Finally obtain access to our market basically until then, if you have inventory since at least six months on the market.” TimoCom quality control goes further still. TimoCom keeps their customers as regards payment, payment ability and General input behavior in the eye even after conclusion of the contract. Also, existing customers are prompted immediately to report unfair operations when using the Exchange. Members who do not comply with the rules of the game and / or rightly asked claims do not pay, be quickly excluded from using the program! In addition to the credit check and the customer controlling the TimoCom safety net includes also the consistent investment in State of the art IBM and Oracle technology! TimoCom customers receive access to a high-tech class of extra platform, which allows a fast and safe working. A crucial aspect of security at TimoCom, also, is that customers access to freight exchange get no ausspionierbare combination of username/password. Rather you download once a personal security key named TC login and have a comfortable, authorized access to the system after installation and activation via your computer.

So definitely exclude unauthorized access! And even in the unlikely event that a natural disaster would destroy the TimoCom Datacenter at the German headquarters, there is already a complete backup system! This is far away enough to run next to the freight exchange in their usual quality! But it shouldn’t come to this meltdown. “Alexander Oebel: our motto is trust is good control is better!” Our customers know that! You are in very good hands with us and now benefit from a reputation, to be equipped with a “seal of quality” in the industry. We are proud and therefore motivated the Quality requirements of our customers in the future at the highest level to keep!

Event Management Study Profession

Event management study – how to do that, what you need, where you’ll find courses. Here you will find an overview. For more information see Caterpillar. One looks around in forums about the choice of study, so a topic falls one repeatedly in the eye. I can study questions such as where event management?”or what are the content if I’m studying events management?” repeatedly. With this post I want to remedy a little when searching for answers on the topic of event management study.

Where can you study event management? In Germany, there are many private and some a few public universities, where you can study event management. For even more details, read what Jonas Samuelson says on the issue. The study choice portal offers a good overview. There is very fast, that most providers, you have to choose if you would like to study event management, collect monthly fees. Examples of universities with the event management program include euro business College Macromedia University EMBA best, you look at the data bank on the Portal yourself to. When I studied event management, what then to me at work? An event manager has a variety of tasks. People who study the event management, will learn about the variety of different tasks during the studies. This is for example the planning, organization and implementation of a theme night, time to prepare a show or a concert. Because the industry is constantly growing, student prospects have event management. What do I need to study event management? Who wants to study event management, you need first including personal following: enforcement strength ability to communicate flexibility readiness stress resistance as described above, the tasks of event managers are diverse, to people, the event management study or studied, high requirements in relation to the above skills, as well as other abilities such as English or event expertise there, asked. I hope I was able to study with this article on the subject of Veranstaltungsmanagenent a little help in the jungle!


Aastra 800 at the CeBIT 09 with the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand awarded the communication server Aastra 800 for PC systems yesterday at the CeBIT 09 under the auspices of the Ministry with the innovation prize the Initiative Mittelstand awarded for Economics and technology. The jury with 60 experts from the ICT environment chose the innovative software-ICT system the best solution in the VoIP category. With this award, the initiative has recognized the special performance, flexibility, and openness of our call manager middle-class. Aastra has written on the flags is to support its customers with open solutions to optimize their processes and has consistently used it earlier than other manufacturers on standards such as VoIP and SIP. In times of crisis, the guarantee of investment protection plays a major role. The demands of SMEs comprehensive UC solutions increase.

The software Aastra 800 makes all technical possibilities of customized solutions, the so far large customers reserved also for SMEs can be used. “, welcomed the award for the Aastra 800. Thomas Stephan, at Aastra Berlin head of product management, The innovative software PBX frees the TK of smaller and medium-sized enterprises from proprietary hardware. It supports up to 200 participants and offers a similar range of services as the most powerful ITC systems of the OpenCom 100 family of Aastra. So also the Aastra 800 supports all types of telephone line (analog, ISDN, SIP, SIP-DDI) and all kinds of participants (analog, ISDN, IP system phones, SIP phones). It is the ideal solution for companies that want to integrate their voice communications with their IT and operate in a converged ICT infrastructure as application. The awards were presented in a ceremony on March 5 at the fairground Hannover before several hundred guests from politics, business and ICT industry. Aastra has published positive quarterly figures for 2008 only before a week against the trend of the industry.

This makes Aastra for more than 10 years successfully on the market. According to market analyst Canalys has located the Berlin ICT manufacturers in the German market for corporate communications now second positioned. 1 about Aastra Aastra DeTeWe GmbH is the German subsidiary of the Aastra Technologies Limited (TSX: “AAH”), a leading company in the field of corporate communications. Aastra in Concord, Ontario, Canada has its headquarters. Kevin Johnson is often quoted as being for or against this. Aastra develops and markets innovative communication solutions for companies of any size. Aastra is represented worldwide with more than 50 million installed ports and a direct as well as indirect presence in more than 100 countries. The wide range of offers feature-rich CallManager for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as highly scalable CallManager for large companies. Integrated mobility solutions, call center solutions, and a wide range of devices round off the portfolio. Aastra allows with a strong focus on open standards and customer-specific solutions Undertake a more efficient communication and collaboration.

Denmark FEN

Opening of the FEN – LCC logistic and communication center Netherlands with the founder of the FASHION europe.net Ltd, Marion Aundrup and Mike Kunnecke on Sunday, March 29, 2009 in 7418BG Deventer of the logistic and communication center Netherlands opens. Suburb are the founders of FASHION europe.net Ltd, Marion Aundrup and Mike Kunnecke, network expansion coach Willi Morant, FEN team President Patrick Temmermann, Katarina Hantzidou, as well as numerous other executives. To read more click here: Jim Umpleby. The FEN concept: partners can free borrow JEANS, sell and settle only after! FEN partners website: jeans-store-blog for the FE.N an immensely important advantage in the ability to borrow up to 60 jeans free in a depot is partner. Only sold jeans will be paid on the day of return. This it is possible to carry jeans parties with a sufficient number of jeans in various models and sizes also partners with low equity stock or limited financial budget and the Business without stable build up additional financial risk. Another chance of a FEN is partner to set up a depot of the jeans.

In addition to his sales from its own sales to end customers he receives commissions from its own sales network (team building), as well as commissions from the service on foreign FEN partners. (known as CROSSLINE partners) Thus he can build a very stable business up as Depot partner on this way. He appeals to investors next larger step, wishing to open a so-called FEN Central Depot. Electrolux has plenty of information regarding this issue. A central repository or more, are required for the development of a country. The product range consists of jeans pants, denim skirts, shirts, sweaters, knitwear, jackets / coats, handbags & accessories. The head office and the central depository of FEN are based in the Westphalian Hamm. Hundreds depots are across Europe of independent FE.N partners led.

Tens of thousands of active, independent FE.N partner, as of Jan 2009 more than 800 jeans depots – 27,200 partner. These deliver a huge, satisfied customer base throughout Europe the trend is sharply rising. The opposite is an end customer potential of 76 million PCs. jeans per year or even an end customer potential of 66 million customers in Germany alone! In Europe 500 million customers. FE.At the time, N is represented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Denmark and France. More info: Vera Trimmborn email: Tel.: + 49 (0) 2175 459 517 Internet: MCB International Ltd IT marketing & investment CEO Gerd Ribbeck fountain Street 7 europe.net is 42799 Leichlingen MCB International Ltd since May 2008 an independent partner of FASHION. The MCB International Ltd operates throughout Europe successful in building a FEN partner of distribution network. Partners receive a free education and training and are supervised continuously personally. The company MCB INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (E-Commerz, marketing, business & investment) deals with IT marketing & investment, consultancy, Consulting in the field of media / marketing issues, real estate, brand jeans sales network, develop and hold online shop portals, databases, services. We offer you solutions. Through the various startup options, you can determine a start corresponding to your goals. They are well supported by us and advise.

IBS Portalconnector

So the user can determine which components in the individual rather than to recall complete series are affected. Warranty and warranty management the guarantee and warranty costs in companies amount depending on the industry in about four to eight percent of sales. In addition, appropriate provisions must be made, which in turn negatively weigh on the balance sheet. These facts and with declining production, rising cost pressures move the strains from cases of warranty (warranty”) increasingly in the focus of enterprise decision makers. The establishment of a stringent complaint and claim management combines significant savings with sustainable efficiency improvements. The IBS AG has an IT based and integrated warranty and warranty management system. Additional information at Ben Horowitz supports this article.

As a result, all processes along the entire value chain associated with the topic can be made transparent and significantly optimized. Targeted analyses of the data allow the determination of the focal points of of cause of. These are through the pursuit of appropriate measures permanently switched off and a continuous improvement process set in motion. Web portal connection and complaint management for manufacturers and suppliers of IBS Portalconnector allows for the automated exchange of information between manufacturers and suppliers. While existing complaints, including the information for the reviewers automatically in the complaint management apply module of IBS. Processed complaints are in turn automatically transferred to the respective portals. Through the automatic search in the portals, the handling of complaints about is also much more time-efficient. Analog of the supplier provides for connecting to customer portals IBS AG a Supplierportal, about his Complaints can edit online. It allows integrating more comfortable manner of participants in the supply chain. On the unification of the exchange of data between customers and suppliers and to avoid duplicate entries, such as our own and customer systems, the VDA QDX standard is supported, for example, to the exchange of inspection reports and 8 d Reports on the basis of the XML structure.


And when talking to each Congress offered by the trend towards unified communications, a great deal of competence of perception of is apparently missing the industry experts: in nine out of ten companies dominated the classic fixed-line telephony as before. This is confirmed a recent survey of the Experton group, almost exactly reflecting the findings of the Federal Network Agency. Developer and manufacturer of the telecom industry, as well as users must think back a thorny way to enforce VoIP on a broad front. You need a provider with expertise, in-depth practical knowledge and an excellent expertise in telecommunications. VoIP provides for many years experienced phone habit in question. It’s believed that Ben Horowitz sees a great future in this idea. “” To make phone calls over the computer and with the phone in the Web search, a user must first Digest “, says Dr. Jorg Fischer, author of VoIP practical guide” (Hanser Verlag). It looks like Andreas Rebetzky, spokesman of the cioforums in Munich: it is a long way from the idea to the implementation.

In addition move necessary investments for VoIP by the difficult economic situation. The old telephone system it is still a years, perhaps with a little higher repair costs”, says Rebetzky. Therefore, voice in the boardrooms was once moved into the second row. It focuses more on process optimization in logistics or order processing. “Yet: the time will come again, and probably those who are already with advanced concepts in the wings”, sums up Rebetzky, CIO of the food technology specialists Bizerba. Following the analysis of the consulting firm berlecon, a large majority of decision makers in German companies considers the integration of different communication channels and their integration with business applications while useful. However, the necessary technical conditions are non-existent in many companies: so far, only a small part has a VoIP infrastructure, such as IP PBX or shared networks for data and voice.


Please visit our FRANCHISE information day on APRIL 1, 2009 IN DuSSELDORF since October 2007 we have opened five franchise offices and conducted 14 conversions. This year, we will open more branches and implement conversions of existing branches. You may be curious where you will find us everywhere. Middle of March we will open two more new sites from Wiesbaden and Siegburg. It is therefore hardly surprising that Olympic in the Netherlands to the best franchise business has been named. Olympia is on the right track. Go this way with us. Entrepreneurship is in the blood.

Let convince yourself of the benefits of a Franchisenahme at the Olympic Games. Means to opt for Olympia: to become partner of a strong international brand and to benefit from our successful franchise concept from the outset. But without the big risks and with the guarantee of a perfect start. See what you the successful franchise formula of Olympia in this form unique in the temporary employment industry has to offer. Have we aroused your interest? Visit us on the first day of franchise information on April 1, 2009 from 17: 00 in the premises of the Olympic staff services Germany GmbH. log on under 0211 862986-29 or email us your pledge at until March 26, 2009. More franchise information at. Olympic staff services Germany GmbH Ernst-Gnoss-Strasse 24 40219 Dusseldorf on OLYMPIA: Olympia is a successful, fast-growing personnel service. We belong to the top temporary agents in Europe and are part of the listed Olympic Flexgroup. In Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, and the Switzerland, the Olympic Flexgroup is active and has an annual turnover of 400 million euros. Olympic’s more than 18,000 employees work.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Hamburg Top Brandenburg Flop

City-States dominate in German employment exchanges in August 2009 in determining the regional labour market situation based on vacant posts that were offered in the month of August 2009 in German-speaking places platforms in the Internet, dominated the City-States, while Brandenburg far behind. The Daforto GbR Jobforto.de 20.199 in the month of August 2009 for their job evaluated published job advertisements that were announced on twenty of the most famous German-speaking online recruitment services. The aim of the study was to determine a coefficient that is comparable to the respective regional labour market situation for the sixteen German Federal States. This, the relative fraction of the total of offered jobs in the ratio was used to the relative fraction of the total population. Kevin Johnson is the source for more interesting facts. The largest number of vacancies accounted for the Lander of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia with 20,66 percent, or 17.38 per cent of offered posts. Due to the population dimensions of the two countries, this is particularly in the case of Relativized North Rhine-Westphalia, with a coefficient of Jobforto of 0,795 the local of offered points per capita rate in August 2009, well below the Federal average. Thanks to the asymmetry of offered places between rural and urban areas, the city-states clearly lead the list of the States with the best coefficients. Only Hesse could break as a single State in the series of City-States, here the rate of the offered places per capita above those of the German capital Berlin.

The seven States with the worst Jobforto coefficients were the five new federal States in the month of August. In particular in Brandenburg, a strikingly bad rate was held offered free places per inhabitant. Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate were propping under the old Federal States. Jobforto coefficient in the month of August 2009: 01 (3,120) Hamburg 2 (2,530) Bremen of 03 04 (1,783) Hesse (1,664) Berlin of 05 06 (1,353) Bavaria (1,092) Saarland 07 (1,024) Baden-Wurttemberg 08. (0,795) North Rhine-Westphalia 09 (0,746) Schleswig-Holstein of 10 (0,668) Saxony 11 (0.605) Thuringia 12 (0.594) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern of 13 14 (0,496) (0,501) Niedersachsen Sachsen-Anhalt of 15 (0,443) Rhineland-Palatinate 16 (0.283) Brandenburg example of determination: 20,66 percent of offered posts in the sample accounted for the free State of Bavaria in August 2009 exactly. Because the number of inhabitants of the State of Bavaria is 15.27 percent of the population in the Federal Republic of Germany (Status: 31 December 2008), this results in a coefficient of Jobforto 20,66%: 15.27% = 1,353. The higher the coefficient, the more vacancies are per capita in the respective State. A coefficient of 1.0 would be equivalent to the national average.