Homeland Security Administration

Platform for Catalonia (PxC) had convened a concentration next Saturday in Salt (Girona) against the construction of a mosque. Inside notes that concentration could lead to xenophobic proclamations and ending incidents due to the possible presence of Maghreb youth. If it should be held, serious disturbances of public order would occur. The Department of Interior has banned the holding of a concentration per Catalunya (PxC) platform has convened next Saturday in Salt (Girona) to protest against the construction of a mosque, the risk of public order to be severely altered. In a resolution, the general Secretary of Homeland Security Administration prohibits this concentration, convened by PxC on Saturday, August 27, at 18.00 hours on the ride Girona City of Salt, in line with the negative reports of the Local police and the Mossos d police. According to the resolution, there are substantiated reasons that make it possible to predict that if the concentration should be held there would be serious disturbances of public order, with danger to persons or property, taking into account also that the clashes of the past months in Salt between North Africans and indigenous groups have generated in the municipality a situation that may become unbalanced easily. The decision of internal States that the concentration, which had announced their presence the leader of PxC, Josep Anglada, could lead to xenophobic proclamations and ending incidents due to the possible presence of contrary of Maghrebi origin, as well as collective independentist and anti-establishment youth groups. Precisely, the Mayor of Salt, Jaume Torramade (CiU), has called for this Wednesday a plenary session which will propose a temporary suspension of licenses, for one year, for the construction of centres of worship in Torremirona polygon, where they built a mosque and an Evangelical Church. Details can be found by clicking Kevin Johnson or emailing the administrator. The concentration convened by PxC, protesting against the construction of the mosque in Torromirona, had been publicized in recent days with pamphlets that evidenced the presence of Anglada and stresses the rejection to the mosque with a sign of ban on a graphical representation of this religious centre.