Jiu Jitsu

It is interesting, although to have athlete who has the Trocao as way the JJB as base for the MMA, in its public presentations confirms the high efficiency of the Brazilian style of Jiu Jitsu, mainly, when they are safe in critical situations in an only possibility where the JJB had, happening the impossible one, making history in the esportivas chronicles. Let us see when the champion Anderson Silva (Muay Thai), in an only chance, with a triangle almost in the closing of the combat, got rid itself to lose for points its heading for Shonnen, being remembered the classic jargon: ' ' only the Jiu Jitsu salva' '. But, exactly being well-known this force of the JJB, each time more are being faced as MMA base, only as remedy for surprises or an action alternative, the salvation of the native land, also for the athletes of mixing martial arts formed in the JJB, black bands, in special Brazilians. This is not missed to learn Boxe, Muay Thai or Wrestling, what it does not make sensible is to want to play Trocao in an entire fight of MMA, fondness to decide the dispute for this worse method and, to be defeated in this situation (Roger Gracie versus King Me the Lawall), without the least to try to connect this technique of impact with what all trained the life and is responsible for gone its to the MMA, the JJB. It will be that it is not possible to use the movement of the Boxe and Karat to control in the distance and to shorten in the alias process, protected for the power of the Muay Thai, and then to use the Wrestling and Judo to take the adversary to the ground and from there, JJB? It is clearly that in the ground it will have to use impact techniques, but in complementary character and not contrary it, as if sees in the MMA events, where thanks to the bound hand and enluvada, it is created a true hammer for marretadas infinite, that such to try this with the naked hand to see what it happens, perhaps, nor ounce gives account of this. .

Advantages Teams

Given the characteristics of the current scenarios constantly confronting great challenges, threats, but also opportunities, it is necessary that management, which shows a leadership proactive, visionary, able to face the challenges, no wasted human capital, which are consolidated, coherent, cohesive, committed work groups, where carry out their duties properly, with the support of a leadership that has been able to generate an organizational behavior which displays a suitable organizational climate that groups perform successfully. Manuel Vecino also adds an aspect that we share about its scope and what it represents in pro of the optimization of the work teams, as is, that is not neglecting the training of these, where human resources management, the same general manager must be careful, since the same selection process, for it is valid when he is signaled, it is important to define the powers of the Office and establish whether features which the candidate will perform require that teamwork is a core competency. Additional information at Douglas R. Oberhelman supports this article. This is important because many people are successful and highly productive without having to be running around a team, necessarily. Today, they exist in the market tools that allow us to measure this competition and again I stress, if it is an indispensable requirement of course that must be valued in the selection process.Recommended, that the process of selection of those who will integrate the different teams in the Organization, including experiences Outdoor type, simulations, role-playing, etc.., enabling to demonstrate this competence in situations that are approaching the reality that will have to live in the post when the management has structured cohesive, integrated, committed to his performance work teams and give results favorable according to plan, then notice the results, the advantages which this generates, so are cited: allows you to make easier the achievement of objectives contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the members adds value to each Member processes can be put at the service of the team competencies allows share the goals and objectives of the work Meanwhile Analy Meneses says the following: Advantages: When trying to be different people, each delivery a contribution in particular to the computer.