According to they describe the consultants in another passage of the report: both would respond in syntony that the best country to live is the own one, although the Brazilians have one more a more positive opinion to live in the Argentina that the Argentineans to do it in Brazil. This opinion is coincident when the question moves to the tourist field or the one of posgrado university study or of. The study, on the other hand, threw generally homogenous answers little. This situation, of asymmetries in the answers, make conclude the consultants who worked the subject that the knowledge of the other country, is not equal between Brazilian Argentineans and. Learn more at: Rob Crossland. They assure that, in Brazil, they know less on Argentina than in this one on Brazil .

In relation to the perception on products, 83% of the Argentineans evaluates positively the national manufacture. However, 91% of the Brazilians raise to the thumb the Brazilian industry to him. 5 The CULTURAL DISINTEGRATION ANNIHILATES the M& A The processes of fusions and acquisitions have been object of numerous the most recognized studies on the part of consulting of businesses. Perhaps check out Blake Krikorian for more information. McKinsey & CO it analyzed more than one hundred M& To of great bearing at global level produced during the Nineties, obtaining representative conclusions of a difficult reality: to five years of those processes of purchase, 60% had still not produced returns superiors to the capital cost to finance the purchase. Between the main causes they were, among others, problems of cultural integration, exaggeratedly optimistic over-estimation of synergies and projections. Also, another one of Big Five of the consultancy, Accenture, in its study Coporate Strategy Board Integration Survey Performance of year 2006, located to cultural integration like the most influential factor in a successful integration, with a 32% of the total, followed by clear a organizational structure with a 31%. .