The Principle

I want to share my experiences with the universe. The energy that I induced to create La Guarda de Navarra. Wandering outside the walls of Laguardia, by the known and recommended, walk of El Collado(el collao para los alli residentes), began the afternoon of a hot and grey day in August. Vines were full after veraison to hungry of Sun and hating an extra supply of water that reanimara the fungal activity. It was a warm, soft, wind blowing but annoying. Little by little it would tend to increase his power.

The leaves of the banana trees trembling foreshadowing worse weather conditions. The white roses, they grew wild where walked Don Victor Tapia, feared staying naked and unprotected until the end of the summer. Beside them, halfway between the forgotten picnic area and pergola beams of stone, shady place at the foot of the walls of schools, honeysuckle and Ivy enfold a few cats that seemed to seek refuge from the fallen pine needles. Don Felix, the embarrassment desquiciaba any thoughts and forced head down and squinting. The impenetrable, and fleecy, white clouds were transformed into cluster nimbos. Celestial cauliflowers charged water to point of overflowing. A feeling of hypotension diminished me the vital tone.

Heat at that moment could feel and walk was not light. Every step seemed to occur in a liquid atmosphere. I climbed the stairs of the kiosk, the bust of Samaniego remained unscathed under his permeable iron roof. His vacant stare, suspicious of someone returned it to boot and deposited in a forthcoming municipal trash. Or perhaps it was still inspired by Aesop or La Fontaine creating Fables that nobody would remove from its solid brain. I looked up, a lightning arrestor expected erect any day an incandescent shock was transmitted by the metallic structure and blown it. It was created for this purpose and so far its task had been absolutely sterile. Leaving the fabulist I looked out to the landscape, resting me in a thick trunk. I was hooked with hands on some bushes that aerated a faint aroma of Cypress. Devastating memories, but also risky playground. Suddenly, an explosion was heard. A blinding glare and saw as sparks, flares, they were leaving burning grooves on the lawn. A burning smell invaded environment, while silence leave step to a reparative breeze fresh and moist. I returned from temporary unconsciousness and in my mind floated an obsessive idea. I will live to share with others my pleasant moments, for drinking, exclusively, the best wines and have only friends that deserve the penalty. From that moment was born La Guarda de Navarra, in order to present and disseminate the great wines that, in my, generate excellent sensations. To drink them and enjoy them with good people, where them. And so my friends join me to this wonderful world that is the wine.