If you are using a blog or a website with wordpress is necessary to have a backup of all your data periodically, this because if there is a problem with your blog and if you don’t have a backup of your blog you really in serious trouble that neither I nor think about it and that’s why it is necessary to have an endorsement of the information by own security and we will see step by step how to create a backup of your blog in wordpress with a plugin called wp-db-backup. There is nothing to go to our Manager of wordpress where serviced to our blog and where we write our articles and now let’s go to the plugins section and give add a plugin and look for the WP-DB-BACKUP plugin and give you install this plugin, once the plugin is already installed, we are going to proceed to activate the plugin when activate the plugin must first confirm that our plugin has been installed and We are going to find the name of WordPress Database Backup and see if we already have it installed, once us sersioremos that is installed are not going to go to the Tools section here we click on where it says backup support and here we are inside the configuration of the plugin WordPress Database Backup where we will make a backup of our blog. Within the backup configuration will find a section called tables will be to support these tables are the basic of wordpress and are also other tables that are generated by plugins that we have installed on our blog and that these also are going to back up and are now going to the section of back-up options and here will find that an endorsement can be immediately to the voice of now if so wish you and I’m going to explain how, here you can back up your data and back it up on your server in a folder which by default gives us the plugin we use to make a backup of all the information in our blog the WP-DB-BACKUP also can support the information download to your PC or to an email bajandola, we see the support via email. You can do a backup via email email and here asks an email address to where you want it to send supported by the information in your blog and das email electronic, now if you have already selected tables and you have added your email address the next step is to click on the option back up now and show you a bar of 0 to 100% discharge submission process when you are finished you warned that already finished and now you have to do is check your email that you put that back has come to you your blog, once verified that this can there do download the backrest to your PC and have two backrests and with this you’ll have saved a backup of your blog. Like really is of the utmost importance already have a backup of your blog that if there is a problem with the servers or your blog your you’ll already have a backup of your blog and now you’ll be more quiet and unsure whether to start where you left off and not start again. For more information visit this Blog now original author and source of the article