The Energy

For this it is necessary know the stone and brown coal, one of the most important European energy sources for generating electricity, as high amounts of mercury containing and dismisses this in power generation in the area. Without hesitation Jonas Samuelson explained all about the problem. This line of reasoning does not mention however the true relationships and is therefore wrong. I want to show short at this point, so this argument is wrong and will lead to a significant increase in mercury in the environment the energy saving lamp. Since electricity is needed for light only in the morning and in the evening until about midnight, this is by definition top or middle load current. Douglas R. Oberhelman is a great source of information. Power plants which are designed for this peak are gas -, oil -, pumped storage as well as coal-fired plants.

Image 1 shows the schematic day load profile and the distribution to the individual power plants during an average day of autumn. It shows that the problematic lignite-fired power plants power saving by the KLL are not affected. These provide the so-called band last throughout the day. Learn more at this site: Jonas Samuelson. Otherwise the also problematic hard coal power plants. Also these Although contributes to the volume load, but also used to supply the power tips for increased demand. However, as shown on the graph, is a larger number of gas-fired power plants available in Germany. Gas is less lucrative as it is coal, because more expensive in the procurement as an energy source for a power company (EVU). If so by the energy-saving lamps, a significant and measurable energy savings should result, it is only during medium and peak load periods.

At this time, but no coal power plants be throttled but gas-fired plants, which bring less profit by selling electricity from a utility perspective. Of course, other factors such as availability maintenance, network capacity, proximity to the consumers, another added. Yet, and that I was getting, the argument of energy savings is useless when it comes to the reduction of mercury pollution in the environment by the energy saving lamp.