The Road

Our store is the right light is driving prices down for the installation of xenon and biksenona, and also offers a new corporate discount program for club clients. You can get the equipment at a discount of up to 20% when you order with our company. Also on November 1, a hot line (495) 799-50-11, on which you can get a full technical advice on all aspects of lighting installation for various car models. Professional installation, of course, installing the right light to be produced in a certified company. Ordering and xenon biksenon with us, you retain your warranty car and get an extra warranty on all work performed and equipment. Extremely high-quality installation at very affordable prices for work and light – a great option for those who care about your car. That it will give you a xenon? – Ability to see much greater portion of the road when you are driving. Immediately after the installation of xenon or biksenona you can not worry about something that does not make out at night taking off the side of the road pedestrians will not notice the time an obstacle on the road, or not be able to react to changing road conditions.

Greater sight range – is the foundation of control, security and the ability to move faster in the dark time of day. – A nice and light emission spectrum. Conventional lamps zheltyaschie quickly cause eye fatigue, whereas pure xenon light makes it possible to remain long at the wheel and at the same time remain vigilant. Except addition, the white spectrum of xenon makes it much better to distinguish between road signs and various parts of the environment, which makes it very convenient to almost all situations. Due to the spectrum of xenon, you can distinguish signs and objects on the road much earlier than usual.

– You know that the guaranteed service life halogen lamp – only 200-500 hours? For xenon or biksenona lamp life is 3,000 hours, which allows you to 4 years is not think about the headlights with normal operation of the vehicle. – Incandescent lamp standard may drop or burn as a result of severe vibration. Even if you only go on perfectly flat roads European level, it is still xenon or biksenon will give you an opportunity to improve resource headlights. – No problems in bad weather. Xenon excellent "breaks through" the fog and rain, does not create a wall of light in front of you and does not interfere with movement. You 'll see the road, not a nice visual effect of light reflection in the droplets. – Low levels of heating. You can forget about complicated cleaning headlights because of tightly stubborn dirt, and not to worry about damage to the glass at contact with water it. Xenon is heated almost negligible, which greatly extends the life of your headlights. – Most economical in comparison with halogen bulbs. Xenon makes it possible to consume much less energy at a substantial increase in the functional characteristics of the headlights. If you have any questions or if you want to order the installation of xenon, simply contact us by phone at (495) 799-50-11. xenon biksenon, installation of xenon