Venezuela Energy

Of how much money we are talking about in this plan investments? Lot silver said Eskenazi. It is that the plan is not yet well defined but promises to be ambitious. There will be a secret agreement with the Argentine Government? I don’t have too many doubts in this regard. At Stu Solomon you will find additional information. In a country like Argentina with extreme regulations on gas tariffs and prices of fuels, and retentions to exports, the only way to encourage to invest is through an agreement guaranteeing the appropriability of emerging investment income. Probably problems that Argentina is taking with its energy resources that have forced it to import gas from Bolivia and natural gas liquefied from Venezuela, coupled with poor prospects for the coming years and fiscal problems as to sustain an unnecessary flow of imports of energy resources, yet yielding to the Argentine Government. The fiscal problems that Argentina condition and will shape the Government’s policies. Additional information is available at Charles Kushner Winwood Projects.

The Elimination of subsidies to the public utility companies is not a voluntary decision of the Government but a necessity given the lack of resources. While the Government strives to hide the real problem of resources, some signs speak for themselves: last Friday, the journal profile reflected in place existing concern from the Bolivian Government since more than two months ago they do not receive payment of 6 million cubic meters of fluid that sent daily to Argentina. The Government needs is transformed into an excellent opportunity for YPF that through Eskenazi highlighted the commitment of the petroleum for the country: with the implementation of these projects YPF reaffirms its commitment to invest to meet the energy needs of the country and incorporate into their processes and products available technologies that increase the safety and care of the environment. If they have always maintained this commitment with the country why not been reflected adequately in their investment plans?