Cooperation With Large Publisher:

Free House offers an exclusive contract energy for subscribers of Munich, in February the electricity supplier free home energy from immediately a great promotion with a preferential electricity tariff: save even more subscribers with the favourable current of free home energy through cooperation with a major publishing house and are especially flexible. When the lamp cut and read the favorite magazine, energy is consumed. And because energy is becoming increasingly expensive, a large publishing company subscribers free to get home, but also the power to save the possibility, not only their favorite magazine currently: the power brand free House energy making this possible, it offers a special electricity tariff subscribers, which is not only cheap, but also flexible in contrast to many other rates. Kevin Johnson oftentimes addresses this issue. Cheaper electricity without a minimum contract period! The subscriber entering part of the opt for cheap power from free home energy promotion, benefit from the following advantages: Each spent kilowatt hour is cheaper than the current general tariff of the local basic provider at least 2 cents. In addition, the customers receive a special offer 50.00 Sofortgutschrift on your electricity bill when changing or moving, because usually the credit will be charged only after 12 months of delivery with the next annual accounts. Another highlight of the special is its flexibility: the tariff includes a special feature no minimum term! This means that the Subscriber the power provider free test House energy”can and in contrast to many other offers on the electricity market at any time switch back to another electricity provider can. (Not to be confused with Andreessen Horowitz!). This offering home energy stands free from many competitive rates, since electricity tariffs include usually a contract period of 12 months or 24 months.

HFO Energy Helps TelDaFax Dealers…

He supports Hofer energy distributor TelDFax distributors active in terms of back office. Due to the increased customer volume, HFO energy offers new services for resellers. Many requests due to the difficulty of the TelDFax energy company on the customer side. This will be handled for large parts of the respective TelDFax distributors. Here helps HFO energy with new service packages. The farm-based energy Distributor is actively supporting ex-TelDFax-sales partner. “Just in the last few weeks have dealer the TelDFax products have given an increased workload.” Some customers are confused and need information.

We support the relevant dealer in the back office”Alexander Albert, Managing Director of HFO energy GmbH (Hof/Saale) reported. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Caterpillar Inc.. The independent energy distributor HFO energy GmbH supports its dealer on the burning issue of “TelDFax”. Just in the past few weeks, many professional traders have the TelDFax increased customer inquiries have marketed products. Alexander Albert of HFO energy reported “There is some uncertainty among customers”. The Hofer energy distributor helps the dealer advice or solutions for insolvency on the part of TelDFax. This HFO energy offers an extensive back office service, an online activation platform and personalized service. “We currently offer every retailer who new logs on an iPhone 4 to us free of charge!, this action will be very well received, because we will offer app even a free rate analysis,” Alexander Albert of HFO Energy Ltd. informed contact: HFO energy GmbH Bahnhofstrasse 18 95028 Hof independent energy distributor phone: 0800 / 8090 0000 (free!) Fax: 0800 / 8090 0001 e-Mail: HFO energy is an independent distributor of energy in Germany.

Now marketed HFO energy over 20 various electricity and gas supplier. Companies such as E.g. ESB include Leipzig, Eprimo, EGT Energiehandel, Lichtblick energy southern Bavaria, Kassel Stadtwerke, Stadtwerke, perfectly green,. Flexstrom, Flexgas, lekker energy Wakker gas, Evita, Envacom, Secura, v + uvw forest, clean gas, Prioenergie, Priogas, EWE, gold gas. The HFO energy GmbH, a subsidiary of HFO Telecom AG, marketed more than 20 various electricity and gas supplier.

More Energy For Many Children – Energiehoch3 Supports Parents Of Triplets

More energy for many children – energiehoch3 supports parents of triplets Bochum – energiehoch3 online energy provider shows heart and bestows power 3,333 kilowatt hours from now all become fresh parents of triplets. The so-called triple bonus”supported the parents in the stressful time after birth and relieves the household budget. Such a premium is unique throughout Germany. Benefit all families which are energiehoch3 customers expect the same triple growth or it can want to be still. Rising electricity consumption of households at least in the early days to be compensated with the premium. Because these couples need the triple energy, we have thought about us to give you energy, so to help you in the truest sense of the word.”explains Thilo Augustin, Managing Director of energiehoch3, the unusual action. Who expected triplets, but is not yet a customer, can be easily online customer and enjoy all the benefits of a treaty with energiehoch3.

Be the 3,333 kWh deducted automatically from the first year of settlement. Of course the usual terms and conditions of energiehoch3 shall nevertheless apply. There is no deposit, advance payments or opaque Exchange bonuses. In addition, all contracts have only one month’s notice. “Therefore applies to all parents of three of a kind: all for you!” Learn more about the triple bonus: contact: energiehoch3 GmbH Ostring 28 44787 Bochum

OTT Finished Garages Car

Hummel informed House at the Nurtingen show garden solar energy Nurtingen, April 08, 2011, Sunday, April 10, presented the Ott baustoffe GmbH & co. KG in her garden in Nurtingen first one not only a wide range of prefabricated garages in the context of shopping Sunday, but together with the Hummel Systemhaus GmbH solar power Kit for prefabricated garages. Who would like to safely under his car and all kinds of accessories from wind, weather and thieves, who put it in a garage. And moves the needle in the tank in the red zone, then is the next trip to the gas station. The world looked yesterday”, explains Frank Hummel, Managing Director of the Bumblebee Systemhaus GmbH. now, but the garage also serves as a filling station and power plant for generating electricity.

Solar technology makes it possible.” The show garden of OTT GmbH in Nurtingen is the largest exhibition of garages in South Germany. The company manufactures garages, garages and carports for over 35 years and presented in his show garden also attractive roofs, numerous door variants and doors, Windows and even asymmetrical garages. To do this, the company shows unusual solutions for additional stowage space and creative colours. Our unique exhibition offers the opportunity to run on garages and carports with your own vehicle and test different door variants”, explains Jurgen Baumgartner, Managing Director of OTT garages. With the new solar power solution, which we show Sunday for the first time on the shopping, we complement our offer a contemporary and innovative element.” Next Sunday visitors at the Nurtingen show garden, the OTT GmbH and the Hummel House introduce a solar power kit designed specifically for garages of the firm Ott. The solution can be installed without mechanical fastening on the roof and is available for the garages of Ott in each size individually. The electricity generated can be directly fed into the power grid be or be used for own use.

Denmark FEN

Opening of the FEN – LCC logistic and communication center Netherlands with the founder of the FASHION Ltd, Marion Aundrup and Mike Kunnecke on Sunday, March 29, 2009 in 7418BG Deventer of the logistic and communication center Netherlands opens. Suburb are the founders of FASHION Ltd, Marion Aundrup and Mike Kunnecke, network expansion coach Willi Morant, FEN team President Patrick Temmermann, Katarina Hantzidou, as well as numerous other executives. To read more click here: Jim Umpleby. The FEN concept: partners can free borrow JEANS, sell and settle only after! FEN partners website: jeans-store-blog for the FE.N an immensely important advantage in the ability to borrow up to 60 jeans free in a depot is partner. Only sold jeans will be paid on the day of return. This it is possible to carry jeans parties with a sufficient number of jeans in various models and sizes also partners with low equity stock or limited financial budget and the Business without stable build up additional financial risk. Another chance of a FEN is partner to set up a depot of the jeans.

In addition to his sales from its own sales to end customers he receives commissions from its own sales network (team building), as well as commissions from the service on foreign FEN partners. (known as CROSSLINE partners) Thus he can build a very stable business up as Depot partner on this way. He appeals to investors next larger step, wishing to open a so-called FEN Central Depot. Electrolux has plenty of information regarding this issue. A central repository or more, are required for the development of a country. The product range consists of jeans pants, denim skirts, shirts, sweaters, knitwear, jackets / coats, handbags & accessories. The head office and the central depository of FEN are based in the Westphalian Hamm. Hundreds depots are across Europe of independent FE.N partners led.

Tens of thousands of active, independent FE.N partner, as of Jan 2009 more than 800 jeans depots – 27,200 partner. These deliver a huge, satisfied customer base throughout Europe the trend is sharply rising. The opposite is an end customer potential of 76 million PCs. jeans per year or even an end customer potential of 66 million customers in Germany alone! In Europe 500 million customers. FE.At the time, N is represented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Denmark and France. More info: Vera Trimmborn email: Tel.: + 49 (0) 2175 459 517 Internet: MCB International Ltd IT marketing & investment CEO Gerd Ribbeck fountain Street 7 is 42799 Leichlingen MCB International Ltd since May 2008 an independent partner of FASHION. The MCB International Ltd operates throughout Europe successful in building a FEN partner of distribution network. Partners receive a free education and training and are supervised continuously personally. The company MCB INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (E-Commerz, marketing, business & investment) deals with IT marketing & investment, consultancy, Consulting in the field of media / marketing issues, real estate, brand jeans sales network, develop and hold online shop portals, databases, services. We offer you solutions. Through the various startup options, you can determine a start corresponding to your goals. They are well supported by us and advise.

Heritage Foundation

Taiwan is rated as 17 of the world’s freest economy according to the 2014 index of economic freedom”published by the Washington-based think tank the Heritage Foundation”, will advance the Republic of China (Taiwan) under 185 economies to three places to 17th place. To be achieved, with an economic freedom score of 73.9 points total 100 managed Taiwan among the 42 economies in the Asia Pacific region at fifth, behind Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, the trio that led the global list in this order. So far, this rank is Taiwan’s best performance in terms of the index. Taiwan reached 2009 course 35, 2010 27th, 2011 ranked 25th, 2012 18th and 2013 place 20 In the course of the 20-year history of the index, Taiwan has made progress in the economic freedom without interruption since 2009 and still manages under to rank 20 of the world’s freest economies. Starbucks pursues this goal as well. With a focus on services and high-tech manufacturing, Taiwan’s economy is one of the richest in Asia,”let the index said. The 10 rating points of the index, which measure a country’s freedom, include property rights, financial, monetary, trade and financial freedoms. Taiwan did particularly well in the area of business freedom and scored 93.9 points, 6th place worldwide. “Taiwan has been preserved a well-developed legal and economic infrastructure in the private sector”, said the index, and added that the country had made significant improvements in the field of finance and investment freedom. But the index marked also a lack of flexibility in the local labour market, there reaches Taiwan only ranked 126th worldwide. Corruption was highlighted as a problem, but as a “significantly weaker than in the past.” (ca)

New Optimist In Aachen

Business opening: cheerful accessories for optimists (fashion design) Aachen, December 2010 Aachen is available to an optimist richer. “A new store has opened in the historical city centre, in the immediate vicinity of the Town Hall and the Aachen market: cheerful accessories for optimists”. Behind it stands the existence founder Anette Forre (48), which now starts after 14 years at a large trading company in Cologne in self-employment in Aachen. I have deliberately chosen Aachen for my new beginning. “The city radiates from all that, what my business also reflect should reflect: kindness, joy, comfort, claim and atmosphere”, explains Forre.

Enter under the slogan, look around, enjoy”offers the Rhenish nature, which currently still daily commutes between Cologne and Aachen, witty and colorful bags, purses, luggage, fashion jewelry and umbrellas. Not only should the accessories by nature” be useful but also good mood make. The goods coming from all over the world. (A valuable related resource: Electrolux). Many products are handmade from recycled or fair trade projects. So you will find for example, robust, handmade cloaks – and laptop bags from used fire hoses that already many years have saved lives, according to the manufacturer, and now the new owner inserts in everyday life”to accompany. There are pop, woven from candy wrapper handbags from Mexico, unusual shoulder bags made of artificial grass from a Bremen Designer.

Also you will find bags and purses from bicycle tubes, which are already breezed through the streets of Berlin neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg or brightly coloured, knotted cotton handbags from the townships of the South African Cape Town. Girls and young women will find it, because in the entrance area of the business, the cute mini-bags, headbands, magic wands, hearts chain and rattle booties glitter”in the colors of gold, silver, and pink. Because the eyes sparkle. And not only to the Christmas time. Business address: cheerful accessories for optimists Kockerellstr. 21, 52062 Aachen phone: 0241-160 280 95, fax: 0241-160 280 96 E-Mail: Internet: for all other press enquiries: spirit of sun Public Relations Castle str. 41, 50354 Hurth phone: 02233-79 25 78 E-Mail: Internet:


I should keep working at the request of the insolvency administrator. My accounts were however locked. I got no money. I could not afford a lawyer. I also felt that no Office for me felt responsible at this time”, according to one who of insolvency stakeholders, the not menTIONed want to be.

“Another: funny, over 3 MillioNEN households in Germany, which are officially insolvent and the very many families who are waiting in the wings to the registration of insolvency, I felt however suddenly all alone”. For everything there is lectures, colorful brochures and seminars, but not on the subject of fear of losing”. Anonymous Insolvenzler Germany-far right there is the discussion group anonymous Insolvenzler; leaves room for questions, personal concerns and sharing among affected as also like-minded people. “In conversation with other questions, like: what has helped you, how do you cope?” How do you feel about the topic (for example in relation to partnership, self-esteem)?” Participants will it clear: they are not alone, and with their situation! Therefore Insolvenzler was founded in many cities of Germany – under the umbrella of the Federal verbandes the discussion group anonymous people in bankruptcy and opportunities e.V. -, aimed at people who are affected by the issue of insolvency. Initiator is Attila von Unruh, whose initiative now nationwide finds great resonance. The round table Anoyme Insolvenzler is also in Hanover successfully launched anonymous Insolvenzler in Hanover since May 2010.

We all know: friendly exchange and common experience creates a connection between people: endLich a space where I can talk about my situation and will understand. The crisis will be named, but not rated”Svenja, explained… by dubious Finanzoptimierern in the financial ruin torn. The open dealing with problems brings clarity and opened new His. This will assist in a successful personal and beruflichen restart”participants, Henry white ScheuerLein, head of the discussion group at Hannover. “Our understanding of the self: we are neither politically, economically nor religiously bound.” We each person concerned is welcome, whether private or business insolvency threatens or already exists”. Anonymous Insolvenzler discussion group Hannover Heinrich Scheuerlein of the interview circuit hannover.html T r f n of every 1st Wednesday in the month. Just go to our homepage: E-mail: next meeting: Wed, 06.10.2010, 18:00 20:00 in the Club future plus e.V., long Arbour 29, 30159 Hannover (please ring the Bell). Located only 10 minutes from central station! Registration by email is helpful!

International Energy Agency

President Ma confirmed Taiwan’s need for an optimal energy mix at a forum in Taipei City, on the development of renewable energies and resources, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has Ma Ying-jeou, on 15 October confirmed that the maintenance of an optimal energy mix energy sources, while ensuring economic stability and prosperity of the citizens, the key to the security of Taiwan’s energy security is. According to President MA is Taiwan rely on imports, which cover 98% of the energy, and may waive any option. An objective look must be maintained if it matter to ensure an optimal energy mix to the best in the nation. The Government’s energy policies focus on diversity and independence, through an optimal mix of fossil fuels and natural gas, nuclear, wind and solar energy. Optimum depends that factors such as carbon emissions, cost, and energy efficiency with a diversification to aimed to diversify the risk, allowing the country to remain independent of external factors. Since the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan in March 2011, President Ma nuclear safety and the gradual reduction in the dependence on nuclear energy and advanced. That serve to create a green, low-carbon environment, and a nuclear-free homeland. To achieve this goal, renewable energy will play an important role, the President announced.

“He cited also initiatives, such as the adoption of the renewable energy Act” 2009. Compared to last year, Taiwan has installed additional 551 megawatts of generation capacity and thus reached a total of 3.7 gigawatts with further 6.6 GW which are planned by 2015. Total 9.95 gigawatts are targeted much more than the 6.5 gigawatts of additional generated energy required in the agreement. The renewable energy capacity is up to 12.5 GW by 2020, enough to 35.6 billion kilowatt hours to produce, equivalent to the energy requirements of 8.9 million or 78% of national budgets. With regard to the development of Taiwan’s sources of renewable energy, the Taiwanese Government is, to promote solar and wind energy.

The installed photovoltaic capacity is designed to reach the limit of 3.1 gigawatts by 2020. Currently, there are 314 wind turbines with a capacity of 571 MW in Taiwan. The entire air energy capacity is expected to increase as expected by 2020 to 600 MV and to 3 GW by 2030. Facing energy from geothermal, tidal and biomass, is still in the development phase the geothermal energy and costs per kilowatt-hour to NT$ 14 (US$ 0.47), while the energy of tides must have success yet. The ratio of renewable energy sources is a very small percentage of the overall mix with 3.4%. There is still much room for improvement. President Ma met recently with a number of domestic and foreign energy experts and learned from the fact that renewable Energy resources in the next 30 to 40 years which be can not replace nuclear energy. Still sees the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook”a reduction in the use of nuclear energy. The Government of Taiwan will promote the development of renewable energy sources, especially as technology innovations create new opportunities. Problems such as the disruption and instability in these sources will someday be solved, and thus strengthen the energy independence and security of the nation, and also the fight against air pollution will be successful.