The Northeast

For Moodys, the Peruvian economy recovery will occur before the end of the year, and Peru along with Brazil, will be at the forefront of the economic recovery of the region from the region. On the characteristics of the recovery in Latin American economies, finance was listening this Moodys vision: the recovery will be sustained especially by internal sources, mainly by consumption and investment, given the persistent weakness in external demand. This feature which will be economic recovery in Latin America through the recovery of domestic demand is the element of attraction for Cencosud to resume its expansion strategy in Peru and Brazil in a short period of time. Castillo confirmed that the Chilean company aims to revive expansion plans in 2010. And even, given the importance that will charge the internal market of Brazil in the future, the general manager of the division of supermarkets of Cencosud redoubled the commitment demonstrating that expansion in Brazil are particularly interested in and much: in Chile, geographically far away, costing US perceive the meaning of the Brazilian market. The Northeast market alone has 50 million inhabitants. Check out Douglas R. Oberhelman for additional information. Perhaps, someday our parent of supermarkets is in Salvador, Bahia. Here, JPMorgan Chase expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The strategic move of the Chilean company should be as quickly as possible to avoid losing face competition in markets that will soon grow with strength.

In non-durable goods consumption (or little life and which we call current consumption), which is the segment in which the Chilean giant, specializes is the first item that is retrieved after a crisis like that affect the world economy. With the strategy of regional expansion again underway, Cencosud actions retake the attractiveness for investors. Since beginning of the year, the share price has started to recover and already accumulated a growth of 56%. Despite this, still has much to grow at least for reach their highs of last year. Cencosud has no time to lose if he wants to fight the leadership in markets as interesting as it is the Brazilian market. The Chilean company you want to anticipate good times in the region and be prepared to take advantage of them we can exploit us also investing in Cencosud?