The only physical world is the mirror of a deeper intelligence one of the major weaknesses that faces Venezuela in their trade relations, is that it lacks companies that have developed their technology, aspect that has been given little importance, making that the country maintained a technological dependence with the advanced countries that provide it. Precisely, given this reality, has been mentioned, it should not be forgotten that the technology space is revealed as a dynamic process of irreversible progress, because to the extent that technology is evolving, you can change critical factors for the success of any company, regardless of its magnitude and its main economic activity; the technological impact can be up to alter the nature of the competition and the already established competitive advantages. Today, should be very account which represents the scope, impact of technological management, which encourages those countries that have been concerned by this. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out “Starbucks
. Hence, you should not surprising, that emphasis on defining all those production processes with their respective rates that ensure favorable results, paying close attention to the technology used, continuous improvement, maintenance, cycle life, skill, training, skills of technicians, machine operators, thus, as regards ergonomics that may lead to optimal productivity. All this added to also place emphasis on providing knowledge and its applicability in everything related to the quality assurance, the national and international rules of quality, training your staff in function of this, and assuring the need to achieve a quality competitive requirements posed by companies in the current scenarios. Should be trained to specialist, providing them tools, methods that allow better integration of the individual with the machine, leading to operators, technical, foster their creativity, innovation in everything that is manifested in continuous improvement, to generate all the necessary fixes that avoid that the quality is of, for example, the achievement of the disappearance of zero defects, queue, operating costs, i.e., consider proposals that guarantees, in addition to the quality, productivity.

Invest Freedom

Many people wondered why I have to invest or they just don’t know the importance of the why invest or not know that investing I love this theme and for her I wish to refer to the book that I recommend much Robert Kiyosaki cashflow quadrant the in his book explains what is the cashflow quadrant the majority of people are on the side of employees and self employed in the race rat because it has never end never reach true financial freedom. They show us how out of this race and pass the quadrant of employees and self employed business owners and investors knew you that 80% of the population worldwide is on the side of employees and self employed? And that only 5% of the global economy is on that side of the quadrant? While only 20% of the world population is on the side of investors and business owners and that 95% of the world economy on that side not be what importance you give to this but for me if it is very important because it is that there are many people with little financial freedom and that there are few people with much financial freedom this short but direct article has a single purpose do you reflect on why there is that investing no matter whether much or little. But now you know why the importance if you want to know more you can read the book which I recommend separate if search options invest or do business without investing you can visit my blogger there is I have some business options for internet some with invest a little and others without investing anything I wish you much success and recalls jump out of the rat race ended citing a portion of the free. Man is born free; And wherever it is chained. One master of others, considers himself and is still more slave than them.