What is a brick now knows every one of us. In the XVIII century, people even could not imagine that this building material will become the decorative element of the city's architecture! While at home, too, were built of brick, and masonry was no less strong than it is now, but the production was so tedious and difficult, that the appearance of sophistication pales into insignificance. When it first appeared ceramic brick? The question is not easy. Archaeologists long been digging in the ground to find a definitive answer, but it is unlikely they will succeed. The oldest brick found in 1952 an international team of archaeologists on the banks of the Jordan. They set a date, approximately is equal to 8300 BC The composition of the bricks was a simple enough – clay mixed with water, then this weight has been given a rectangular shape. Everything was done manually, but with the intent and high hopes. To read more click here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. The really sizzle and dried bricks began in the middle of the XIX century.

There have already been built and the annular furnace and the production of well-organized. So that the process of manufacturing bricks would bring pleasure not only citizens, but also workers of brick plants. Masterovityh people at that time there were many, so very often could be found defective material. To avoid such misunderstandings and somehow fix copyrights, brick factories have started to put a mark upon each brick. In the same 19 th century and the first technical details of this brick. The first certificates were issued and announced options of standard bricks. Brick in our time is now we know about the limit Brick strength, its thermal conductivity, frost resistance and other properties. We can calculate the load that maintains the brick wall thickness.

And it says that the modern technology of brick production does not stop, and establishes previously achieved quality standards and develops further. One of the oldest construction materials now has so many varieties that it's hard to even imagine. AND This is good because the ceramic bricks – is not just a material for walls, fences or some other structures. This is a great subject for human creativity, which came to us from past millennia.