Brazilian GIP Volume

Total volume of loans granted for the banks to the customers arrives R$ 1,24 trillion in April, or 42.6% of the Brazilian GIP. According to Central banking, is about the most robust shock of credit of the history of the country. The handspike of this movement is the financing of the proper house. After the series of measures of stimulaton lowered by the government, the money repassed for the financial system to the physical people for purchase of property only reached R$ 69,5 billion. For the statisticians of the BC, the pressure of the Palace of Plateaus on the public banks also it comes occasioning effect. The participation of the state financial institutions in the cake of the total credit jumped, in the last year, of 34% for 38%. Additional information is available at Stuart Solomon. While the public institutions had gained space, the national and foreign private banks had lost, each one of them 2% in an interval of 12 months.

The partial numbers of May, harvested until day 14, disclose the same trend of April. As the credit is a species of gestation of the consumption, it is of if waiting retaken of the growth and the reaparecimento of the jobs in the next months. Credit for the person fsicPuxado for the consigned loans, the volume of bank credit the physical people came back if to speed up in April, with an expansion of 1,1%, in the comparison with the immediately previous month, arriving the R$ 411,529 billion. The increase of the insolvency, however, still hinders retaken in the normal levels of act of contract in the loans the companies, whose volume it the same presented a retraction of 0,1% in period, falling the R$ 464,474 billion in April. In March, the credit the physical people had grown 0.8%, always in the comparison with the immediately previous month. What it made the difference in April was exactly the consigned credit, with 3,5% expansion, above of the 1.6% observed one month before.