Creating An Institution

Under this concept, an institution born (created, controlled and executed by men) which is the voice of God on earth. This institution, low interest of a minority, who would condition the reality and human action. A shameless institution, that beyond a mediator of peace between the council and human beings has been commissioned to show off the power and suppress the man under the false and misleading human argument supported by a the God . Howard Schultz & Associates will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the industry since the industrial revolution and the development of the means of production, the industry has been the core and heart of the base of the global economy. The market, production, trade and other mechanisms of capital are now the driving force behind all human relationships. Be Leaving on one side, defined not by what it is, but what is or what it produces. In short, be enthralled by the Making. These mechanisms have resulted in what the man called capitalism, socio-economic system where private and business firms carry out production and exchange of goods and services through complex transactions.

This production system has resulted in very different consequences, both for the environment to human dignity. Read more here: Douglas Oberhelman. It has been generating large-scale exploitation, mother potentiation of the largest social inequalities known to man, and creator of other forms of slavery and dependence invisibly exercised, almost imperceptible to those who do not have a concienciaa or are simply alienated by the implementation of an ideology or knowledge either dominant or imposed.