TFT Colors

Appeared on the market the Nokia 9300 in 2004, soon attracted the attention of fans of computer technology. Made in the design of the phone-book in its original device may not yield many models of leading manufacturers mobile devices. Phone equipped with a system providing Symbian os 7. Perfectly executed body, crisp lines, ergonomic and compact will bring you a lot of fun. You also can not fail to surprise a color display, palette displays a great variety of colors. There is also a 0.3-megapixel camera, allowing pictures to make quite a decent quality. External TFT-LCD has 65536 colors, 128×128 resolution, and the internal TFT-LCD – 65536 colors with a resolution of 640×200 pixels. Built-in phone memory is 80MB, but if you prefer, you can use flash cards and expand the phone's memory up to 1 gb! There are things that give you the opportunity to even greater convenience to use this phone model: protective film will keep its presentation, to protect the display from scratches and chips, car charger will quickly charge the phone directly into your car, through the data cable is not difficult to connect the Nokia 9300 to a computer, and when the time will pass and the phone is often switched off at the wrong time, will please his new battery and buy a new case. Breathe into your phone a new life!