Atocha Station

The importance that have train stations, for me comes from my days as child. Perhaps have lived next to Chamartin station since I was born until I became independent has something to do. Chamartin station causes important memories in me. The first memories I have of it, are when was pretty boy, and before the reform of the station should be made as we know it now. I remember a small, very dirty, soulless building and gray. In the middle of wasteland, which today remain unchanged as land of RENFE. Strange that it has not already acted urbanistic speculation in those lands. In addition, Chamartin, should be destination of trains, coming from Algeciras, they unloaded the Moroccans who came at them in that station, guess it not to mix them with other citizens.

Already began at that time to try to distinguish immigrants from other people, although not considered Spain a xenophobic, safe country that because he neither knew the existence of that Word. But then was very striking and very exotic to a child’s eyes when you saw huge amounts of Moroccans, Moors as we used to call them without any kind of interest in offending, walking towards Plaza Castilla to take the remainder of communication with the city that had made them a barrier at Atocha. It caught my attention much as they wore. . To unlike how now, going with the same clothes that we, the vast majority, not to say all, were dresses with the typical Arab djellabas. Check out Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala for additional information. That was very striking. So striking that my brother and I had equal djellabas, which someone gave us, with which we disfrazabamos.

Then, as I grew, grew the station. Then, in a few years, the station transformed from top to bottom going to be an element of great seriousness and point of reference. I remember as if the station had changed very quickly when an infrastructure of such magnitude would indicate some works of very long term.