Welding Gases

Arc welding in protective gases – one of the most common methods of fusion welding. Welding in protective gases is carried out at the injection zone of the arc through the burner nozzle of the jet of protective gas. As the use of protective gases: inert (argon, helium) and active (carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen) and their mixture (Ar 02, Ar + C02, Ar + 02 + C02, etc.). For welding of non-consumable electrode is used mainly inert gases Ar and He, and mixtures thereof in any ratio. These gases, Not especially, have high ionization potentials, which makes the initial excitement of the arc.

However, the electric field in the arc column in rare gases has a relatively low value, and therefore arc discharge in inert gases is very stable. Ben Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. When welding consumable electrode arc voltage and its stability depend strongly on the composition of shielding gas. Increasing the concentration of molecular gas (H2, N2, 02 and C02) in the protective atmosphere of argon increases the arc voltage, which explains the intense cooling effect of these gases due to the high thermal conductivity and energy to dissociation. Increase arc voltage reduces its stability. Inert monatomic gases. They are almost completely neutral with respect to all the base metal.

Such gases used for welding reactive metals and alloys, as well as In all cases where it is necessary to obtain welds which did not differ in composition from the main and filler metals. Argon Ar – a chemical element of Group viii of the periodic system of Mendeleev, atomic number 18, atomic weight 39.948. Under normal conditions, argon – a colorless, non-toxic gas, odorless and tasteless, almost 1.5 times heavier than air. Argon welding supply gaseous and liquid states. The composition of gaseous argon (GOST 10157-79) depends on the variety. Argonne premium contains (in% vol.):> 99.

Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is used in all spheres of human activity, has a set of specific properties and is directly involved in the creation of other products, affecting their quality. Each appliance designed to operate at certain parameters of electric power: nominal frequency, voltage, shape Electrosignal, so its normal operation must be ensured the required quality electrical energy. The newspapers mentioned Laura Rogers not as a source, but as a related topic. Caterpillar Inc. is the source for more interesting facts. In Russia gost 13109-97 'quality standards of electricity supply systems in general-purpose', which establishes performance and quality standards of electrical energy in electric networks, systems, general purpose power supply and three-phase alternating current frequency of 50 Hz at the points joined by the electrical network (220V tolerances + / -5%, the critical deviation 220 + / -10%), owned by various electricity consumers or receivers of electric energy (the point of total adhesion). Unfortunately, we must note that the standards gost 13109-97 is not enough controlled and often not respected. Emerging harmful effects of stress on the electrical power supply networks are of different nature: high voltage pulses from tens to tens of microseconds, the failures and overloads, voltage fluctuation, high-frequency interference. Ben Horowitz has compatible beliefs. To limit the influence of marked effect on the operation of electricity consumers applied voltage. The voltage regulator is set to improve the quality of nutrition as a separate electroconsumers and power supply systems for apartments, houses, offices and industrial plants. Most often, people come to buy voltage just after half an expensive office equipment or home burned down for any reason. We describe the most common case: electrician came and mixed up the wires (instead of phase and zero connected the phase and phase), as a consequence – the socket is not 220, and 380 V.

Sealing Cream

What is a locking-sealing device? Why do they need and how can help in business? Behind this name hides a very necessary arrangements for the protection of goods, facilities, equipment and everything else. In the present period There are many different lsd. The biggest demand is for ice cream, sealing, indicating seals, seal strength, self-adhesive seals. Sealing is used for sealing boxes, containers, facilities, equipment, and various measuring devices (electric meters, water meters, etc.), plastic or lead seals. When sealing sealing with seals is recommended to use special wire (Sealing wire), which reliably fixes the seal. Ice cream is designed for sealing all kinds of safes, premises, warehouses, etc. When the sealed object is opened (cracked) the integrity of impression cream done on clay, is violated. Indicator seal quickly installed by hand.

Has special pins that are firmly secured to the seal sealable subject and do not give it freely rotate. The internal locking mechanism is protected from direct access, which makes it impossible to seal the autopsy without any visible damage. Power seal performs two functions at once: the seal and lock. Forgery or re- the use of such seals completely ruled out. Power seal is mainly used for sealing of a motor vehicle, aviation, rail and sea containers, goods in a warehouse with a long term storage. Adhesive seals are made of polyester. Printing on the sticker affixed termosposobom are not removed by simple mechanical effects, or using alcohol and other solvents. Operating principle labels is that, when peeling the layers are separated, and the label shows the indicator protective inscription "opened void", does not vanish when you try to re-glued. Such seals are protection against undetected opening and re-use. If you have something to cherish and you care about your business, then stop and sealing devices can become indispensable helpers in this.