The Owners Of Companies

We must change all the time, we must offer all the time something new. And if a company is pointless slow-moving, do not return – it will die. From this perspective, the crisis has a cleansing effect on the business environment. Opens a new chapter of history, where the measure probably will be no binding to the price of oil, but the real competition real struggle for the client. At Howard Schultz you will find additional information. Sometimes it happens that the company has long been profitable, but, nevertheless, fundamentally useful, there is simply incompetent to govern, then they need to replace and bring the situation into compliance. In this sense of all the companies could wish not so much strength (we know how to fight to the death, it’s almost the history of our country), how much flexibility and elasticity. Much more is now dependent on the specific steps and solutions top managers. The fact that they commit actions now do not bring the expected result, annoying the owners and enters into a state of stupor, the company’s employees because the work done a single script called “arranged under the circumstances.”

In a short time at the helm of companies not planning to leave the market, people will demand a completely different nature – the innovators, capable of receiving flexible solutions and think an unusual way. Instead of counting the losses they would undertake the development of a new development strategy. Mergers and acquisitions were a lot of pre-crisis and will have even more now, a number of Companies need money today, but since virtually impossible to get credit – will either have to sell some assets or pay equity interest in, and some smaller companies will simply leave the market. I, as ceo “Shop businesses Delomag, constantly meeting with my customers who buy / sell business, in a conversation topic of the crisis there is almost always what’s interesting for someone crisis is a dead end (both financial and psychological), for other opportunities (to buy depreciating assets, start a business ) and he has actively set out to use this feature. Someone pretends that nothing happened, other requests Board. Click More to learn more. Can not give the recipe for survival of all companies: it may be wise to focus on shorter projects, with a maximum concrete results, it is necessary to look at cost effectiveness and bring them into line with economic realities, are almost always necessary to do everything to preserve the team’s leading experts. Personally for me the crisis – is primarily a time of “growing up” is summing-up, it’s new plans.