The Plant

And now the second news item, as usual, nice: using modern means of farming, from vineyard can beat up to 150% roi. The average cost of cultivating one hectare of vineyard before its fruiting period averages 40-50 uah. This includes costs for all agro-technical procedures for four years – from fertilizer to the bare earth to gather the first harvest. The minimum acceptable yield of the vineyard – 47-50 kg / ha, this is his break-even point. The first harvest (100 kg / ha) as growers argue with experience, can be obtained for the third year after planting the vineyard.

The grape yield has reached the fruiting period may be up to 200 kg / ha or more. How much you need to start to begin, as usual, need to finish – with sales of finished products. It's nothing that any will be no earlier than three or four years will be worse, if nobody then will not want to buy. A case in point is solely to invest in viticulture. Consumer products winegrower – processor, the plant primary winemaking.

With him and then have to negotiate. First, we must figure out what grapes are in the area most in demand. This must be done before planting materials will be purchased, otherwise the money will be thrown to the wind. Find out what kind of land can be made on any plant of the primary winemaking, there may inquire about the purchase prices for grapes, and then is easier to make your choice.