Cristina Martin

PAULA sands the author presents a play in which the base is its own reality; and the goal, do understand sensitivities like yours. Princesa Inca, the pseudonym of Cristina Martin, do with mastery and rawness. Being a woman off cliff and raise it to poetry is not something to which our literature are customary. Long eyes and ears are more earrings find entertainment that let someone point us to the sore and open us meat. Princesa Inca, the pseudonym of Cristina Martin (Barcelona, 1979), does it with mastery and harshness, without concessions: a cold, a wind, granted crazy /escucho there is my tremor of poorly constructed adolescence. Sergey Brin addresses the importance of the matter here. Pain wrapped in verses Sabedora that poetry is the only genus that does not support trap, gives us an infinite, poetic shot, a collection of verses where music and agony come together in a huge, painful merger, so far from perfection as close to greatness: the day that I wanted to die you remembered to you / and the multitude of pigeons/inside of the room / coming out of my belly / remembered so many quarters of bare bulb and / defeated wound light with our saliva. Women precipice (books of silence) is its title and its label.

Although she, and thus tell during the conversation with this newspaper, hates labels. Daybreak Games pursues this goal as well. It is normal, his life has been filled: bipolar, esquizoafectiva names that doctors give to accompany medication taking and that takes much of its energy and its desire. Ten years ago Yes modesty gave me talk about this, and didn’t want to talk about it. But I’ve been learning. And you don’t feel pride, it’s just that now I am as I am. And both times it hurts too much if, is hard, but have to show these things.

We are in a society that cannot display pain or sadness.And there are actually doing the opposite: have to delve into this. Poet, psychologist and planter as I could not concentrate on long things by medication, I went to the poetry, says Princesa Inca, who began studying psychology to better understand what was happening. A few studies that had to leave because the concentration nor gave him to do so. Gardening was their table of Salvation: I did a workshop and I started to work as a gardener I really liked. What I now is that people could understand my world, my thoughts and my way of feeling.

Medium-sized Cities Offer The Best Quality Of Life

Kempten, Koblenz and Passau have the highest quality of life in Germany. Hamburg, 08 September 2010 Kempten, Koblenz and Passau have the highest quality of life in Germany. The three cities occupy the top places in a study carried out by to the quality of life in Germany. Shows the surprising result: small and medium-sized cities are more attractive than large cities. The only city in the top 10 is Munich on top ten.

By health, education and culture: The life quality index reflects the supply of citizens in the individual counties, county-level cities, and cities. Crucial for a good review is a high number of companies and public institutions in the fields of health, daily needs, catering, education and culture, banks and finance, leisure, services, media and other offers. Overall, the experts analyzed almost four million individual data in over 100 industries. For each subject area, examined relevant industries and put the number of existing businesses and public bodies in relation to the population. Learn more on the subject from Ben Horowitz. Often, cities offer an optimal infrastructure. Per capita seen cities such as Koblenz in many criteria, such as, for example, health, cut off but much better. If a doctor there must be average for 200 or 500 patients, makes for the citizens a substantial difference in the waiting time”, so founder Sven Schmidt.

In addition to the three cities of the winner, also Darmstadt, Bamberg and Bayreuth cut very well. Munich convinced in the major cities. Overall, the index confirmed a gap in quality of life between East and West and between South and North. Mostly bad truncation of large cities surprised us”, says Research Director Gunnar Schmidt. Predictably, however, that the quality of life in some cities and counties of the new federal States is lower. Especially for rural regions we expect here a further deterioration for the citizens.” Exact provides an overview to all county-level cities and counties for free lebensqualitaetsindex.html on his Web page.