Between White Pages

Between pages white I seek a point so as my mind’s is white, with nothing, if a start or end point. There is only something that consumes me the mixture of a sad aroma and melancholy of something that is still sinking in me but as you can this be I don’t understand I’m looking for and not find lose the gains, but that won? I want to find an entry door and still return time because don’t want, the output is fear? single I can’t, no queiro would be easy sabiendome with you to side, my angel I I do if encounter that entry to these pages white, that only they are written in my memory? I try to relive a past to be able to start to write a present but you, to which I, not this! Running towards you I want to go, but it is only in my wildest dreams where I am with you that I do, I decide to walk again? Is that I say yes but I have to tell you that if I do it, this time sera, with the heart. Today is tendre albeit with a passage written with hopes, with beautiful words, a simple I love you for my longer too, those translations mere words, can transform the worst of my days, to a new single dawn is to be and can be a story, not anyone, but our A: M.P.Q Stefany r. Urbina original author and source of the article.