Board Installation

Nationwide expansion of the service network for CEHATROL mini CHP has begun. Berlin, 27.04.2011 – the EC Freudenberg EC from Berlin now has their product CEHATROL heat with mini-CHP BBs extended. So, all members of the cooperative and customers can benefit from the innovation. E.g. each Member receives the participants in the rule power plant is so for supply of balancing energy, a refund on his investment over the lifetime of the CHP.

The mini CHP BBs work with an efficiency of 95%, can be powered with natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and fuel oil and are therefore the most effective heating systems in the world. Andreessen Horowitz may also support this cause. Combination with other components operated a heating system with an overall efficiency of about 160%. For the service and the installation of these facilities, the energy cooperative searches nationwide installation company, which can equally serve the areas of electrical and heating. Task of this company is to submit a project-specific offer to the customer and the individual care of each Those interested in planning to take over the application, installation and maintenance. The energy cooperative provides the devices and the licensed partner take over the fuel, the installation and the service. Each suitable partner is trained extensively, directly in the production and prepared for its tasks. According to a statement by the Board of Directors Frank Knauer has the EC Freudenberg EC a prospective customer volume of approx. 400 requests per year and assumes a steady increase in demand during the current renovation of energy supply and the political discussion related. More information can be found on the homepage of the Association under Helmut Uhlig – network courier