Cash Flow

How did he come to this? Also, like others: when he created the family, his expenses rose twice, appeared children who grew up needs. Family man needs a big house, cars, and much more. Man tries to work even harder, but it helps little. Then he takes a bank loan on the house, solves their financial problems due to loans by selling itself to a long servitude to the bank. As a result, he has a bunch of debt and barely reduces the penny to penny. That's the example they see kids constantly. So that they can learn from their own parents? Just the same – how to work their whole lives but never become rich and free. For assistance, try visiting Douglas R. Oberhelman. Here it is a rat race, according to Robert . When the generations people work for someone else, and not understanding what is their fault why they could not escape the money trap. Robert is the author of a dozen bestsellerov, about how the method to learn to work for themselves, the most famous of which is: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, deviate from Affairs of the young and rich, Rich Dad's Guide to Investing. After reading these books, once it becomes clear, which is why there is the boundary between rich and poor. The poor can not manage money, they worked all my life to someone selling personal knowledge for a penny, and while earning millions of the rich. Assets and liabilities – that's what any of us need to pay attention. Poor lightning acquire liabilities (equipment, clothing, fashion accessories) which does not bring them any benefit. Rich is back, investing most of their savings in assets (houses and apartments, stocks, bonds), which in the future not only paid for itself, but also bring huge profits. Robert tried as an example to explain how to get money to work for themselves, creating a board game Cashflow either as cash flow, which is somewhat similar to the monopoly. We have no one says that the money will work for us, teach us all life, ranging from school, we are obliged to work for money. And the only ones that are neglected by this conviction, gain financial stability. Game cash flow to develop financial acumen. Initially the game called Cashflow 101. A few years later came an improved version – Cash Flow 202. Now Cash Flow is famous around the world. Even a child playing with their parents can be trained to dispose of earned money. The love of money necessary to vaccinate a child for chtogo that then people could escape the rat race and start his own business career. If you still think of those 95% poor, then you should definitely buy the game Cash Flow 101. This will be your first and most promising investment of money that will lead you to financial independence.