Business Administration

The business ethics is described as found in moral principles on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour of business people. Executives must maintain a high sense of values and behaviour, through honest and fair with the public practices.There are several pillars of ethical principles that enable companies to meet this definition. The confidence of the Publicoel pillar is the confidence of the public. Source: Mark Berger Chicago. Entire company works on the principle of the public’s confidence. If the public trust in your company, will resort to it if its products and services are better that those of its competitors, its price is reasonable and its commitment to the service to the customer is a primary motivating factor. Even when you make a mistake or fails to comply with a term, unless the offence is so terrible to lose your confidence, the majority of people will give you the benefit of the doubt where this is not usual.

This is the most basic result of having a good reputation in terms of business ethics. If your customers trust you, automatically not they will think that you are hiding something when things go wrong. Losing that trust can be devastating. Companies that lose the confidence of the public not only face problems, but they reduce the margin of error for the bad seasons. Sales are affected, the moral of their employees are affected and their customers are beginning to look for alternatives. You are what you eat, also applies to the business remember the old adage that we used to hear in cartoons of PSA on the morning of Saturday on the diet, you are what you eat? Practically, that message was applied to the fact that if one maintained a healthy diet, one would enjoy a healthy life. If one eats trash and does not have a balanced diet, one will probably end up fat, sick, or even with a shorter life due to heart disease, diabetes and other health problems.