Homeland Security Administration

Platform for Catalonia (PxC) had convened a concentration next Saturday in Salt (Girona) against the construction of a mosque. Inside notes that concentration could lead to xenophobic proclamations and ending incidents due to the possible presence of Maghreb youth. If it should be held, serious disturbances of public order would occur. The Department of Interior has banned the holding of a concentration per Catalunya (PxC) platform has convened next Saturday in Salt (Girona) to protest against the construction of a mosque, the risk of public order to be severely altered. In a resolution, the general Secretary of Homeland Security Administration prohibits this concentration, convened by PxC on Saturday, August 27, at 18.00 hours on the ride Girona City of Salt, in line with the negative reports of the Local police and the Mossos d police. According to the resolution, there are substantiated reasons that make it possible to predict that if the concentration should be held there would be serious disturbances of public order, with danger to persons or property, taking into account also that the clashes of the past months in Salt between North Africans and indigenous groups have generated in the municipality a situation that may become unbalanced easily. The decision of internal States that the concentration, which had announced their presence the leader of PxC, Josep Anglada, could lead to xenophobic proclamations and ending incidents due to the possible presence of contrary of Maghrebi origin, as well as collective independentist and anti-establishment youth groups. Precisely, the Mayor of Salt, Jaume Torramade (CiU), has called for this Wednesday a plenary session which will propose a temporary suspension of licenses, for one year, for the construction of centres of worship in Torremirona polygon, where they built a mosque and an Evangelical Church. Details can be found by clicking Kevin Johnson or emailing the administrator. The concentration convened by PxC, protesting against the construction of the mosque in Torromirona, had been publicized in recent days with pamphlets that evidenced the presence of Anglada and stresses the rejection to the mosque with a sign of ban on a graphical representation of this religious centre.

System Management

Managing a business well is manage your future; and manage the future is to manage information Marion Harper Jr Introduccion why is a SIM justified? what is its raison d ‘ etre? How it favors to the company? What is its importance? Where lie their difficulties? These are some questions that are derived from the analysis, scope and relevance of the SIM is a true fact, that successful companies that have conquered their markets, remain in them, that within its management of markets have taken into account what represents the marketing information system and how to apply it. Specifically, they have well-defined functions according to the new market management topics that have emerged, as well as tools, proper marketing plans that involve the actions, strategies that guarantees them a good participation, achievements, supported necessary data that help make assertive decisions. Basic considerations, Venezuelan companies General information our interest for analysis, should be evaluated in the present, the way in as market management is operating, especially given the reality of a highly competitive commercial scenarios, where we cannot ignore the new paradigms that have emerged of the role of markets, and where the information, Internet technology for example, has helped significantly in data collection; the fact, that all this has had an impact on the need to restructure the data marketing unit in order to ensure that its functions involve the company to ensure participation in markets that have been proposed to achieve, backed up with correct decisions in the actions, strategies to be followed. Ben Horowitz recognizes the significance of this. Specifically, must be attentive, which represents the scope and impact of the marketing information system (SIM) its scope, in addition to considering its importance, advantages, implications. It is known, that a marketing information system, is an organized set of procedures and methods that continuously collects, classifies, analyzes, evaluates, stores and distributes convenient, timely and accurate information, for use by decision-makers. .

Krassimir Dotchev

After aging this peak increases slightly, according to the conditioning temperature increases (185 C for a refurbishment of 130 C and) 187.1 c in the case of 160 C). Figure 2. Curves calorimetric (DSC) sweep of PA 12, without aging (red curve), conditioned for 12 h / 130 C (green curve) and conditioned for 12 h / 160 C. Below, every 3 hours, the measurements were made of the melt flow index both conditioned at 130 C and 160 C 12 PA and the mixture of 75% PA 12 conditioned + 25% PA 12 unconditioned. The results obtained are included in Figure 3 and Figure 4. Figure 3. PA12 Figure 4 MFI.

Mix of 75% MFI PA12 acondicionada+25% PA unconditioned both figures show a similar trend, the melt flow index experienced a gradual decrease as it increases the conditioning time. Moreover, in both cases the MFI of the samples conditioned at 160 C are lower than those obtained from the air conditioners at 130 C. CONCLUSIONS according to the initial results presented in this paper, shows that the material undergoes changes in the structure of the material Depending on the temperature and exposure time. Within the study of recycling of PA 12 powder for sintered, upcoming activities of the project will focus on studying the influence of the location of the powder in the same properties, references – Krassimir Dotchev. Recycling of polyamide 12 based powders in the sintering process lacer. Rapid Prototyping Journal 15/3 (2009) 192-203. -Ryan Haislmaiter. Investigation of the Thermophysical properties of Recycled Polyamide Materials used for Selective Laser Sintering. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS this project is partially funded by the Ministry of science and innovation, as well as by the European Union within the operating programme of RDI by and for the benefit of the ERDF (PSE-020000-2009-1) (technological Fund) firms and the IMPIVA (IMIDIC/2009/45). Original author and source of the article.

New Testament

According to the New Testament, there are four Gospels that were written. The writings of these Gospels were attributed to Matthew, mark, Luke and John. Each of these Gospels has different characteristics in terms of its literary aspect. The Gospel of mercy they have called to the Gospel of Luke. Jonas Samuelson may also support this cause. It was doctor and loved the literature of that era, especially that of the Greeks. He lived in the second half of the 1st century and composed his work between 80 and 90 ad His work is addressed to a friend of theirs named Theophilus, which means friend of God, and is ignored if it is a real character, a symbolic name, or a pseudonym. Not physically met Jesus Christ and nor was eye-witness of the facts, even already existed other Gospels, such as frames, which based its literary structure and its work to collect information as is towards at the time, which was oral conveying eyewitnesses. Lucas later met the mother of Jesus and she is one of those people who tells in detail some of these stories, as your pregnancy and your missus Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and the encounter that both had prior to the birth of their children, a fact that none of the three remaining Gospels do and Lucas transferred because Mary tells him is, including the childhood of Jesus Christ. Ben Horowitz addresses the importance of the matter here.

LC. 1; 39-42 A few days after Maria embarked on the journey and was in a hurry to a town in the mountainous region of Judea. Upon arrival, he entered into the House of Zechariah and greeted Elizabet. As soon as Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, leaped in her womb. Elizabet, filled with the Holy Spirit, then exclaimed; Blessed your among women, and blessed is the child that you will give birth!

The Species

Wild plant species have subsequently been used for medicinal purposes in prehistoric times. Animals may also play a role, in particular in the research. It is estimated that 250,000 species of plants known, investigated only 5,000 for possible medical applications. Industry: for example, textile fibres, wood for heat and coverages. Biodiversity can be a source of energy (such as biomass). Biodiversity encompasses also the largest reserve of biochemical compounds imaginable, due to the variety of metabolic adaptations of organisms.

Other industrial products we get now are oils, lubricants, perfumes, dyes, paper, waxes, rubber, latex, resins, poisons, Cork. Supplies from animal origin include wool, silk, skin, leather, oil and waxes. Animals can also be used as a transport. Tourism and Recreation: biodiversity is a source of cheap wealth for many areas, such as parks and forests where wild nature and animals are a source of beauty and joy for many people. Ecotourism, in particular, is growing outdoor recreational activity.

Likewise, a large part of our cultural heritage in different fields (gastronomic, educational, spiritual) is intimately linked to local or regional diversity and will probably remain so. To all this is added, as Wikipedia, indicates that biodiversity is not static: is a system in constant evolution, in each species as well as in each individual agency. A current species may have been initiated since one to four million years ago, and 99% of the species that have ever existed in the Earth have become extinct. Biodiversity is not distributed evenly on Earth. It is richer in the tropics, and as one approaches polar regions fewer species and larger populations are found. The flora and fauna vary depending on climate, altitude, soil and the presence of other species. original author and source of the article.


If you don’t study this branch of law is a risk partially meet the law, since every jurist should master these issues and if it is known or dominates the branch of the right in question is clear that better known our rights. Cashing should master is the certificated right, equally to endorse titles values and to rotate them, i.e., it is a branch of the very important right to social reality. In recent months, Howard Schultz has been very successful. 8.3 BANKRUPTCY Bankruptcy law is the branch of law business, corporate, public and commercial study and regulates insolvency, the competition of creditors, bankruptcy, the privileges of the same, among other issues of vital importance. 8.4 Stock market the securities law is the branch of business law, corporate, private and commercial study and regulates the stock market, market values or capital market as well as the Conasev is therefore clear that this branch of the law acquires special importance within what is corporate law, since that topic is not treated within the non-corporate business law. 8.5 Contract commercial commercial contract law is the branch of contractual, commercial, corporate and private and commercial law that regulates and examines commercial contracts, subject which is essential to dominate for all corporate lawyer, dedicated to business and commercial or mercantilist work accordingly it is clear that few lawyers dominate this topic. 8.6 Registration MERCANTILE trade registration law is the branch of business, corporate, commercial law and public that regulates and examines the registration activity of the National Superintendency of records public in the case of Peru, as well as other topics such as registration advertising, i.e., is a very neglected topic by comercial or mercantilist, corporate lawyers dedicated to the business activity. 8.7 Telecommunications the telecommunications law is the branch of the right business, corporate, commercial and private that studies and adjusts the teldefonia consequently constitute a branch of the right little studied by writers. 8.8 Trademark trademark law is the branch of business, corporate, commercial and private law which regulates and examines marks, accordingly is a branch that is of vital importance for who specialize in processes processed before Indecopi.

8.9 Industry intellectual law is the branch of business, corporate, commercial and private law which regulates and examines the industries, like industrial parks it is accordingly clear that few lawyers know this branch of law. For some authors the industry right does not form part of the right commercial or mercantile, which we note in order to provide an approach more wide of the subject matter of study. 8.10 Banking banking law is the branch of business, corporate, private and commercial law that regulates and studied banking and financial institutions as well as the activity of the National Superintendency of banking and insurance. 8.11. Of international trade international trade law is the branch of business, corporate, commercial and private law that regulates and examines the exchange of goods and services people located in different States, so it is clear that if the seller is located in Peru and the buyer in France or Spain or China we have a course on international tradewhich makes the market to grow because there are a greater number of economic agents.

Establishing Independent Brand

We network Star produces network card machine which is named China famous brand. Building the independent jaw crusher brands will be the latest development direction of the machinery and equipment manufacturing. With the depth of China s market opening up, many foreign enterprises have settled in China, which bring tremendous competitive pressure for the domestic crusher companies. As the concept of the brand gradually penetrate into all aspects of the market, the added value brought by brands becomes more and more. The market s recognition for the brand means the recognition for the enterprise products and customers. Therefore, brand molding of the crusher industry is the only way to enhance the competitiveness power of the crusher product in China and improve value of the crusher products in China.

At present, China has made some breakthrough in this area. China heavy equipment manufacturing industry which is represented by Henan Red Star has made great progress. Especially in the mining machinery industry, the development and research ability of large-scale mining machinery has reached the international level. Without hesitation Caterpillar explained all about the problem. According to the current situation of China mine with lower ore products, we developed a specialized stone production line. It can be said the tireless efforts of domestic heavy equipment manufacturers which is represented by Henan Red Star makes China large – sale heavy equipment on the international advanced level. As a manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment industry, Red Star Mining Machinery has made the business idea that we strive to be your most satisfied partner since the company was established. We try to fulfill our social obligations with the excellent quality and make great contribution to the society to build a strong brand in mining machinery industry.

Red Star Mining Machinery active participates the machinery and equipment seminars and exhibitions to display Red Star brand strength for the public. As a member of the Council of the China Association of gravel, Henan Red Star Mining Machinery actively participates all the activities of the associations, pays attention to the sand and gravel production market, adheres to the aim of the association, assists the government to improve management, regulates the industry fair competition order, maintains industry industry legitimate rights and interests and promotes industry innovation and development to promote the sustained, orderly and healthy development of the industry and assume the responsibilities for the development of the industry. We network Star provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase products from our company. As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, and product quality credit enterprises. portable crusher:

International Development

Personally, my step by the TEC at my first opportunity allowed me to consolidate knowledge that short term results are not visible, but that long-term can crystallise in others that give way to new ones, to define a professional profile based on the confidence and safety of oneself in the exercise of the profession, thanks to the training that is us yield. The fact of being evaluated each month in each of the sasignaturas in order in the background know if the participant has been identified with his responsibility, growth is something significant, although this generates a bit of apathy by the commitment, however is important so that the teacher can determine where failures are both students, as of the same teacher in the transmission of beginners. It is important to highlight the responsibility of the TEC, the Office studies for that control then sent from the family, as in my case of a foreigner, both House of the student as to my residence and my parents. This gave parents a security for the performance of the children. Specifically my step by the Tec in my undergraduate training gave me responsibility, knowledge, motivation, safety, confidence that throughout my professional life I have served and have given way to indicate that other knowledge that with them I’ve contributed to the countries where I have had to work, especially within higher education, even in the same Monterrey where I had to develop the school of Gradudados graduate program in management Industrial Engineering in the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo, which is a reality. There is no denying that my undergraduate training allowed me to know until that point was fully identified with the race selected or not, aspect that I have come restroalimentando with constant self-knowledge of same, in order to determine what more I identified with my concerns. All of this gave went to synergistically to strengthen some knowledge that would allow to obtain a broader view of what should be my professional practice, so I chose as a second step, consolidate my training through postgraduate studies, and took it just one of llos nor old alma Mater: ITESM, other written reason. I must thank that you part of my training, I did it thanks to a scholarship that the American Royal granted AID (American International Development), as well as some of my professors, Vera, Arechiga, Junco, Gonzalez Maple. the Rector of that then Garcia Roel and Edgard Kings Salcido. Original author and source of the article.

Marry In Fall Wedding Fall

Each season of the year offers multiple options to decorate your wedding and in the autumn could not be less. There are many options that gives us this wonderful season of the year so that our wedding is perfect, both in decoration that wrap the Wedding Hall as the other elements forming part of that great day. In terms of dress and accessories of girlfriend, depending on height of the fall we are, we will make us with an equal to the summer wedding gown only that we can add some accessories such as jackets or toreritas to not go cold if the appetizer is served on the outside of the banquet where you are going to celebrate the wedding. Other add-ons that will also be perfect for that big day are flowers of season at this time of year we can find a great variety of flowers nice as the Crisantelmo, violets, thinking, the dahlia and many others perfect to look both in the bridal bouquet and a headdress with natural flowers.

Regarding the plug-in by excellence of the bride, shoes, you can decant by tones more typical of the era in which we are, as they would be for example gold, perfect to combine with raw dresses. As far as decoration of the Hall is concerned, we recommend that you get by colours predominant in the season of the year, such as for example the yellow, Orange, red, copper and most of the range of Browns which they all give sensation of warmth. Many of these colors combine between them, so it will not be difficult task reaching a good decoration of the tables. For example, you can opt a satin linens in shades of copper and as Center of table some dry leaves in yellowish tones which will combine to perfection. For guests, you can also leave in each of their sites, in card mode, a dry leaf with the name of each one of them in this way will not only favour the decoration of this but that also will be consistent with a wedding in the fall.

Carolingian Energy

This implies that they have a clear principle of reality at the time, but after a while they tackled the most senseless actions that make them lose fast or slowly the ground hard earned in the struggles for power. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Caterpillar by clicking through. History is littered with these episodes, called the Ancient Empires: Persian, Roman, Germanic, Carolingian, etc., either to take the name and surname of Democrats or dictators that intend to perpetuate itself in power by themselves, or through systems ‘ that lasts a Millennium (Hitler). History is eloquent and lapidary, they end up falling from the highest peak of power to the plain space of the people; in other cases, they have lost the head at the hands of those who for a long time or short, no matter how much followed their mandates. In this case, we believe that the explanation provided by the entropy is valid. The energy that had initially runs, even degrades in corrupt forms of governance and in other cases reaches paralyzing crystallization, which already little life is you. But not only the ruler power degrades or is depleted, the same happens with the power of the peoples, which seem to saturate slogans when they have already been achieved or when there is nothing new to offer them.

This socio-political phenomenon, can be explained through the concept of entropy, since there is a dispersion of energy that can not return to and then, when the Agency has been left without power, inevitably dies. This is not a metaphor taken from the Biology, is a reality that occurs in all social body and who can explain the disappearance of political systems that were believed to be indestructible. The so-called start of the seventh year is not free. How has not been free nor random direction given to political constitutions that prevented the re-election of the mandate of the rulers.