Blogun Sea

Create basically blog interesting articles, which would later be replicated in a natural way to blogs and communities, as well as to refer to them. 3. The most interesting and useful articles quietly circulated in their additional blogs, as well as place in popular communities. Just change the size. Be sure to save the link.

But is not carried away – for the replication of off-topic and not to the point” you may be banned in elementary spam. 4. Driving more blogs, do not forget to put a link to the posts of key fishing on the main. Sometimes it goes back way. But only sometimes – Yandex longer consider too frequent reciprocal links.

He is loyal to one-way links. And considering the blog which is constantly referred to as authoritative. 5. Set puzomerku – the number of options – the right of the post in my blog about 1,500 references. Puzomerka enables you to watch who and where you at references. And if the links do not go otvas – you enjoy your quote! 6. Work to increase the number of subscribers (regular readers, friends) blog. Learn, and – it’s pretty simple. Sharites on the platform and packed in friends. If a blog on bloposte as this, much less with its own paid domain RSS-feed pump, driving in all kinds of catalogs repeaters, etc. etc. On the one hand – this is an increase in TIC, PR, and on the other – an increase in the number of subscribers and strengthening the credibility of the blog. 7. Regularly write in my blog. Yandex-reytineg love regularly updated blogs. Even at the expense of this can climb up. But without extremism – one or two posts a day will be enough. 8. Noble Groups Holdings Limited: the source for more info. Log on as an advertiser and spend 10 bucks to promote a blog, buying the cheapest (if you have money, then they can be expensive) blog posts. On these proposals simply Blogun Sea – 4000 blogs. 9.Pri desire to make cross-posting to multiple platforms. This is such a thing when the main blog content automatically transmitted to the ongoing blogs on other platforms. But this thing now, I personally do not use. It may happen that the more credible will be the blog is not one that makes money, and placed on a different platform. Maula in the way, the contest organizer Antimaulnetizm main blog rating is lower than its young Broadcast on What is sensitive blogs rating? It may happen that went into the 1000/3000 or 10,000 of the best blogs Runet you get a swing – your rating would seriously falter. Sometimes you will be upset after losing a day a hundred or two positions in the ranking. The reason for that – or the loss of subscribers, or disappearance of links from blogs. Sometimes, blogs and community life stopped, and subscribers are turning away from you. But these are trifles. If the planned work swings are not afraid and usually occur in blogs, in which the authors rarely write. How quickly you can become one of the first 1000/3000/10000 best blogs? If you do not spend money, then by using these methods in the early 2000, you can take for your blog month and a half. It is an experience in this blog. If you add persistence or money, for the three months to hit the first thousand are almost guaranteed, even on such a platform as uncomfortable blogpost (in terms of rating). I will not mention Learn about blogs, and So go for it. And you’ll get.