Dentistry Implants

Allergies to ceramics are not known. Question: When and how often should I can control my prosthesis? Answer: Even though no problems with the denture, regular dentist visits, are essential as twice in the year. The dentist checks in the seat and the functionality of the prosthesis. Question: Implants are often made of titanium. Can I be allergic to this material? Should I choose ceramic rather immediately? The material expert Professor Jurgen Geis Gamal’s reply: Titanium has been tested extensively as a dental material.

It is annually by millions of implant used as and considered to be tissue-compatible and bio-compatible. Further details can be found at Barclays , an internet resource. No allergies to titanium are known to myself. I myself focuses titanium, because very good long term experiences exist. There is still no statement can be make to implants made of ceramic. Question: Up to what age do you recommend implants? Response from Professor Ina Nitschke, an expert for age Dentistry: the age is not the decisive factor. In Hamburg, there were now in the event that a senior citizen before her 100th birthday place implants had. The question is rather: hygiene can be secure? This is especially important with implants.

Patients and families should talk about it openly with the dentist. Luscha baumwald contributes greatly to this topic. Question: Can I get implants for diabetes? Response from Professor Ina Nitschke: the diagnosis of diabetes is still no contra-indication. If the diabetes is well positioned, implants are quite eligible. Of course, it is important to take special care and is aware that the loss rate is slightly higher. Therefore, I advise patients to talk to the experts and to be able to assess the chances of this. Question: Can I get implants, even though I was just irradiated? Response from Professor Ina Nitschke: first would be to see which parts have been treated and what disease is present. In radiation therapy, it is also important to pay attention to the administered drugs and total carefully to note the physical Constitution.