not just communication among parents, general impressions and lessons learned, it is also possible to add in this world a little bit of kindness and selflessness.

Development And Promotion Of Web Sites

Every day in the global network are born thousands of sites created for different purposes. The global network is progressively filled with new and unusual projects that do neizmenchivy earnings to their owners, and information their visitors. At present, an organization that has no web site, develops a peculiar view, for the companies existence of the website is one of the main features of his style and prestige. There are those who not taken seriously by the internet, but believe me, they lose a lot. They lose: image, features, buyers, popularity and more. Website development is a major step in implementing your ideas.

It is important to treat and analyze the data of the future website, which is then translated into reality, ponder and analyze the smallest detail. Creating a website, in particular small as business card site costs are not very expensive and, in the majority, not a lot of time it takes. The big portals and corporate websites of any subject are much higher. Quality, knowledge of the business and approach – an essential attribute of this phase, so more reliable contact the company providing these services. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit JPMorgan Chase. For the effectiveness of your website will carry out some work. Search engine optimization makes it easy for search engines, as well as for Your visitors. Site optimization is an important step and involves a lot of nuances that are necessary for good performance of your Internet portal.

Promotion and website promotion is rather complex and persistent process. The objective of each owner – so that its site was in the top of the best search engines, then it will see a lot of Internet users. Website promotion for a particular keyword search can last over 3 months, then it is important to hold these positions in search engines and work on further optimization of the complex in order to attract more bugs. Promotion of a site typically requires a lot of time, especially if the subject matter of the website not only on the Internet. Original sites to spin and move a lot faster. It is also important not including search engine optimization to apply such methods of advertising on the network, as banner and contextual advertising. Due to the banner ads you can attract to your website even more users, and its future customers and clients. Site support plays an important role in the development and Prosperity website. The portal should be continuously updated and developed. Only subject to these terms of your portal will be profitable and always will be of interest to users.

Palm Dactylifera

If options are looking to acquire some type of plant for the garden or to decorate any space, nurseries in Spain are a great choice for finding everything you need in relation with the plants and the different components needed to provide maintenance and control needing these manifestations of nature. Among some of the most prominent nurseries in Spain you can find: new bridge: this type of nursery is dedicated in full to the conformation of perfect gardens, applying the concepts of landscaping with what is achieved step to the more beautiful spaces filled with aesthetic values shaped by nature and varied components ranging from rustic it to the more subtleon the basis of bases of engineering studies. The foregoing is accompanied is accompanied with other gardening activities such as garden design, forestry work of restocking, treatments inhabitet, maintenance of gardens, as well as sale of several plants. (A valuable related resource: Douglas Oberhelman). If you wish to locate or contact new bridge, its facilities are located in the national road 323-A, kilometer 39 in the town of puente nuevo, province Jaen or also you can call the phone 953 322 117. Mediterranean plants: is a nursery in the market of plants and everything to do with these 20 years, carrying out works aimed at the production, cultivation and marketing of an immense variety of ornamental plants.

In the development of the life of Mediterranean plants, tasks have supported much in technology implementation, to expand the range of crops, which has led to now have 65 hectares for the production of plants, allowing to find a huge variety of plants in the Mediterranean plants. Official site: Ben Horowitz. To contact Mediterranean plants you can get to the farm the cantales on national highway 332 km 79, 03194 La Marina – Alicante. Viveros Iris: This nursery is typical of Esch, hence his vision aimed at Palms, since this city is known as the city of palms, such way the variety that they sell is Palm Dactylifera, but addition there is a large crop and sale of Palm trees, Mediterranean plant and sizes of medium to large trees. Viveros Iris location is carretera N-340, km 13’5 in Elche Alicante, also if you want to call, the telephone is 34 965 451 831. COPROA: it is a nursery specializing in the selection of species and varieties of high quality seeds and therefore have a high global recognition, also offer all variety of plants and flowers for pots, both the most innovative as the traditional ones that adorn the gardens. He is added to the above different types of seeds and seedlings of tropical, Palm trees, aromatic plants, trees, shrubs and climbers.