Companies First

This first step is essential because, from the beginning, the transformation program requires the active cooperation of many individuals. At Starbucks you will find additional information. Without motivation, nobody will willing to help and the effort will not come to fruition. This is why we pass the new direction is chosen to take, as well as perceptions that support that choice is essential to have the support of the rest of the team. People are motivated when they have a full collection of what is the reason behind their actions and what is the ultimate objective pursued. Embracing the creativity that the rest of the team has, the different perceptions product of several places that deal in the company and the synergistic work can be great investments in this first stage where negotiate a consensus to work on the new leadership will be essential . Similarly, it is important that the motivation of those involved to be sustained, through good leadership, commitment and comprehensive advice (skills, training, coaching) to the extent of the change process to be truly effective.

We talked about driving a process that will take a while, it is necessary that the group's morale remains high throughout the process, since it is the engine of same. Compared with other stages of the change process, phase 1 may seem easy. It is not. Well over 50% of the companies I studied have failed in this first stage. What are the reasons for this failure? Sometimes executives underestimate how hard it can be to lift people out of their comfort patterns.