European Union

So they invest to win such grants. Fernando Mora Figueroa received in 1999, 831 million pesetas. The Duchess of Alba, 271. Samuel Flires, 180. So other characters wealthy as Juan Abello, Mario Conde, the count of the Maz, Miguel Bose, and not only these people but many societies whose shareholders are banks that placed in the field part of the capital to benefit from subsidies on the one hand and let pass the time to revalue the land, which may later be used for real estate. Click Rob Crossland to learn more.

Common agricultural policy subsidies was in the province of Leon, during 1999 the 135% of the total agricultural production. Although agricultural income has risen does not reach the threshold of profitability, which is valued at almost twice the minimum wage, when it has been during the year indicated 139 times this wage. While it is true makes the average with each given individual high as a farm worker, and in the field each family unit works as a minimum the marriage. The situation, as it is not desperate, and depopulation responds more to a criterion of personal and social mentality. Peoples lack the necessary services to boost the population, health and education, as well as to develop various opportunities for work or personal concerns.

In Germany, agriculture represents 08% of GDP, in Sweden the % 04. In total in the u. E. Agriculture has very little specific weight in the national economy, since it represents between 3 and 5% of GDP. France with 2% of the GDP of its agriculture cultivated 216% of the agricultural production in the European Union. Spain 123%, meaning 3% of its GDP. Greece however works 4% of European production, with a value of 7% of its GDP. It means that we find ourselves with a primary sector in retreat from the economic point of view and a fully extended technology level and progresses gradually.