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Other studies have shown similar: a gigabytes of electronic data storage costs while less than one euro, but their search by a lawyer with an appropriate hourly rate in the United States are typically $200 strikes then with $30,000 to beech. Extremely detrimental effect is also only 20 to 50 percent of all important documents are identified for manual crawling of documents. It’s believed that Douglas R. Oberhelman sees a great future in this idea. This shows how important are efficient search and search functions in combination with sophisticated policy for a controlled sorting of erasable data. Flexible, scalable solution with an attractive price/performance ratio here is ZyLAB information management platform, providing she provide management integrated document, content and records. Users can thus distributed capture stored information on efficient and secure way, browse, organize and provide for disclosure purposes.

The platform archive this data, allowing users to benefit from maximum scalability and flexibility open, XML-based, safe and long term. At the same time, it eliminates expensive upgrades. Due to the modular architecture and flexible licensing policy, the solution is adaptable to the specific requirements of companies, law firms and legal departments. For it are unlimited combinations of modules available. With the E-discovery module, for example, IT and legal departments can perform efficiently cost-intensive and time-consuming tasks in case of legal disputes in their own House. The harmony compliance & litigation readiness system in turn supports the creation, maintenance, and policy-compliant selection of millions of dynamic and static files.

Thus, it promotes enterprise-wide corporate governance and ensures minimal disruptions and risks through litigation or regulatory checks. This flexibility is especially for cost control helpful can selecting only needed functions of the platform. Also, different solutions according to the best practices of today’s business needs have been pre-configured. The open, XML-based platform allows for easy integration with many other ERP, BPM – HRM -, database, legal or accounting systems. The support of more than 700 file formats, as well as over 400 languages ensures a complete collection of all data.