Rope Check

First of all, make sure that the axis of the carriage, connecting rods, as the left and right are not "Backlash". Cables switching speeds have the same tendency to wear that and brake cables. However, the main cause of attrition ropes, and thus reduce the reliability of the whole bike in general is incorrect adjustment mechanism for changing gear. Therefore, you should conduct health check switches speeds, trying to switch to all stars. If the chain jumps from extreme stars jerks or jumps, you should adjust the switch mechanism. When switching speeds – change must be carried out instantly and without grinding. And finally, check the reliability of fastening seat and steering wheel.

It should not be too tight, tighten the bolts enough to seat or steering wheel does not rotate at not too much effort. If the brakes are adjusted correctly, the full braking is carried out even at lever brakes just before the middle of its full speed. If it is not – it's a malfunction. Even in the case when the brakes are adjusted correctly, you should pay attention to brake pads. They should not have signs of wear, be free of potholes and have a gap between the rim and pads, at least 1 millimeter. Brake cables are usually worn in places of tension rope and mounting points. Make sure that these places are in the rope normal state. Also check the tension of the rope – it should be tight without excessive tightness, but without sagging.

Tarot Cards

The world in the Tarot cards one of the secrets better received in tarot Chuck is the world. It is a fascinating deck, of a profound meaning, which is evident in the rich symbolism which it is expressed. The world characterized the final gateway, the consummation of the union of conscious or unconscious, the mind and body. Estracta the arrival of the person to a level of higher existence, where the ventura is a product of the harmony between the spiritual desires and material reality. It means the conciseness of a cycle. It speaks to us of immortality, which was reached thanks to the development of the self, personal maturity product of lived experiences. For starters, we can see four figures that framed the central image of the Ethereal woman.

Del toro implies mastery of the subject, the lion is the master of energy, Eagle has managed to control the time, and man manages the space. The union of these four units leads to control of the universe of things in our universe. The image of the central woman that seems to float in the air has in each hand a wand, similar to the magician. In this case, represented by the wands duplicity means progress in the control of the power and energy, controlling the positive and the negative of each thing. Without a doubt, says that the world is at the feet of the consultant leaving disclosed this letter, bringing good news.

But this victory is not a random, unlike the achievements made through the wheel of fortune, but that is a product of the actions carried out in the past. The victory comes as a result of a more or less long series of actions that the person has been doing throughout his life, and has been woven, like a living tissue with learning that the individual has been getting along the way. It is clear then that this arcane of the tarot marks the beginning of a new era, of a new stage in the life of the consultant. But, be careful. The world speaks of a triumph in the material, the concretion of material desires. It remains in the hands who consults to combine his inner world with the outer reality with harmony and happiness. Who achieves this delicate Alchemy You can call winner.

Rubalcaba Become Alfredo

It reveals that before the Federal Committee, the President of the Junta de Andalucia already had shown him unequivocally their support. Meets with thousand militants of the Andalusian Socialist Party to hear their proposals. Search for props and ideas for future political programme of primary candidate. The first Vice-President of the Government, Interior Minister and likely socialist candidate to the Executive Presidency in the forthcoming general elections, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has wanted to make it clear in Seville that he has always felt very loved and appreciated by the PSOE and that, in fact, its general Secretary and Chairman of the Board, Jose Antonio Grinan, already showed him, before the meeting of the Federal Committee, unequivocally their support. Perez Rubalcaba has started in Seville with a meeting with more than a thousand militants of the PSOE its round of contacts with the party cadres in the face to the open process for the election of the candidate for the Presidency of the Government in the forthcoming general elections.

In said encounter, has been behind closed doors, he has been accompanied by Jose Antonio Grinan and members of the Regional Executive of the PSOE. Asked about if it has always had clear support from Jose Antonio Grinan that he chose to succeed Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero as candidate, Perez Rubalcaba has expressed strongly has it absolutely clear. Supported by fact Grinan, has revealed that prior to the meeting of the Federal Committee that endorsed him as a candidate in the primaries, spoke with very few people, one of them Jose Antonio Grinan, with whom he discussed this subject thoroughly taking into account their triple status as Secretary general of the PSOE, Chairman of the Board and as a friend. With respect to the fact that the meeting with militants has been behind closed doors, Rubalcaba said in these meetings has no intention to talk, but to listen to activists, which in all likelihood will be expressed with more ease and freedom if they are behind closed doors. For the militants am Rubalcaba and I want to spend to be Alfredo, has sentenced to time which has justified that you have chosen Seville that is MP for a constituency Andalucian, Cadiz, and in that has always felt very loved by all members of the Andalusian PSOE, which is the most important Federation of Spain. I hope the strength of the South after insist that has always felt very well Treaty and wanted by militants of the Andalusian PSOE, indicated that now waiting for them force.

I hope the strength of the South, the most important Federation, which justifies their election results in its history, that move me, who communicated it to me, that pay me, has expressed. Perez Rubalcaba said that these encounters with the party cadres, it intended to soak up what the militants feel, what moves them citizenship and, above all, thank you for the work that always perform to dnder Socialist policies in complicated situations. Also, has estimated that reflection has to be born a political project to recover the confidence of the Spaniards in the forthcoming general elections. In his view, one of the objectives of the Conference policy must be bring solutions to problems such as unemployment. Source of the news: “I’m Rubalcaba and want to become Alfredo for militants”

Newspapers With Pins

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-one by one, the large printed newspapers in the United States have fallen victims of the migration of advertising to the internet and the global financial crisis. They have closed ancient newspaper dating back to 1860 and its permanence is on-line, such as the Seattle Post Intelligence and speaks of the San Francisco Chronicle to follow that same path. The closure of newspapers in United States is catastrophic and there are thousands of journalists, photographers, collaborators and employees who have been left without employment. In the case of Mexico, in the paradox, there have been closures of newspapers as those that occurred after the 1995 crisis. But most of the national newspapers called are with pins in the publishing market, inert before the barrage of the internet. In Monterrey, some newspapers do not have nor page on the network while the leader, El Norte, merges sections. Since 1995 it did not retrieve new sections cancelled by the crisis and the difficult situation is now clearer.

In the corners busiest in the Monterrey Metropolitan sold the North and gives the Metro. The battle is uneven: the local newspaper costs more in their manufacturing than the retail price, but compensates with advertising: the global free newspaper has capital from abroad and struggling to gain advertising contracts in a war of survival with multiple battle fronts. The printings of print media in Monterrey are short given the size of the Monterrey city; without being a master of marketing, it is easy to detect the situation at any convenience store. At eight in the evening is the newspaper RYA North and Millennium: other media have diluted presence. A person arrives at the convenience store, observes the covers and by 15 pesos buy a hot dog that has as a promotion a drink free.

There is hunger for eating, and little to read, is the lesson that leaves the current economic situation. But in this editorial war of survival, will be the exclusivity, design and promotion media guerrilla in the search for readers what will make the difference. If you close a newspaper between 400 and 150 thousand copies daily in the United States, what is expected in Mexico and Monterrey?. Question of remembering the closure of El Tiempo and more news in 1984, the rostrum of Monterrey in 1995 or recently word of Saltillo, on December 3, 2008.