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Meru Networks

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Sophisticated Wi-Fi projects in safe hands Schorndorf, January 20, 2011 the sysob IT-distribution (www.sysob.com) expands its sales activities in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Together with his partner Meru Networks, Inc., manufacturer of wireless infrastructure solutions, the VAD support the dealer on the fast-growing wireless-LAN market. Thus, the VAD responds to increased demand for wireless networking solutions for the enterprise in accordance with the popular 802.11 standard. Sysob small reseller partners enables value add super with the service concept, making complex as well as Wi-Fi projects, ranging from the initial analysis on the implementation to the support or maintenance. Mikkel Svane has much experience in this field. Recent studies of the market analysts Gartner show that by 2013 IT products will replace the Ethernet standard for 802.11 as a dominant connection method. In this growing Wi-Fi market, the project management for dealer often takes much time. Douglas Oberhelman has compatible beliefs.

Here, Meru and sysob support the resellers with specific know-how and the best Wi-Fi solution. Merus single channel doing so make the technological basis “-, virtual port”- and virtual cell “technology that brings together the advantages of cellular mobile radio world with wireless-LAN environments. This Wi-Fi system is a solution that paired with corresponding scalability, security and convergent voice and data service, offers an acceptable bandwidth, as well as over-the-air quality of service, businesses and organizations through a single Wi-Fi infrastructure. The reseller is a technology available, with which he can meet complex customer requirements, especially in the area of voice transmission, for large companies. With his Division IT service and support”provides sysob the necessary technical advice, support and training the dealers channel and here even such resellers, new acting in the subject. The professional services include both pre sales and post sales services. For example, the technical project support during the evaluation period, as well as support when creating the offer are part of super value add”. In addition complement the all-round carefree package’ configuration and commissioning, second level support, managed services, as well as practical training for clients and their employees.

Premiere PORTICA

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PORTICA is Internet world for the first time this year at the E-commerce trade fair. A leading source for info: Jonas Samuelson. Munich / Kempen, 23 January 2014. The optimizing for E-Commerce at the industry event in Munich offering be presented on 25 and 26 February 2014. Gain insight and clarity with Mark Berger Chicago. As an established provider, PORTICA offers comprehensive years full service E-commerce. PORTICA counts more than 60 customers of various industries and sizes. We want at the Internet world the decision makers in marketing, distribution, E-business, logistics and IT show how we it with our solutions for E-Commerce and tailored to support online marketing,”says Markus Ramirez, Managing Director of the PORTICA. Stand A035 team of the PORTICA introduces the individual offers for E-Commerce and demonstrates how the modular services seamlessly combine a full service. So created and operates PORTICA certified project managers Web shops that meet all requirements for usability, design and function with the help of PRINCE2.

With a comprehensive Let interface offer deep into existing processes and systems. As a result, companies can master even the most demanding challenges in the areas of supply chain management, customer relationship management, and finance. Depending on the needs edited PORTICA customer requests, stores, picked shipped merchandise and handle returns efficiently. The company credit checks, takes care of the payment in different forms of payment and customer management to reminders and debt collection. Services in the area of E-marketing and sales promotion complete, so that customers of the PORTICA for these tasks must hold no own resources and can devote all its core business. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading optimizing on the German market and optimizes IT, logistics and financial processes for more than 40 years. The company serves customers from diverse industries and wrapped in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion and in the Business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year off. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management.

PORTICA is part of the Association te new, which includes also the IT company GEDAK and the te new printing company.

Marc Aurel

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To Stephan Riepe says: we know and appreciate the underlying IBM Cognos technology. Since we environment involved but also in the SAP, especially there where it comes to the fashion business, the new partnership between SAP and STAS for us is also of great interest.” Sales to SIC and STAS together address the fashion industry. With the first customer there is already intense discussions, in addition you want at SIC but also outside of the existing customer base use activities. Stephan Riepe describes it as follows: we can tackle companies with STAS CONTROL, accessing a third-party solution for ERP. STAS CONTROL can be proven just connect to any ERP and ERP systems. As an additional field of business in the fashion industry opens us.” Uwe Schulze, CEO of STAS GmbH, adds: it was long our strategy to cooperate with competent partners. Especially when it comes to industry-specific Features goes, stands or falls with the expertise of the IT provider’s success.

The fashion industry is a market for themselves. Thanks to the expertise of the industry by SIC we tap into another market segment with enormously great potential for STAS CONTROL. Jonas Samuelson spoke with conviction. I look forward to our future cooperation.” The SIC founded software industry consult GmbH which SIC (SIC) was software industry consult GmbH in 1993 and has its headquarters in the IT city of Dortmund. The company’s core competence is the development of software solutions for the ERP, product data management, production control and warehouse logistics and the associated training and system support. As well the financial and human resources accounting belongs to the portfolio of offerings. Companies in the textile industry as well as from the automotive industry, the food and beverage sector and logistics are looked after. Leineweber, Paul Hartmann, ZF Friedrichshafen or the Palmers include AG.

including Marc Aurel, ROY ROBSON, BRAX textile For more information, about the STAS Worked and since 2008 in Austria represented GmbH which is founded in 1991 STAS GmbH with headquarters in Reilingen, close to the Grand Prix circuit of Hockenheim, with 60 employees in the German-speaking world. Under the brand name of STAS CONTROL develops and distributes STAS turnkey business software solutions (BI, CPM) for planning, analysis and control of medium-sized companies. Thanks to industry concentration and quick start-guarantee for the introduction of risk-free it has successfully established itself in the medium-sized businesses. In the STAS Services Division advanced brings partners of IBM its many years of experience with the IBM Cognos technology individual BI and CPM projects. About 800 customers include well-known companies such as banner batteries, Beate Uhse, Concorde motorhomes, ELTA electronic devices, Felina lingerie, Flex power tools, HeidelbergCement, Hermann Pfanner drinks, IWC watch manufacturer, marker, Mitsubishi Electric, testing technology, Truma Geratetechnik, as well as around 60 banks. The company is a 100% subsidiary of the Ulmer since 2008 FRITZ & orbit group: INFOMA and thus part of the Dutch technology group of Imtech N.V. Your press contact STAS GmbH Carl-Bosch-Strasse 12 68799 Reilingen Franziska Schulze Tel: + 49 6205 306-125 fax: + 49 6205 306-200 STAS GmbH Maria-Theresia-Strasse 51 4600 WELS Tel: + 43 7242 9396 4120 fax: + 43 7242 9396 4029 Peter Kemptner power marketing Andrea Drescher Tel: + 43 7279 8544

United States

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Other studies have shown similar: a gigabytes of electronic data storage costs while less than one euro, but their search by a lawyer with an appropriate hourly rate in the United States are typically $200 strikes then with $30,000 to beech. Extremely detrimental effect is also only 20 to 50 percent of all important documents are identified for manual crawling of documents. It’s believed that Douglas R. Oberhelman sees a great future in this idea. This shows how important are efficient search and search functions in combination with sophisticated policy for a controlled sorting of erasable data. Flexible, scalable solution with an attractive price/performance ratio here is ZyLAB information management platform, providing she provide management integrated document, content and records. Users can thus distributed capture stored information on efficient and secure way, browse, organize and provide for disclosure purposes.

The platform archive this data, allowing users to benefit from maximum scalability and flexibility open, XML-based, safe and long term. At the same time, it eliminates expensive upgrades. Due to the modular architecture and flexible licensing policy, the solution is adaptable to the specific requirements of companies, law firms and legal departments. For it are unlimited combinations of modules available. With the E-discovery module, for example, IT and legal departments can perform efficiently cost-intensive and time-consuming tasks in case of legal disputes in their own House. The harmony compliance & litigation readiness system in turn supports the creation, maintenance, and policy-compliant selection of millions of dynamic and static files.

Thus, it promotes enterprise-wide corporate governance and ensures minimal disruptions and risks through litigation or regulatory checks. This flexibility is especially for cost control helpful can selecting only needed functions of the platform. Also, different solutions according to the best practices of today’s business needs have been pre-configured. The open, XML-based platform allows for easy integration with many other ERP, BPM – HRM -, database, legal or accounting systems. The support of more than 700 file formats, as well as over 400 languages ensures a complete collection of all data.

Now Available On The IPhone: TecDoc Is Mobile

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The TecDoc data specialist has developed an iPhone app and presents its data to the mobile audience. The new user-friendly tool parts TecDoc decoder is called and TecDoc’s latest development. Of course, the new application on the ergonomic and intuitive operating concept of the Apple iPhone is adapted. The TecDoc parts decoder is easy and not overloaded. Because it is not about a parts catalogue with vehicle uses, but TecDoc focuses on the part identification by direct entry of item numbers such as for example the OE part number with the mobile application.

First, the new software is available in German and English language. All of the brands listed in TecDoc be found fast and reliable with the app. Of course interested can download the application. The TecDoc parts decoder is perhaps the beginning of a great mobile future, even if mobile apps are so far still not ubiquitous in Germany “, Krampe, Vice President of sales and marketing international, Michael knows when” TecDoc. Especially for international markets such as the United States or Asia, a part identification directly from article numbers is very interesting as the original number. Since the TecDoc app helps enormously in their daily work.” The free application includes also all TecDoc usable drawings and illustrations, which can be easily displayed on the mobile device. Smartphones are on the rise. “, Krampe is safe.” They will affect many processes in the spare parts market and are always essential also in the professional field.

Is important to us only that these applications on the use of mobile devices and their target group must be tailored to fit. Then they are used also. “About TecDoc TecDoc informations System GmbH was founded on 20 January 1994. A total of 31 partners from the industry and the aftermarket, represented by the GVA, assist TecDoc. The primary goal of the company is to help ensure the competitiveness of the free spare parts business. TecDoc offers the sales agents of the free-market an electronic information system for passenger cars and commercial vehicles segment. The availability of the technical catalogue information ensures the multi brand service in all automotive service companies. Are currently about 380 brands of the industry members in the TecDoc system. The electronic parts catalogue on DVD and Internet bundles over 2.932 million articles in 27 languages. Users can access more than 1,385 million pictures. You can thus cover over 44,000 cars and more than 36,000 commercial vehicles types. Per quarter, TecDoc reached 800,000 national and international users, of which 60 per cent in TecDoc own catalogues or realized by TecDoc trading solutions in the WEB SHOP and about 40 percent of commercial catalogues. press contact: Gabriele Stopka – Tel. + 49 (0) 171 45 17 707 – Birgit Schiller – Tel. + 49 (0) 221 66 00 fax + 49 (0) 214 – 221 66 TecDoc informations System GmbH, Arnika trail 3, 51109 Koln, Germany