Common Points

These are all points that have no specific reference point and are therefore difficult to solve. The categories 4, 5 and 6, however, deal with practical improvement potential. Go to problems in the personal environment of internal barriers about difficulties with business partners. “Examples of this are our warehouse is not cleaned up” we deliver constantly wrong merchandise from “my work no longer make until I”. If at a meeting of the employees, all of these complaints are collected and classified, they are combined and weighted in their value. Establishment of a system of improvement the collected points are now the basis for the establishment of a system of improvement.

Selected staff from all departments complete the points in regular meetings. It starts with category 6, because here the fastest improvements are effective and works are systematically. 80% of the solutions are with healthy Common sense, only in a few projects you need external specialists. The solution progress is documented so that everyone can see at any time how the enhancement system developed. The points are processed as long as until the next meeting of all employees will be held. Then creates a new list which forms the basis for future work by statements of employees, thus the old one is no longer needed. The problem from the previous year is solved, it will not again appear, it is not, the point is again, or he was not important.

Annually complain about such a system creates a valve for employee complaints. The joint work on the elusive”confidence in colleagues, boss and the company itself is growing problems and improved corporate culture. Complaints in this regard will go back. Also permanent gripe is less, because it is a custom solution, to discuss problems in the company. Sure such a cost system time, but that is a in the future, cooperation better over again brought in. The result is trust in colleagues and staff, a better cooperation and more satisfaction for individual employees. This satisfaction leads to more fun on the daily work, less stress and related illnesses, not to mention more efficiency for the company.