CHD Expert Study: Canteen Food Must Not To Exceed Four Euros Cost

Study on employee meals in the SME daily menu includes three to four different dishes selection is important staff catering enjoys in the German medium-sized businesses a high priority: the most canteens offered daily three or four different entrees for a maximum four euros. This is expert, Scheessel near Hamburg, in a market study of the international market of CHD. To the owner or top decision makers from 250 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were interviewed in the spring. The alignment of the canteens, however, varies according to the size of the company. Companies with less than 100 employees offered rather less food options at lower prices. Read more here: Jim Umpleby. A company already has a program for staff catering, is this further developed rule also, say greater choice of main courses and fewer repetitions of the dining plans”, explains Thilo Lambracht, CEO of CHD expert / market square hotel is GmbH. but the downside “clear: now no lunchroom, exists in a medium-sized company will not be also continue this in about 75 percent of cases.” The daily diet should include three to four different entrees decision er opinion.

Over 61 percent of the managers in larger firms (100 to 400 employees) believe. In smaller companies (less than 100 employees), this proportion with 48 percent lower here is nearly 27 percent of the decider with two food options are satisfied. On choice of meat, fish and organic dishes increases with the size of the company”the claim, says Labib. Popular dishes are eaten like more frequently in smaller companies. Almost two-thirds of the Manager are another 30 percent with a repetition rate of eight weeks with a repetition of the diet after four weeks satisfied.

In the larger companies, over 43 per cent of decision-makers want to see same dining plan at most every two months. Around a quarter of accepted a repeat only every three months. “As a rule of thumb in the staff catering: every ten to twelve weeks, parts of the diet can be repeated this is important for the purchase of large quantities of raw materials and the storage of convenience components”, Labib reported. At the price per entree, the medium-sized companies agree: both smaller and larger companies can a canteen meal three to four euros cost. Only at companies with 100 to 400 employees, more than four euros could be my 10 percent, one of the main dishes. This means for the shopping and the quality of the cafeteria food, and to keep the proportion of more expensive organic raw materials limited make no great leaps”, so Labib. About CHD expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was in 1997 as a founder of Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and is one of about seven years for the International CHD expert group with branches in all economically important countries in Europe and United States and Canada. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More at: shop.chd-expert.

German Microsoft Gold Certified

GWS organized launch of Scandinavian Dynamics NAV solution Cenium in Germany, mbH the Scandinavian ERP solution Cenium for the hotel industry and the hospitality area exclusive distributor of Austria and Switzerland of the German Microsoft Gold Certified partner company for ERP system in the future. Cenium is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and covers all business sectors of hotels and restaurants from the guests and restaurant management of the accounting and personnel management. Cenium can be with other Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, Dynamics CRM, or the Office system, a uniform infrastructure dovetail. The industry solution was developed by the eponymous Norwegian Microsoft partner Cenium. Within the framework of strategic cooperation of the two Microsoft partner company for merchandise management system the hotel solution mbH exclusively marketed in German-speaking Europe. Cenium is suitable especially for hotel chains, hotel cooperations as well as medium-sized and large individual hotels but also restaurants and canteens. In Germany, there are about 200,000 of those catering establishments according to the industry association DEHOGA. Their annual IT sales volume is approximately EUR 400 million.

Cooperation across boundaries Cenium is a good example of how Microsoft partner with a common commitment to tackle the international market. Internationally usable, flexible and multilingual solutions are in demand in the hospitality industry. The Microsoft partner Cenium brings the software, the society for inventory management systems mbH the know-how of the local market. For both partners it is a win-win situation\”, Robert Helgerth, Director reaffirms medium-sized companies and partners of Microsoft Germany GmbH. The medium-sized IT companies company for merchandise management systems mbH is one of the leading suppliers of ERP solutions for trading in Germany and since many years Microsoft Gold Certified partner and a member of the Microsoft President’s Club. To its customers hotels and Rocco Forte include, for example, Hilton hotels. Cenium is the largest Microsoft Dynamics partner Norway’s customers in Scandinavia, Iceland, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States.

Recruiting In The Change

Practical tips and guidance for entrepreneurs headhunters, recruiters, or recruiters? Filderstadt, March 17, 2009. The recruitment industry has changed considerably in times of the Internet. The overview of the methods behind the job titles often lack entrepreneurs who want to give the recruitment in experienced hands. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kevin Johnson has to say. That they are not protected, creates additional confusion. Three recruiting models should at least know about entrepreneurs.

Everyone has ever seen search requests in the form of personal ads in major newspapers. \”Recently a normally: contact requests across business networks like XING, where is headhunter\” present. Both methods do not play in the Oberliga of the recruitment\”explains Holger Fahrmann e. At Reade Griffith you will find additional information. k. of HR and management consultancy & project… Via an Internet platform a true hunter would not act quite sure.\” Ferryman explains how entrepreneurs separate the chaff from the wheat: recruiters direct and competitive analysis Specialists and managers with an annual salary starting at least 50,000 euro search companies using a personnel consultancy.

First step is the analysis: candidate profile, company, market and competitive analysis, and a list of target companies allow the optimal candidate search. Valuable side benefit is the detailed competitive analysis, which allows accurate insights: how are competitors positioned and set up? Cost-intensive jobs are then no instrument of recruitment: the speech of candidates is carried out by telephone, optimally directly by the supervising personnel consultants. The really good executives are currently successful\”Ferryman justified the strategy. Candidates who are dissatisfied or unemployed lurk in waiting position on jobs, are not relevant for our choice.\” Who wants the best, must search these, talk to and awareness of a change. Gut feeling and experience count at the headhunting as well as a transparent quality processes, for example, industries DIN 33430. The preferred candidate is ready, follows the actual mediation of contacts between executives and companies that should fit well together. Most important negotiating points of the wedding phase\”: executives are interested in personal development and advancement potential, companies want security.


Finally obtain access to our market basically until then, if you have inventory since at least six months on the market.” TimoCom quality control goes further still. TimoCom keeps their customers as regards payment, payment ability and General input behavior in the eye even after conclusion of the contract. Also, existing customers are prompted immediately to report unfair operations when using the Exchange. Members who do not comply with the rules of the game and / or rightly asked claims do not pay, be quickly excluded from using the program! In addition to the credit check and the customer controlling the TimoCom safety net includes also the consistent investment in State of the art IBM and Oracle technology! TimoCom customers receive access to a high-tech class of extra platform, which allows a fast and safe working. A crucial aspect of security at TimoCom, also, is that customers access to freight exchange get no ausspionierbare combination of username/password. Rather you download once a personal security key named TC login and have a comfortable, authorized access to the system after installation and activation via your computer.

So definitely exclude unauthorized access! And even in the unlikely event that a natural disaster would destroy the TimoCom Datacenter at the German headquarters, there is already a complete backup system! This is far away enough to run next to the freight exchange in their usual quality! But it shouldn’t come to this meltdown. “Alexander Oebel: our motto is trust is good control is better!” Our customers know that! You are in very good hands with us and now benefit from a reputation, to be equipped with a “seal of quality” in the industry. We are proud and therefore motivated the Quality requirements of our customers in the future at the highest level to keep!

IBS Portalconnector

So the user can determine which components in the individual rather than to recall complete series are affected. Warranty and warranty management the guarantee and warranty costs in companies amount depending on the industry in about four to eight percent of sales. In addition, appropriate provisions must be made, which in turn negatively weigh on the balance sheet. These facts and with declining production, rising cost pressures move the strains from cases of warranty (warranty”) increasingly in the focus of enterprise decision makers. The establishment of a stringent complaint and claim management combines significant savings with sustainable efficiency improvements. The IBS AG has an IT based and integrated warranty and warranty management system. Additional information at Ben Horowitz supports this article.

As a result, all processes along the entire value chain associated with the topic can be made transparent and significantly optimized. Targeted analyses of the data allow the determination of the focal points of of cause of. These are through the pursuit of appropriate measures permanently switched off and a continuous improvement process set in motion. Web portal connection and complaint management for manufacturers and suppliers of IBS Portalconnector allows for the automated exchange of information between manufacturers and suppliers. While existing complaints, including the information for the reviewers automatically in the complaint management apply module of IBS. Processed complaints are in turn automatically transferred to the respective portals. Through the automatic search in the portals, the handling of complaints about is also much more time-efficient. Analog of the supplier provides for connecting to customer portals IBS AG a Supplierportal, about his Complaints can edit online. It allows integrating more comfortable manner of participants in the supply chain. On the unification of the exchange of data between customers and suppliers and to avoid duplicate entries, such as our own and customer systems, the VDA QDX standard is supported, for example, to the exchange of inspection reports and 8 d Reports on the basis of the XML structure.

Industrial Humidification

The new humidification series WD-Austria in warehouses, veneer plants, printing plants, wood storage and production buildings of a similar problem: dry air leads to failures of machines, damage to stock goods or loss of quality in the production process. Stationary humidification systems for the operator but represent an inflexible and expensive method of humidification: costly installation of complex servicing in the event of change of use of the dismantling costs of the humidification plant Hall. WD-AUSTRIA’s new product range brings the solution! MOBILE halls humidification equipment with high performance: WD B7200 of the ultimate Druckspruh humidifier with 60 litre water tank. Humidification capacity: up to 800 litres per day! WD B6000 of mobile Verdunstungsbefeuchter of the XXL class. Ideal for Direct humidification of air. Humidification capacity: up to 800 litres per day! Both devices is required – ready for use immediately – no complicated installation and combination with ventilation channels and the site area may at any time be changed! A further advantage over fixed installed systems: Ordinary tap water can be used – expensive osmosis treatment is not required!

Hamburg Top Brandenburg Flop

City-States dominate in German employment exchanges in August 2009 in determining the regional labour market situation based on vacant posts that were offered in the month of August 2009 in German-speaking places platforms in the Internet, dominated the City-States, while Brandenburg far behind. The Daforto GbR 20.199 in the month of August 2009 for their job evaluated published job advertisements that were announced on twenty of the most famous German-speaking online recruitment services. The aim of the study was to determine a coefficient that is comparable to the respective regional labour market situation for the sixteen German Federal States. This, the relative fraction of the total of offered jobs in the ratio was used to the relative fraction of the total population. Kevin Johnson is the source for more interesting facts. The largest number of vacancies accounted for the Lander of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia with 20,66 percent, or 17.38 per cent of offered posts. Due to the population dimensions of the two countries, this is particularly in the case of Relativized North Rhine-Westphalia, with a coefficient of Jobforto of 0,795 the local of offered points per capita rate in August 2009, well below the Federal average. Thanks to the asymmetry of offered places between rural and urban areas, the city-states clearly lead the list of the States with the best coefficients. Only Hesse could break as a single State in the series of City-States, here the rate of the offered places per capita above those of the German capital Berlin.

The seven States with the worst Jobforto coefficients were the five new federal States in the month of August. In particular in Brandenburg, a strikingly bad rate was held offered free places per inhabitant. Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate were propping under the old Federal States. Jobforto coefficient in the month of August 2009: 01 (3,120) Hamburg 2 (2,530) Bremen of 03 04 (1,783) Hesse (1,664) Berlin of 05 06 (1,353) Bavaria (1,092) Saarland 07 (1,024) Baden-Wurttemberg 08. (0,795) North Rhine-Westphalia 09 (0,746) Schleswig-Holstein of 10 (0,668) Saxony 11 (0.605) Thuringia 12 (0.594) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern of 13 14 (0,496) (0,501) Niedersachsen Sachsen-Anhalt of 15 (0,443) Rhineland-Palatinate 16 (0.283) Brandenburg example of determination: 20,66 percent of offered posts in the sample accounted for the free State of Bavaria in August 2009 exactly. Because the number of inhabitants of the State of Bavaria is 15.27 percent of the population in the Federal Republic of Germany (Status: 31 December 2008), this results in a coefficient of Jobforto 20,66%: 15.27% = 1,353. The higher the coefficient, the more vacancies are per capita in the respective State. A coefficient of 1.0 would be equivalent to the national average.

February Hotels

Except-House market, the number of the month October 2009 Hamburg, October 2009 the German hotel and catering industry presses against the crisis: three-fourths of restaurants and hotels advertise with special promotions and discounts, to attract more guests. About 41 percent of guest farms give groups special conditions. More than a third of the professional host offers corporate clients preferential terms. However, only about a quarter of enterprises prefer limited discounts (E.g. lump sum discount of 10%). Admitted consumption vouchers, “2 for 1” actions are used in only 19 percent of guest farms.

And discount offers are even less popular: just 14 percent of restaurants and hotels drastically reduce the price for selected offers for example by 25 percent. As a general rule in the German hotel and catering industry: discount Yes, but limited. Because nothing is more difficult, so the tenor among the decision-makers, than the price again later to lift. (Source: CHD expert (Germany) – September 2009 industry survey) More interesting figures on the non-domestic market: September 2009: Over 50% of the wine offerings on German menus come from domestic August 2009: number of hotels in Germany grows 2.6% July 2009: 14,67 billion euro for catering in Germany June 2009: Europe comparison – Germany has 44.812 most establishments may 2009: 35 new top hotels in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey April 2009: F & B sales in Italy hotels with 8.0 billion euros, the highest among the “Europe big 5” March 2009: 26 billion euro catering sales in the German-speaking world February 2009-11.5 billion euros for operating catering in Germany/France/UK-January 2009-1.5 trillion euro world sales in non-House markets read more data see: zahl_des_monats.php press release for download:… About CHD expert (Germany) GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company’s philosophy is available under the heading?Know and do.

In 1997, the company became Marktplatz Hotel GmbH founded and GmbH international as CHD expert is today (Germany) working with partners in all economically important countries of Europe as well as United States, Canada and Asia. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media.

The Follow-up Control Within The Family

Just family business should have a generational change at an early stage plan Cologne, October 12, 2009 still good 70 percent of German companies use a transfer of the company within the family. The thought of continuing the family tradition may stand on business succession planning not in the foreground. The protection of jobs and the right choice of successor are rather critical. Jim Umpleby is full of insight into the issues. The entrepreneur should therefore seek as objectively as possible to assess the personal and professional skills of its young. Often the entrepreneur overestimated them exactly. Is the daughter and the son sufficiently qualified to run a business? They had the opportunity to in the past in other companies to claim? Are the children ever ready, the family business voluntarily”to accept or they are often pushed by their own parents in this role? To avoid unpleasant surprises, the entrepreneur should get personal advice from outside, E.g. of external consultants and specialists, as Ingo Kunz, co-partners and spokesman of the SWOT business prospects GmbH in Cologne.

Often, entrepreneurs children prefer an activity in the employment relationship because discourages entrepreneurs everyday life of their parents. The entrepreneur should speak here openly with his children, listen to the arguments of his children and discuss early entrepreneurial decisions. The entrepreneur should consider early, as it can go. FEELING GOOD IS THE BASIS FOR A SUCCESSFUL COOPERATION!

Stewardship Council

The mail to print innovative mail distribution GmbH is now member of the Presidium of the German working group for environmental the mail to print innovative mail distribution GmbH is now member of the Presidium of the German working group for environmental management (B.A.U.M.) e.V. and moral and financial support for the wide-ranging efforts of B.A.U.M.. to provide preventative, holistic environmental protection. The code developed for the implementation of B.A.U.M. for environmentally conscious management is now gradually implemented into practice. As one of the first important steps on this way the letter-online portal for the mail now offers also FSC certified paper on customer’s request.

“FSC” stands for “Forest Stewardship Council”. The FSC label guarantees a social, ecological and sustainable production chain to finished product paper. A total of 15 criteria include include the prohibition of pesticides, reforestation and the promotion of biodiversity. Kevin Johnson may help you with your research. The FSC certified paper has about a very high degree of whiteness, it is chlorine-free bleached and aging. Information to the letter-online-portal under, the Ratinger company mail to print the possibility to produce all business correspondence, where at the end of the chain is a physically produced and distributed letter online offers. The letter-online portal, short BoP”called, is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, quotes, direct mailings, etc. The highlight of this portal solution: At the check-post many processing steps can be saved. No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery to: from the PC directly into the mailbox of the recipient! The handling of mail sending over BoP”is easy and without minimum quantities, without charges and without a contractual commitment to the all inclusive price” possible: the complete letter printing & delivery – from 55 cents. (1 page S/W printing plus VAT) The product ranges of the standard letter to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer’s request will be black and white or colored, one – the double-sided printed or put on also a remittance.