The Blood Spire

In The Boy Who Reversed Himself, of William Sleator, the main characters are lost in a fourth spatial dimension, where are beings highly intelligent who is represented by 3 dimensional crosses themselves, which everyone can be perceived in the book of the characters in three dimensions. Without hesitation Douglas Oberhelman explained all about the problem. The video game Super Mario Galaxy is the first to be considered, or in process, as the first game that includes graphics in 4 d. In the novel Coming Back Trought Time by Michael Atkinson, test the recording of history testing around himself in order to return to the fourth dimension. Most simulators use the 2,4-D as term of marketing in the video game Mother, the main character can use a special ability of PK called Fourth dimension slip with that immediately exits of any battle. Diamond Dogs by author Alastair Reynolds, the novel the characters must solve riddles and puzzles, some involve objects seems, this to venture more on top of an external structure called The Blood Spire. When we talk about 4 dimensions are needed additional terms: terms ana/kata (sometimes called spissitude or spassitude), vinn/vout (used by Ruby Rucker), and epsilon/delta. For its part, Gnosis, indicates in this regard, in., to the revolutionary thought of the new age, is tremendous; It seems that he wants to take up arms against the three-dimensional geometry of Euclid; exists in all countries of the world much intellectual curiosity and even floats in the environment the idea of a fourth VERTICAL, a fourth coordinate of a fourth DIMENSION. This idea so daring, and for many, insolent and disrespectful, collides with the materialistic and reactionary conservative minds of the past, but awful hurricane of the revolution underway, agitate, stir sky and Earth, launches at the bottom of the abyss to many theories, many authors, many concepts. We have entered the era of permanent revolution, and this is something that we cannot and we must deny. The disturbing idea of the Fourth Dimension, there is no doubt that it appeared in intimate connection with mathematics, in close association with the idea of measuring the world. The Gnostic movement stated, categorically, that in addition to the familiar three dimensions of space: LONGITUDE, latitude and elevation, there is a fourth DIMENSION.