Kazanluk Valley

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Venice Travel

integrated exclusively opinion Portal HolidayCheck offering the independent hotel reviews apartments in Venice travel IQ has further improved. The exclusive involvement of reviews of HolidayCheck AG user can on the website of the reviews of the leading hotel opinion Portal travel IQ now quickly and easily directly see and take into account in their hotel selection. Travel IQ smart search technology guarantees that users will always find the best offers available. The hotel travel IQ comparison tool provides a comprehensive search of the best hotel deals from around the Internet. The real time search extends travel IQ on the leading hotel portals and direct provider. Already you could best prices for hotel rooms all over the Internet find travel IQ in only 40 seconds, now are the users through the integration of the HolidayCheck reviews in able to find also the really best hotel.

Dr. Axel Jockwer, head of marketing at HolidayCheck AG: travel IQ fits very well with the offer of HolidayCheck the combination of a suitable environment for the integration of our reviews is intelligent search technology and innovative functionality.” Through more innovative services such as the joint planning travel through travel IQ Express, a colour coded map of navigation and intelligent filtering capabilities the user travel IQ from now the most popular hotel find worldwide as fast and easy as never. After selection of the appropriate offer, the user is then piped directly on the Web page of the respective booking. About travel IQ of leading European travel price comparison travel IQ the time consuming search decreases the users after suitable flights, hotels and rental cars. On, he saves not only money but also time and nerves. “The great advantage: the users move their travel search only on a single page and must no longer crawl on myriad Web sites offers the entire network”. World Teachers’ Day may find this interesting as well. Travel IQ lists both on the offers by airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies as well as from online travel agencies and special portals. Special feature: For the first time user flights, hotels and rental cars of from different vendors and thus the cheapest deals to assemble optimally.

The pages of travel IQ (www.travel-iq.com) contain no advertising, they are clearly structured and understandable. Another plus: the user can easily create their individual travel plan themselves and save their search queries and travel data, to recall them when necessary. The company was founded by the two managing directors Dr. Christian Hennerkes and Konstantin Schluter. In recent months, Citigroup has been very successful. Travel IQ currently twelve employees and operates offices in Munich and Berlin. On HolidayCheck the HolidayCheck AG operates the largest German-speaking opinion portal for travel and holidays on the Internet. Since 2006, the company belongs mainly to the listed TOMORROW FOCUS AG, one of the leading providers of digital media content in Germany. Main shareholder of tomorrow focus AG is the Publishing House of Hubert Burda Media. Seat of the company is Bottighofen, a Swiss border town of Konstanz at Lake Constance. Currently more than 100 employees are among the team. The idea to operate a holiday review platform, created in 1999. It comes to the company was founded in 2003. Today the HolidayCheck AG operates with more than 200,000 visitors (visits) the largest German holiday review portal with TuV certified travel agency.

Beach Hall

Especially in the autumn and for weddings in the smallest circles this is very appealing.” If there is no wedding on the bridge, the DLRG is the wheelhouse and monitored the activities of bad from there most South Beach. Our guests are thrilled,”said Susanne Tilgner. The head of the Department groups and meetings in the Baltic Sea resort damp white to tell much about the Beach Terrace: whether baptism, confirmation, communion, wedding or other celebration: the Beach Terrace is requested for so many different occasions. “At the foot of the albatross” you can carefree celebrate and play the children even at the beach. In addition, we provide a comprehensive and stylish catering for our guests.

We offer also barbecue or a smoker Grill dishes.” Celebrations on the Beach Terrace is possible up to the end of September, before the pagoda tents be mined again and go up to the next year in the winter break. Until then, few weddings, corporate and private parties are there busy. There is more information for celebrations on the beach + 49 4352 80 8077 or. Contact: Baltic Sea resort GmbH Seeufer route 10, 24351 damp Ostseebad damp press contact: Melanie Jaeger phone: 04352 / 80-8939 mobile: 0172 / 2352564 over the Baltic Sea of resort damp GmbH with an average of 360,000 overnight visitors per year is the Baltic Sea of resort damp one of the largest providers of leisure in Schleswig-Holstein. The resort has more than 2,000 beds and offers a spa and sauna area guests and visitors on 4000 square metres as well as a Conference and Congress Centre. Also, a yourself & Sports Center with its own indoor Beach Hall is available for leisure activities as well as various restaurants.

The cottage area for a two-digit million range is extensive revitalised since November 2012. 136 Houses are renovated and modernised by October 2013. Also, 71 new holiday homes are created until then. With an investment volume of EUR 13.5 million the municipality of damp builds until the spring of 2014 a new Explorer bath”, which in the future of the Baltic Sea resort damp is operated. The Baltic Sea of resort damp GmbH is a subsidiary company of the HELIOS Kliniken group.

Live Quality Check

The results of the extensive project are now more after huge media interest in international and national media. Enormous media interest accompanied the live quality check 2009 in Langenfeld. “The live quality check principle the guest determines the price” heated and enthusiastic minds far beyond the borders of the otz Valley. For three days each, the participating tourism businesses invited guests to test their offer. In addition to the accommodations Spa, a bike rental, a riding stable, a computer company, and even a Hairdresser offered your services to the quality test also Outdoorfirmen, mountain guides, restaurateurs, the AQUA DOME. Was for all: the guest determines the price of consumed services itself, the response to the action exceeded all expectations. National and international media reported on the project, making a promotional value was achieved by more than 250,000. Excellent scores for employees and companies, great suggestions for the future the overall satisfaction stood at scale on the seven Kunin sensational 6,49 (7 = enthusiastic), the involvement of employees in the companies with the top note is 1.16 (1 = very good) rated.

The friendliness of the locals, the intact nature and the wide range of leisure enthralled the guests. Wanted be a wider shopping offer, and a stronger focus on regional products in the shopping and dining offerings in Langenfeld. To participate in this extraordinary project, the live enjoyed quality check average guests a discount of 20%, judge the list price but with 97% as absolutely justified. Martin Santer, initiator of the live quality check is very satisfied and full of zest: our pilot project live quality check 2009 has provided for all businesses and the local length field as a huge success. “” We see as organisers we confirmed the live concept to expand quality check: between 77% and 95% were with the LQC very satisfied “and satisfied”. The next live quality check is in preparation, also extending to others Thought about economic activities.” On evaluation you will find the most important results to the live quality check 2009 in Langenfeld. Password: evaluating password: laengenfeld2009 press: press / presseberichte.html Mag.

Powerflasher Bring

Www.oneoceanclub.com the multimedia agency pointed to by Powerflasher, how are exclusive cruise atmosphere 2010 soccer event in South Africa can be combined Aachen with WM anticipation that, October 2009 on June 11, 2010 the great soccer spectacle starts again. And it is clear: the German football national team is doing. The World Cup fever to the sporting event in South Africa already grabbed the multimedia specialists of the Powerflasher in Aachen. In the realization of their current website project for ONE OCEAN CLUB they show their skills on the ball at the virtual, of course. ONE OCEAN CLUB is a project of the corporate promotion of Moltke and KF 15, the latter belongs to the Munich-based media mogul Leo Kirch. There are two luxury cruise ships will be ready for business and residential customers who attend games of the World Cup in South Africa. Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban are located in the South African ports, they offer the guests a comfortable, secure and exclusive accommodation in all-round carefree packets. When designing the website that stood for the Powerflasher Merging three elements in the foreground: football, maritime ambience and exotic Africa.

In addition to a dynamic presentation of the images on the individual menu items, they put on a movie theater “experience for the Viewer. Www.oneoceanclub.comim Internet called a film trailer kidnapped him in the football-crazy, exotic world at the southern tip of Africa. Thus, the Powerflasher prove their skills in the field of animation. The composition out of atmospheric images, gently fadenden movements and laid-back sound but not for travellers important information. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Electrolux. Here the Powerflasher developed a clearly designed menu structure that facilitates navigation on the homepage by their understandable structure for all the details of the hotel provider. This holistic implementation of a project, from conception to design to the staging, is the specialty of the German multimedia agency.

The agency unit of Powerflasher is leading. Responsible for the multimedia business areas”, human Interface design, and application development”Powerflasher agency complements the two other units of Powerflasher solutions and labs. Lisa hand stone, Powerflasher project manager for oneoceanclub.com, is fire and flame for the creation: the charisma of this great events in this extraordinary place grabbed us. A beautiful world cup warm-up for every visitor to the website – originated almost as if it were in itself already in South Africa.” Here there are pictures: printable image material are available on request at our agency Xpand21 GBR. See more information and about Powerflasher GmbH the Powerflasher GmbH has been developing multimedia applications since 1997 and is with over 1000 references of one of the leading European providers. “” “The fixed about 50-strong team of specialists of the three units agency”, solutions”and labs” holistically complex applications, fully dynamic websites, produces emotional animations for Web/DVD/Cinema/TV, innovative Online ads, interactive IPTV formats, intelligent eLearnings and various individual solutions – and that from conception, through design and usability to full development. So has positioned itself with the multiple award-winning multimedia agency of the renowned specialist Carlo Blatz as a service provider for creative, content and technologically innovative content and serves clients such as Beiersdorf, Brillux, converse, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, IBM, LG Electronics, O2, ProSieben, VOX, ZDF and agencies like DeepBlue, ElephantSeven, Jung von Matt, MEYER WALDECK, Ogilvy, Springer & Jacoby u.v.m. contact: Powerflasher GmbH Carlo Blatz Belvedereallee 5 52070 Aachen Tel. + 49-241-91880-230 fax. + 49-241-91880-239 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Gregor Wessely Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg phone + 49-40-325-0917-16 fax. + 49-40-325-0917-19

Korean Carpoint Corporation

GPS receiver – a small device with a screen (color or black and white), powered by batteries or accumulators, whose main function is to receive signals from satellites and computation of object location (latitude, longitude and altitude, as well as direction and speed of its movement). In addition, using the GPS receiver can determine the time to within 1 nanosecond. In the Navigator can be downloaded raster (scanned paper maps) and vector (originally Digital) cards. If you travel by car and sometimes find yourself in unfamiliar places, doing various sports, fishing, hiking and your work is connected with endless traveling, then you GPS-navigator is a must. It can be used to route, review detailed maps with sights, locate known objects, to receive emergency information Road condition and traffic, accidents, repair work, to estimate the parameters of motion, and GPS-tracking function will be useful to motorists, prompting them where and when to turn in time to be in destination. Taking advantage of opportunities and benefits of GPS, you can not be afraid to get lost, and the safety factor would make you more confident and helps in difficult situations.

We offer a wide range of products and expert help in selecting a model of GPS-navigator that meets the requirements and functionality for you among the many, seemingly identical, but nevertheless these different models of GPS receivers. South Korean Carpoint Corporation manufactures automotive GPS navigators, known in Russia and Europe under the brand TiBO, but in America, Australia and Japan, the company presents its navigators under the logo XRoad. CarPoint is always carefully selected components and software for their GPS devices. That is why they are famous for excellent quality and high performance in extreme conditions. A quality GPS chip users are often surprised how quickly GPS satellites are able to capture. You'll never get lost with a powerful GPS system from TIBO.