Christian God

However, the substantive term or concept and evangelization, appears only in the nineteenth century, and Protestant atmosphere, it makes its appearance before, let alone the Catholic environment. We have told us that the triune God is a God who reveals himself in love, because the Christian God is a triune God, is a community of love, God is Trinitarian communion of persons. We have said that The Christian God is revealed in history. And we know that God has revealed himself as a creator God. And Trinitarian theology, attributes the creation to the Father.

And that has not only created the world, but also to men and women for love, for a purpose that is important. That men and women can participate in the communion of love that exists in the trinity. It is this purpose for which God is revealed. And God created the world, man and woman for man and woman can enjoy the fullness of that happiness, only the Christian God. It happens also in theology and we know that this project of love of God, or relationship of communion between man and God, is frustrated in some way by original sin. Although Juan Luis de la Pena, the Spanish theologian says that a The sin can never frustrate God's loving plan. Indeed, but on the contrary, the only thing you can do at any event is to take other connotation, a kind of difficulty in the relationship. But the final sin is the last word.