The ability to transmit the knowledge to people who listen to us, and this transfer should be as effective and for this we have specific programs that we facilitate the development of such layers, providing different nuances in style, size, color, movement, etc. without proper planning of the presentation that we make we can not fulfill the stated objectives. First, it is very important to plan the presentation that we will do, ie keep in mind what we want to address the issue and pinpoint the main idea we want to transmit, then point out the high ideas of the topic. It is very important to identify the type of audience that we’re going to run, because depending on that use different techniques of expression. Security in what we are saying is a determining factor as this shows the management that we have the issue. Before the presentation is recommended make an outline of what we will explain in a didactic way, which can be done using a technique called mind mapping, through which we can summarize in outline form the highlights of our discussion. One aspect that we can not neglect is the auditorium in which we will make the presentation which should be spacious, ventilated with adequate lighting, because you have to ensure that listeners are as comfortable as possible. Likewise, it is necessary to know the rules of where we will expose as many have computer service, coffee break, hostesses etc., It is important to keep in mind these details because they can save us valuable time.

According to experts in the field of oral presentations, if you use plates, they should not move from ten, and duration of exposure should take no more than 20 minutes, so in order not to tire the listeners, because if we clear the concepts we want to convey is an ideal time to do so. If the filing is extended a little longer, we can use the remaining time for the round of questions and answers. The size of the letter which we wrote the plates should not exceed 30, because if the letter is too large, you can see the heavy work, and we must not forget that we must only put blades tips, ie points suggest the idea that we are discussing. You can use the special effects in the display, which attracts the attention of listeners and makes the presentation more dynamic. The last point is we should not ever do we make an exhibition and reading the contents of the plates, this in addition to being of rudeness towards the listeners showed a lack of knowledge of the subject by the exhibitor, as well can make the submission completed more quickly than expected, considering that after our discussion might come again, and times are often measured. Most importantly, prepare in advance, driving perfectly content and display a certain attitude at all times.

Historical Events

Because it is silly to try to deny that there was the Inquisition, the Holocaust, the genocide of American Indians by men who colonized the United States. The historical truths can not legislate on the basis of opinions without historical foundation and demonstrated, for everyone for us to say what is most appropriate at the time. But it is important to take the pen every day to entertain, teach, and brothers and sisters of people around the world, without distinction of race, sex, religion … It is not something Gary Bonds would like to discuss. Knowing how and when to anticipate newsworthy events. Try to not lie, the more one would in two very specific cases: a) to save the life of a human being and b) to praise Beauty Women. William Faulkner wrote that consensus to become a good journalist-writer, “ninety-nine percent of talent, ninety-nine percent of discipline and ninety-nine percent of works only . And this is true as a temple. Electric cars shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We must polish by a “in politics as a faithful distribution of ” not to show through the world of God …

completely malnourished bodies walking toward death … a his is our consumer society in which we are immersed and blind with eyes that see. Endera is open to suggestions. But, hoping a change of course “to change the course of our lives ” continue enriching the oil of the Arabs / Muslims. But the United States, which have created “a unilateral world mistakenly ” finally are realizing that they have nothing to do in Iraq. During 2006 we have made millstones commune with the countries of the rest of the Earth, getting involved in a journey of no return … with dark overtones and dark in order to retrieve a new world order.

Information Security

The goal of the mission is the whole process of collecting information, referral of the same in areas of strategic decisions in the command structure and final decision-making process that will allow anyone with the domain of information to obtain privileged positions and the victory of the mission. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, (in the near future) who gets the win victory without fighting battles, or at least no human casualties. What weapons will be used (and are beginning to use the “cyberwar”)? Perhaps the most powerful are the guns HERF (High Energy Radio Frequency) with which communication is left to the opponent causing the isolation of command with his troops. The sensor principle states that priority should be removed or destroyed the sensors (satellites or radar or optical mechanisms that allow viewing the combat area). Van Eck radiation.

It is a very low level radiation emitted all electronic equipment. This may be monitored, which is known as Tempest and have the information that for example, emits a computer. Cryptography / cryptanalysis. Despite the significant development of cryptography, cryptanalysis will remain important, also supported by the significant progress of computer systems. Spoofing / Authentication. Spoofing is sending false signals. Can be made by sending electromagnetic signal but also supplanting an input source to break up an information system. Mutation of images. Swarmed by offers, Endera is currently assessing future choices.

This can be a weapon used to bring up an adversary leader saying something that actually has said and do not lose credibility, as an exercise of conflict may pose the following scenario Within the C4ISR architecture and computer and radio spectrum strictly through the use malicious software or in conjunction with HERF, can disable enemy networks. You may now disable all electronics in the stock market and banking adversary. This would cause social chaos, distrust of political leaders and the local financial system itself would be useless. If we add the possibility to broadcast by TV signals digitally altered videos in which a leader gives orders to his followers to fight local enemies, and if this happens is completely divert attention from fighting the real enemy. And for this, to be who had the information superiority at the time prior to the war the war will be won, without having participated physically in a war scenario, and without having undergone any human casualties. Also with this option we consider the fact of making a State does not suffer human losses, the opponent it is possible that suffer. An electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) can block enemy communications but also can destroy hundreds biomedical equipment and cause loss of human lives. And no government can afford this margin of error, nor put forward “collateral damage.” The war of the future or cyberwar will focus on the domain of information, and attempts to destroy the financial systems enemies. The mechanisms and listed weapons accompany war strategies. The only way for there to try to avoid these conflicts will be open to dialogue and understanding among different cultures with whom we live.

Edit Payment Section Information

Change clickbank checks in Mexico is difficult, but if you live in a small town, I tell them what I had to do to change a clickbank checks. Well after a working time I received my first clickbank check in the amount of 160 dollars, I immediately went to Bancomer to change, I went directly to a bank executive told me that it did not change checks bank accounts in USA, I I left the bank and immediately went to Banamex and head straight to the manager and told him that I wanted to cash the check or otherwise if I could put it in my account and told me the same as before but if changed recently received instructions they could not cash checks American. I gave up and went to several houses in exchange for my city and all with the same answer that Americans check cashing. I had in my possession a check for 160 dollars no ability to change, now the only option I had to change was to send this check in the mail that I have some relatives in the U.S. so they changed for me.

One thing that worried me is that in order to receive my payment through bank transfer was necessary to receive three clickbank payments through checks, but for my luck and for many of you is that now molificaciones clickbank made a payment on their policies and now only need receive two payments through and then you can check and change your payment option wing bank transfer. Once I realized that I had to get only two payments by check, I had to wait and keep an eye on my second check for $ 65 dollars, Once you confirm that and I had sent my check right away I did the following to change the check payment option for the option of bank transfer payments. 1 .- Access to clickbank with my username and contrasena2. Then click on Account di-Lueder Settings3. di click Edit Payment Section Information4.

"Direct Select" At Bank Country Deposit5. select my Pais6 ,. At Bank Name I named my bank just wrote Banamex7.-In CLABE wrote Banamex interbank password if you do not know you can ask your banco8.-In Account Type Checking select as my account is cheques9.-In Payment Frequency select Weekly, this means that my payments will receive you have to give semanalmente.10 .- click Save Changes to confirm and record data that made this put a clickbank see them send an email to verify that you were the changes made to your account. In short my 2 clickbank checks had to send them to USA with my relatives in order to change them I had no choice because here where I live is a small town in Mexico and I can not change them I have no solution. I also confirm that I have received several payments through bank transfer into my bank account without any problem. I would advise to those who still do not charge any clickbank check is that wing Vallan payment section of your clickbank account and modify the payment amount to the smallest amount, and in this way will envieran your checks even if a small amount and if they change and complicate have someone send in the U.S. can save them as a souvenir. In my case my first check was 160 dollars and 65 seconds, had to seek change forzozamente because it was so small a quantity, But if I had two checks recived us to better collect $ 25. Article Source:.


But the pharmaceutical industry is still hesitant when it comes to the Internet. After all, 42 percent now fashion their own product or Theme site. But what is the rest? A glance on the conventional forms of advertising: ads (32 percent) and sales AIDS for the field (79 percent) are classic tools and remain stable. Only planning mailings goes slightly compared to the previous year (fig. 1). The views of the media planning in the coming year shows: the classic ad format trumped (40 percent) clearly special advertising forms (16 percent) and banner circuits (12 percent). TV and radio spots are still lagging behind.

But why seems to be little to move the market and little new ventures? Does it relate to the budget? High competition and price pressure affecting budgeting also for 2013 the respondents forecast an increase in the competition (91 percent) and price pressure (89 percent). Possible reason? According to a survey by the Association of research-based pharmaceutical companies (VFA), 442 new products from more than 130 diseases could get until end of next year the approval for the treatment. But regular exercise not only the numerous new launches Expression, also the strong generic drug market is the original manufacturers: profits by 23 per cent are not uncommon as well (DAZ-online, 25.10.2012). And this is reflected also in the marketing budget. One-third of the respondents posed already by a reduction in its resources and 38 per cent hopes to be able to take advantage of a stable budget.

A glimmer of hope remains: there are new launches or the growing generics market, but nearly 30 per cent are even more available funds from (fig. 2). And that seems especially given that 80 percent of the lofty goal seek to increase the purchase and readiness for regulation to be a horribly. The brand makes it clear the markets that are communication targets for 2013: exploiting the product brand value in the foreground of the communication activities is for 75 percent of those surveyed, almost 40 percent plans an update of the product brand the company’s brand as such puts something in the background (27 percent) for the first time for years.