Work At Home. Earn Money Online Internet

Earnings on the Internet for surfing. Earnings on the Internet for surfing. Thousands of people every day, give the Internet search engines to the question: "pay online", "temporary work", "work without attachment," "work at home", etc. Probably, almost everyone asked themselves the same question, and thought about how to earn online. These requests are a lot of answers, and many people think that some of them will suit them. So began and I Bux-s or differently – Books. The work consists in the fact that the sponsor site shows you the screen of your monitor third-party resources for which you need to go for an award and not come away with a certain time (usually 30 seconds).

Then you need to enter the "captcha" (the figures in the picture), or simply provide answers. After that, you and calculates your webmoney account. You can then close the window to the site and move to the next. Price is for one viewing about 1-1.5 cent. Number of hits is limited to about 30-50 per day.

Some sponsors offer automatic surfing – display pages in the automatic mode, just run it and forget, everything happens by itself. On After viewing the screen is updated and advertised another website. All done without you, the truth usually pay per view and a half times less than in the manual mode, but you need not spend much time. But you can not open several pages at once, can block the autosurf Books. But this can be avoided by producing surfing in different browsers under different accounts and use other browsers proxy – servers, data on which You can easily find in any search engine. When surfing to put a reliable anti-virus, because the network is present a great variety of dangerous viruses. Engage partners, it would significantly raise your income. Descriptions and addresses of verified Books, please visit Successful surfing. .