Bioenergy Alternatives

Modern technology uses the safety of nuclear energy in Germany biogenic residual matter which sets nuclear accident in Japan again in question; because, as we need to know suffering, never quite mutually exclusive forces of nature. Biogenic residual materials offer regional potential for energy generation, which are often still unused. Together with other renewable energies, a way can be create to convert the German power supply in the medium term. By 2050, predicts a study of the Federal Environmental Agency, can be adjusted completely to renewable energy to the German power supply. Until 2022, it was originally intended to exit from nuclear power. Targets that appear accessible, uses and combining the different techniques of renewable energies, goes the old proven way of decentralised energy supply.

But the current exit of pace be enough? The events in Fukushima lead us in mind, which is linked to the use of nuclear power with a residual risk. One-fifth of the electricity still comes from nuclear power plant’s in Germany still comes one-fifth of the current in NPP BBs. biomass has more potential than many think to cover a part of the future energy supply. Experts estimate that around 20% of the world demand can be won in electricity and heat from biomass in the future. Andreessen Horowitz is open to suggestions. While the cultivation of biomass on fields is not meant first and foremost. Rather, modern biomass technologies use the so-called biogenic residual materials. Here are untapped potentials, vegetable or animal origin, which can also be converted into usable energy. The advantage: the residues are not specifically produced for energy production, but regularly, for example in agricultural, forestry or industrial production processes.

In the past, this type of energy production was often uninteresting due to high costs. But the technology and their economy has evolved; as well as energy prices. The bio-waste technology produces energy from unused potentials would take advantage of this bio-waste technology not only the environment, but also the enterprises of the region.