Buick has for you the car that you’ve both waited, he has the necessary characteristics for a vehicle fill your expectations. It’s the 2010 Lacrose. This luxury wagon boasts an exterior appearance striking, aesthetically speaking. In addition, its design of Assembly is designed with the highest quality for your best service. This car has an automatic transmission with manual mode 6 changes becoming a really powerful and strategically equipped version for your convenience. Once you give you the opportunity to handle it you you will fall with its smooth handling and notice their moderate speeds which will make your ride a really nice moment.

If your daily trajectories are around quiet roads, this is the car that you have to choose for you. It also has an excellent system of audio, sunroof, seats designed for your convenience and a set of elements that will make your pleasant atmosphere. Change your routes by some more enjoyable with the help of this Buick Lacrose 2010, you will not regret of try it. You also have the right to pamper yourself every day, and a luxury of these are those who are worthwhile. For more information, contact us on our web site promotions-gm.com, write us and we will remove all your doubts.