The Follow-up Control Within The Family

Just family business should have a generational change at an early stage plan Cologne, October 12, 2009 still good 70 percent of German companies use a transfer of the company within the family. The thought of continuing the family tradition may stand on business succession planning not in the foreground. The protection of jobs and the right choice of successor are rather critical. Jim Umpleby is full of insight into the issues. The entrepreneur should therefore seek as objectively as possible to assess the personal and professional skills of its young. Often the entrepreneur overestimated them exactly. Is the daughter and the son sufficiently qualified to run a business? They had the opportunity to in the past in other companies to claim? Are the children ever ready, the family business voluntarily”to accept or they are often pushed by their own parents in this role? To avoid unpleasant surprises, the entrepreneur should get personal advice from outside, E.g. of external consultants and specialists, as Ingo Kunz, co-partners and spokesman of the SWOT business prospects GmbH in Cologne.

Often, entrepreneurs children prefer an activity in the employment relationship because discourages entrepreneurs everyday life of their parents. The entrepreneur should speak here openly with his children, listen to the arguments of his children and discuss early entrepreneurial decisions. The entrepreneur should consider early, as it can go. FEELING GOOD IS THE BASIS FOR A SUCCESSFUL COOPERATION!