Be Smart With Your Money

Surely at this point in the year (with more than half a month of elapsed January), you have set goals that you think meet until end of year. If so, I congratulate you. Of the contrary, I reason that you don’t waste one minute and start plotting targets for each of the areas of your life that this, in this article I want to focus to one not minor issue, which has to do with the financial intelligence. Although the word intelligence often intimidates people, don’t need to be an ACE of the business or an avesado inverter for the NYSE to enjoy a certain degree of financial intelligence acquires is financial intelligence based on focus, effort, determination and above all, desire to Excel, and to be more specific, it requires much study and practice to enhance your financial intelligence, you need to read a lot about financial issues and at the same time, you need to listen to audiobooks, watch videos, attend seminars update, etc, etc, but above all, you need to practice the information you consume if we rely on the fabulous concept of intelligence that Robert Kiyosaki handles, we can say, that intelligence is the ability to quickly understand things, then the financial intelligence is the ability to quickly understand the numbers and financial concepts. Now, as you can get to that level quickly understand the numbers and financial concepts?.

Simply on the basis of much study and lots of practice. The more you read, study and practice, you more amplificaras your mental context, and will have one greater capacity to begin to understand the numbers and concepts, much more quickly. It is said that there are only two types of people in this 21st century,: the quick and the dead. It even speaks of the living and the dead, because you may very well be alive, but thanks to your laziness and indifference, don’t be a contribution to anyone and therefore, your life is limited to endless hours of mediocrity and frustration.

Hunting Day

I reproduce the article written by Caesarius Martin, Hunter and fisherman on this bolg. I believe that their thoughts may be of interest to all Many will remember or have heard that for decades the only hunting activity the nobility practiced it and heads of State, in public estates, else have been the private estates, although many of them were owned by nobility at the time. That exclusivity has been changing and years hunting can practice it any citizen or citizen that you like, and have financial means to pay for the right to hunt cazaworld. The hunting was practiced in municipal land and farms of individuals without paying any rights, free land that we said.

It has changed everything for leases, concessions, and invitations, today hunting is expensive, so the cheapest. I tell you all this because in the last days the General press, some politicians supporting the anti everything, have seized two circumstances to use the activity of hunting and especially to the Hunter, to attack to a monarchy that has been found battered, in my opinion unfairly and especially by using shield hunting media that a thirteen year old child is practicing the shot with a shotgun in 12 mm. or.410 and being accused of Slinky, who want to punish the father and withdraw their weapons permit, because you are missing a few months to meet the age of use and possession of arms in Spain. It is incomprehensible, to meet the age, will want to browse for the title, if it will examine will need to train for the theoretical and practical exam. Where is the crime?, another thing is that there has been an accident, but thats another matter the motorcycling world champion.

Do not have driver’s license do age began to train?, but of course nopertenece nobility. To get the meat, for example, drivers you have to prepare yourself before, I say. Later appears the injury of S.M. The King, from a safari and the press and left-wing politicians see the occasion of vapulear the monarch and his family. The Ecologists from the ancient Adena today WWF/Spain removed him as Honorary President. All these barbarians and opportunistic ask them do you enterais now, in 2012 than S.M.? The King is Hunter, practice sailing and likes snow, among other outdoor activities? Personalities of hunting (Judge Garzon, Minister of Interior, the monarch) that go to large farms is an honor for international operators because the magnates were added to be where were the illustrious people like Juan Carlos I, Prince Charles or the monarchs of Monaco, our King is the best Ambassador we have in Spain, that has to fix the mistakes of the political class that we have, from the Crown of thorns in Morocco, the 23F left side do not tell me that I am?, to the famous why do not you shut up?.When they attacked a Spanish politician and the President of the moment was not able to defend it and thousand situations.That is what they have to see these majority of three fourth not the Hunter, sailor and skier. A person with a huge greatness, who has not stolen as some politicians to pay their whims, not cheating as most politicians, who always goes with the truth ahead. Why not maybe Hunter?

His Government

Power, axis of human actions, can be represented in its maximum expression in our country Mexico during the Government of Jose de Cruz Porfirio Diaz Mori, best known as the Porfiriato. During his dictatorship the power that had at its disposal surpassed the mandates of the legislative and judicial branches. However it was thanks to that same arbitrariness that the President could coordinate Mexican efforts to first create a development at the national level, as well as the State became the main promoter of the social development of the country at that time. His Government was characterized by the strengthening of the national power through a transformation of this power in his person and submission by will or force, of all the elements with disagreements on this regime. The tactic that Porfirio Diaz mainly used was to manage the investment of foreign capital in the country to which answered many American and French businessmen. We still suffer the consequences of those agreements that Mexico still continues to be dependent on foreign investment.

While the Mexican economy was raised during his dictatorship, the benefits not were divided equally since there was a situation of extreme indigenous exploitation in the country. It was for this reason that in the year of 1910 the Mexican Revolution broke out, was the rebellion of the people in search of any reform of the private property since the distribution of land had the profile of despotism. It began as a popular movement that was transformed into a social movement. It was during the Government of Carranza who instituted a new Constitution which validated over the rights of indigenous minorities, which at that time were not so few, and also contained various reforms to facilitate the work of the representative power above the legislative and the judicial. Several of the reforms which included this Constitution were in relations between workers and the patterns, which were written in article 123 while educational and agrarian reforms that were published in articles 3 and 27.

Eduardo Galeano

Obama is the President, but does not govern, is just a piece of decoration and realistic in the White House. The U.S. State Department, supports unconditionally these sad characters Latin American right, as it is Mr Micheletti in Honduras, who is marked by his own army Honduran keep dealings with large Colombian traffickers. The document signed by the Colonel of infantry Rene Adalberto peace Alfaro and bearing the letterhead of the Ministry, noted in the SN-FF number. AA 060, ROBERTO MICHELLETI BAIN with the error of ortografo in Micheletti with connection to Cartel of Cali and under the place the Yoro Word mention. It becomes urgent, Eduardo Galeano, start again, interpret from his exegesis of writer and journalist, the world upside down, to start to analyze and discuss on the streets, with the people, the political facts that from the twisted vision of the logic of the U.S. out. Department of State, want us to see as the official history of the victors. The interpretation of Eduardo Galeano, is necessary so that we continue not recognizing how positive the terrorist acts and genocidal, that the United States and its allies, they have committed around the world against the peoples, historically cataloging them also by the strength of the major media, as necessary.

So from the popular groups of the liberation theology, in which we train in different churches, we learned to study the world from the other side of the story, echoing the expression of Galeano. Since the 1970s the popular base of the Protestant and Catholic churches groups, announced the need to see the world from another point of view different from that which had created us from the centers of power and capitalist view. All this psychotic dissociation, makes me remember those words of the psalmist in the Bible: their expressions of hatred around me; attack me without reason! In exchange for my love, attack me; but I make prayer.Paid me evil for good, and in return for my love, hate me. (Psalm 109: 3 to 6.) Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera. September 17, 2009.

Energy Drinks

An energy drink is a drink without alcohol and with some supposed stimulating virtues offered by the consumer (regenerative fatigue and exhaustion, as well as enhance mental ability and detoxify the body.) They are mainly composed by caffeine, various vitamins, carbohydrates and other organic substances, which eliminate the feeling of exhaustion of the person who consumes them. They should not be confused with re-hidratantes drinks or with another type of beverages such as soft drinks, many times people confuse them and consume them as such, inadvertently account containing high doses of caffeine which can produce dependence. Part of the feeling of wellbeing produced by energy drinks is because of the action of psychoactive substances such as caffeine, an alkaloid that acts on the central nervous system and inhibits the neurotransmitters responsible for transmitting feelings of tiredness and sleep. Caffeine, increase the extracellular levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in front pre in the brain cortex, which It explains its favorable effects on concentration. These drinks do not really eliminate muscle fatigue or exhaustion in general, only make temporarily, therefore, once its effect, just it appears a feeling of decay. With continued use, people become accustomed to this kind of products, falling into the abuse of psychoactive substances that may bring negative consequences for health. Some of these drinks have more caffeine than a cup of 80 ml of espresso coffee.

The consumption of energizing drinks among young people has been increasing, they take them to stay awake, pay more, have greater resistance to a sport, lose weight, for fun, without knowing the enormous risks that these beverages have health. We have to warn of the dangers of excessive consumption, among them we can highlight: redness of the face. Vomiting tachycardias.

Frees Your Negative Energy And Connect With Your Potential Love Part 2

Summary: We had seen two important steps to release negative energy in part 1. The first step is: be in contact with nature every day, this exercise generates us peace and harmony. The second step is: exercising ourselves in the process of accepting people, situations and circumstances as they arise, this puts us under the liberating power to let go and let it work. In this article I present the last two steps of how mental and physical health, you can free yourself from that negative burden so heavy that affects you and as you do with your potential love connection: 3. discovering the principle of opportunity most humans spend huge amounts of energy looking to blame for our problems or situations of conflict, among them ourselves. Do we have consumers internal dialogues such as energy: why didn’t say this?, why not act in this way?.

If you’re going through a situation that you interpret as of conflict, Discover the principle of opportunity, this principle on the basis that any relationship I have at the moment with anyone is exactly that I need. This is so important that I have to repeat: any relationship I have at the moment with anyone is exactly that I need because that person brings with it a learning for me, even if that person does not know and each learning must be received as an opportunity in my evolution and development. Because those people who are willing to learn from their circumstances, those people who discover the opportunity behind the problems they can go from: miserable sinners to 4 teachers. Produces energy: Amate yourself! Human beings, especially women think we love more to others than yourself. Many people think that it is selfish to love herself, others think that while most love to others, they then love them as a result and others which are not few, criticizing those who love himself. But What happens if you do not love me to myself?, what if I love more than neighbor to me? When I love more to others than myself, what I’m really doing is retaining power and creating a time bomb, which will explode in my face at some point, because access to everything and everyone, I am denying me my right to be loved and respected as a person, with my tastes and the things that make me happy to my. If you love a person means sacrifice: time, money, values, interests, career and everything what my makes me happy. Lo_que I’m really doing two things: to) I’m consuming my energy for the benefit of another person, I’m not leaving the energy flow, because that is the intelligence of nature, I am part of it, and that eventually will make me feel a person frustrated, unsuccessful or bad temper. B) I am denying the opportunity to another person, that will generate and produce their own energy and let it shine as the human being is. Recalls that the next time you feel that you missing energy, you stop a moment and meditate situation or thought you are stagnating and consuming all your energy, because that depends on you physical and mental health. And remember that you can always return to recharge your energy and your strength under the promise of: quiet down and looks that I am thy God with love and blessings, Teresa Ruiz Pedersen