China Energy

There are certain rules simple of the decoration Feng Shui to create harmonious atmospheres and that contemplate to the energy of the place and its consequences. It is important first that nothing to know with exactitude the location of the building, its cardinal direction, because on it the distribution of the furniture in each room and atmosphere will depend. The Feng Shui is based on the forces of the Yin/Yang, where the Yin is protagonist of the feminine force or passive and the Yang is the masculine force or activates. When entering the home the distribution of the furniture must be in such a way that nothing prevents the passage, since the energy must enter freely, cannot have nothing blocks the free step. The entrance atmosphere must be luminous and cheers, if it has light entrances is necessary to avoid that they are women who hides herself with mantel since the clarity will allow the best circulation.carpets A good decoration Feng Shui must be with walls of clear colors and warm, clear lights, to obtain a comfortable atmosphere and that who are there feel comfortable. If from the main entrance another door is seen it advises to cover it of some way to avoid that the energy goes away of the atmosphere, is possible to be placed some bookcase or furniture so that way the energy circulates. The mirrors are a key piece within the decoration Feng Shui and are always present, since they reflect the Chi energy they harmoniously distribute and it by the interior of the atmosphere. There is a great variety of adornments and decorative articles that are sold by Internet and in special stores of decoration Feng Shui that can give a special touch of harmony to the home. Because China has the greater amount of users of Internet in the world, the commerce in line also ascended in 2009 to 250 billions of yuanes something as well as $37.